Lil Kim Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Lil Kim Transformation

Lil Kim started modeling for many renowned brands like M.A.C., Old Navy. Kim also had a different sense of style, and she started being noticed for her bold clothing. But even after being so famous, Kim wasn’t still happy, and she had problems about how she looked since the beginning of her career and is … Read more

Sylvester Stallone Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Sylvester Stallone Transformation

Stallone has recently been under the radar concerning his image. Several reports claim that the “Italian Stallion” may have undergone some cosmetic procedures. And if we examine it ourselves, the said rumors could be true. If you are looking for answers, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we will try to cover what kind … Read more

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Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Rumer Willis comparison photo

Did Rumer Glenn Willis get cosmetic surgery? With fame, people become more conscious about their image. Celebrities are constantly under the radar, with the Paparazzi following everywhere. With this in mind, they always strive to look their best. But as age catches on, one cannot always stay young. The media does not rest when it … Read more

Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Jennifer Lopez cosmetic procedure

Did Jennifer Lopez get cosmetic surgery? JLo has also got people talking about her evergreen face and body. Ever since she hit forty, time seems to have frozen on her. Can this be good genes or the magic of cosmetic procedure? Here is breaking down Jennifer’s speculated facial reconstructing procedures: Before and After Pictures Did … Read more

Park Bom Plastic Surgery Before and After

Park Bom comparison photo

Park Bom is no different in this department. Over the recent course of time, questions about her involvement in reconstructive surgery have only increased. If you happen to follow the K-pop persona, you will definitely be aware of the reports flying around the internet. Before and After Pictures Here in Korea, getting professional reconstructive surgery … Read more

Aubrey O’Day Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Aubrey O Day comparison photo

Aubrey O’Day rose to fame after competing at the MTV reality show ‘Making The Band.’ Her five-member pop group, Danity Kane, achieved some success in the music charts before their eventual disbandment. Aubrey O’day’s professional career has been filled with ups and downs; however, the actor and singer has managed to pull through the ages. … Read more

Im Soo Hyang Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Im Soo Hyang Comparison Photos

Im Soo Hyang is blessed with beautiful skin and naturally full lips. Still, fans had started speculating some facial reconstructive procedures to be involved in the making of her already lovely face.  Like all celebrities, Im Soo Hyang is both loved and loathed, for lack of a better word. OhKKulture stated that many fans put … Read more

Whitney Cummings Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Whitney Cummings comparison photo

Celebrities are constantly bombarded with criticisms and hate comments on their look, body, actions, etc. They are always subject to media scrutiny, and let us say, not everything people say is good. These negative comments effects the celebrities and most celebrities get insecurities about their body. That often pushes them to go under the knife … Read more

Portia de Rossi Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Portia young vs old photo Comparison

Like every celebrity, Portia is rumored to have undergone facial reconstructive procedures despite her natural good looks. Being in the public eye comes with a price. People can easily compare images and tell the story of cosmetic procedure. Here are Portia’s supposed cosmetic surgeries: Before and After Pictures Did Portia Get a nose job? After … Read more

Ellen Pompeo Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Ellen Pompeo comparison photo

Let us look into Ellen Pompeo’s engagement with cosmetic procedure. What has she done? What has she not done? Celebrities are constantly the target by scrutiny, especially if they have had a successful career onscreen. Some celebrities age gracefully without doing much to their body and face; some get some extra help from professionals to … Read more