Aubrey O’Day Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Aubrey O’Day rose to fame after competing at the MTV reality show ‘Making The Band.’ Her five-member pop group, Danity Kane, achieved some success in the music charts before their eventual disbandment. Aubrey O’day’s professional career has been filled with ups and downs; however, the actor and singer has managed to pull through the ages.

After attaining celebrity status at the age of 17, Aubrey O’Day’s persona has gone on to make a mark on the internet. The all-American diva has been closely watched by her fans worldwide. With close to 950K subscribers on Instagram, it’s difficult for her to hide her image from the limelight. That being said, fans have been shocked by her transformations over the years.

Before and After Pictures

Aubrey O Day comparison photo

It’s hard to digest the changes that Aubrey O’Day has gone through over the years. For fans who have been with her since she was 17, it must be a tricky subject to grasp. With the latest fashion trends constantly changing, she had to evolve with the times to keep up. However, nearly twenty yearslater, Aubrey O’Day still dazzles the world with her sexy looks and enigmatic personality.

The 37-year-old diva has gone through some significant changes since her initial rise to fame. The Aubrey O’Day, we see now, looks nothing like the one we remember from twenty years ago. Her overall image has gone from ‘cute’ to ‘sexy’ within just a few years. What could be the reason for this major transformation?

Did she get lip fillers?

Aubrey O Day lip fillers

For quite some time now, fans and experts have started making some serious assumptions about Aubrey O’Day’s looks. It has been widely speculated that the starlet has gotten help from face reconstructive doctors. Aubrey O’Day herself has admitted that she uses lip fillers, botox and filters.

Let’s go over to youtube and check out some of Aubrey O’Day’s recent videos. Now compare these videos with some of her older ones. What do your eyes see? Notice anything different? Of course, you do. She looks nothing like what she was before!

Looking at Aubrey O’Day today feels like your looking at a Kim Kardashian clone. One simply can’t overlook the changes on her face. There have been some very noticeable alterations in her nose, chin, lips and overall body shape. It seems the only aspect that has remained the same is the color of her hair.

Now, let’s compare some before and after pictures. If you look at her before pictures from 2005, you’ll notice that her face is broader, and her skin is kind of loose and wrinkly. However, in her after pictures from 2017, she has a slimmer face, bigger lips and smoother skin. It almost looks like she’s aging backward and getting younger!

But of course, that’s not possible. We don’t live in a world of magical spells that can make us look younger. So let’s throw that idea in the trash. However, we do live in a world of surgery.

With that being said, we have to acknowledge that the changes on Aubrey O’Day’s face and body are not of the natural kind. For example, her eyes show no signs of aging. No wrinkles on her eyelids, no saggy eyebags. Instead, her eyes have become younger and more sensual. Possibility of an eyelift procedure?

Plus, with Aubrey O’Day admitting to getting botox and filters, we’re confident that the tv persona has gone through other procedures as well.

Did Aubrey O’Day get botox?

Aubrey O Day botox

Like the fictional character ‘Benjamin Button,’ Aubrey O’Day seems to be aging backward. She looks much younger now, at the age of 37 than when she was 17. To be honest, achieving this look is not that difficult. All you need is a good dose of botox and some filters to make yourself looking forever young.

All that botox has clearly helped Aubrey O’Day maintain a youthful image. Botox reduces wrinkles and tightens the skin after all. Even though she had earlier credited the youthful nature of her skin to make-up, it’s safe to assume that nobody bought it. What’s up with the lies, Aubrey?

Although she has maintained a decent balance for her face, we can indeed say that her lips go into the list of epic fails. Back in 2005, Aubrey O’Day had normal-sized lips, not too bulky or thick, just about the right dose of natural. But over the years, her lips kept getting thicker and broader. Now, it seems that she has a severe case of duck lips.

This is a classic case of a lip job gonebad. Lip fillers do come with heavy prices, and we aren’t talking in terms of money. Instead, it’s the reaction of the haters and trollers.

Fans have openly mocked the state of her lips, even comparing her to a cross-dressing man. Now come on, that’s just harsh even for our standards. But I guess that’s the cost of being famous.

Despite this mockery, Aubrey O’Day has come out on top, stating that she’s happy with the way she looks. Good for you, Aubrey! We’re glad that she’s not affected by all the trolls out there. We can proudly say this is a rare case of celebrity reactions goneright!

Aubrey O’Day’s jawline has opened up a series of questions in our minds. How did her face get so slim? Has she been working out? Is it the contouring?

The answer is simple. Aubrey O’Day has indeed gotten herself a facelift. What else could it be? During her younger years, her jawline always had this wide and bulky look. But now, at the age of 37, all that extra fat seems to have disappeared.

Did Aubrey has a nose job?

Aubrey O Day nose job

Let’s look at some more examples. For instance, If we take a closer look at Aubrey O’Day’s nose, we can tell that it’s gotten slimmer. No doubt about it. Unlike her earlier years, her nose bridge has become smaller and tighter, complimenting her new narrow jawline. That’s a nose job right there.

With all that artificial beauty, it seems that the only area left untouched is her ears. We’re grateful that she had the senses to leave that section alone; the results could have been hilarious.

However, we have to agree that the touch-ups done to her face have paid off. Aubrey O’Day does indeed look prettier and more appealing today than ever before. We’ve all heard the saying that natural is best, but in this case, its the cosmetic procedure.

But hold up just a moment there; it seems that her face isn’t the only area where she’s gotten some work done.

Aubrey O’Day’s sexy figure

Back in the early days, Aubrey O’Day had that homely cute girl look. But over the years, her body has gone through some bold developments. When we look at the 37-year-old actress today, the first thing that comes to our minds is, ‘That body is FIRE!’

If we take a closer look, we can totally see that she’s become more curvy and bodacious. The shape of her waist has indeed become more voluptuous, allowing her to take up this sexy diva persona. We can’t help but wonder what contributed to this foxy transformation.

It could be the result of a great diet and workout routine or the after math of several artificial procedures. Whatever it is, it definitely looks great on her!

Another department where we can see a change is her breasts. Back when she rose to fame, her breasts were somewhat small and low-key. But yearslater, the size of her breasts doubled. What on earth happened here? Did Aubrey O’Day get implants? We think yes.

The increase in size is too shocking for it to be associated with any natural causes. We think that’s a fact that thousands of fans can agree on. No, we believe breast implants were definitely the reason behind Aubrey O’Day’s prominent D cups.

Lastly, there’s the case of her everchanging bottom. That’s right, folks, Aubrey O’Day’s butt has gone through a series of changes as well. Sometimes it’s small, while in other instances, it seems to grow bigger. It’s like her butt has a mind of its own.

Fans have often associated this change with butt implants, and we can’t say we disagree. It’s either butt implants or a lot of squats. Either way, Aubrey O’Day seems to be happy with the way she looks, and if that’s the case, who are we to complain?

Final Conclusion

So did Aubrey O’Day go under the knife or not? The answer? A resounding yes. Although there is no evidence to prove our hypothesis, the Tv star has admitted to getting botox and filters done. So we’d go as far as to bet that she’s probably gone the whole way with cosmetic procedure.

Be that as it may, we must agree that the 37-year-old actress still has what it takes. Stellar looks, a rocking body, and some quirky talents!

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