Famke Janssen Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Famke Janssen Transformation

Famke is a brunette beauty whose looks has a striking resemblance to the iconic Hedy Lamarr. From her early years on the big screen to date, she still manages to turn heads and fans are left wondering if she has found the fountain of youth or if she had given herself a total surgical facial … Read more

Lyn May Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Lyn May comparison photo

If you take a look at Lyn May’s before and after pictures, you will clearly guess that something has changed in regards to her face. And whether this change is good or bad, it does not change the fact that her face looks different than before. Back in the decades of the 70s till the … Read more

John Travolta Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos


In recent years, many people have started to notice the changing physical appearance of Travolta. His facial features seem to be different from when he first started out in the industry, and fans have been quick to speculate that he has undergone cosmetic surgery to look younger and preserve his youthfulness. And it makes sense … Read more

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Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Chelsea Clinton Before After

Over the years, fans of Chelsea Clinton started noticing some not-so-subtle changes in her overall appearance. Could it be a special diet she is on? Perhaps she’s been working out and going that extra mile. Or maybe, could these changes be associated with some form of reconstructive surgery? We all know that she has no … Read more

Lauren Graham Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Lauren Graham comparison photo

Did Lauren Graham get cosmetic Surgery? Living a life constantly under the radar of public scrutiny can be hard especially for older women in the industry. Efforts to keep one’s beauty effortless and youthful before pertinent. Some celebrities tend to get professional help, some are born with good genes, and some just embrace aging. However, … Read more

Noah Cyrus Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Noah Cyrus Comparison Photos

People speculated Noah to have undergone various non-surgical cosmetic procedures. One such procedure being lip fillers. She may have undergone one or two sessions to give herself fuller and plumper lips. In 2017, Intouchweekly.com uploaded a before and after image of Noah to show the contrast. Looking at the photos, Dr Vartan Mardirossian, a certified … Read more

Taeyeon Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Taeyeon Comparison Photos

Besides winning awards, Taeyeon is also a skilled artisan at winning hearts. The count of her fan base stands at a million. Being in the forefront almost all her life, Taeyeon, like all other celebrities, is not free from people speculating about her personal life. One such speculation is of her cosmetic procedure rumours. Has … Read more

Rosanna Pansino Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Rosanna Pansino before and after picture

Being the big star that she is, Pansino is always under the spotlight. Her fame and success story are not the only reason fans want to keep up with the blonde beauty. Her major transformation over the years has got netizens speculating good genes, a fancy vegan lifestyle, or the last yet most important, cosmetic … Read more

Geena Davis Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Geena before and after picture

Geena Davis looks like she hasn’t aged a day. She looks better every time she appears in public. Usually, women her age begin their journey towards old age. There is no turning back here. The wrinkles, fine lines, and saggy skin start to appear at this stage. So could it be the secret behind her … Read more

Hillary Clinton Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Hillary Clinton Before and After Procedur Speculation

The claims of surgery transcend way beyond the Hollywood and film industry. The realm of politics is also not free from the watchful eyes of the media and press. Nothing stays hidden from the lens of the paparazzi and journalists. As such, a rumor has resurfaced on the internet surrounding Hillary Clinton supposed cosmetic surgery. … Read more