Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

As a public figure, Axl Rose is also a victim of multiple speculations and accusations surrounding cosmetic procedure. The artist is linked to numerous cosmetic surgery rumors. The majority of the media believes that the singer had definitely gone under the knife.

Before and After Pictures

Axl Rose Before and After

Such speculations started piling up when he made a dramatic return from his long hiatus. His face had changed dramatically, and people were shocked to see the sudden change in his appearance.

The changes are quite evident from the comparison snaps of the singer. Yes, there’s no denying that aging sure plays a factor, but we also can’t deny facts when surgery work is very evident.

Guns N’ Roses disbanded back in the 90s. Axl Rose reappeared under the public’s eye in 2001, and he looked unrecognizable. We believe he had works such as facelift, botox, etc., done on his appearance.

Did Axl Rose Get a Facelift?

Axl Rose Facelift Rumor

Axl Rose did get a facelift as his face looks more raised compared to back then. He appears to possess a more youthful look. The position of both his nose and chin is shifted upwards, which can only result from facelift surgery.

You will know this based on the before and after pictures of the singer. Just like any other human, Axl Rose will age. But he doesn’t seem to show any aging symptoms such as wrinkles at all.

Axl Rose Transformations

Some of his fans aren’t a fan of his surgery and bashes the singer for such a move. However, the majority of fandom supports the singer and his decisions. At the end of the day, if he is happy, then that’s all the matters. His facial alterations won’t change his legacy and the iconic records that he blessed us with.

Did he Get Some Botox Shots?

Axl Rose Surgery Speculations

There are also tons of speculations that Axl Rose had some botox work done to his face. Why? Well, it’s because his forehead, as well as the skin right around the eyes, doesn’t crease or fold like a regular person who is over 50. There is also a possibility that Axl Rose might have undergone cosmetic treatment to retain his youthful look.

Celebrities have the natural pressure to always look perfect in the public’s eye. They are chased by paparazzi 24×7, so we understand why they feel the need to make such decisions. So, just like any other celeb, Axl Rose also chose to have botox injected into his face to feel young and confident.

Did Rose Have done Face Fillers?

There are also rumors that Axl Rose has approached surgeons to apply cosmetic fillers into his face. The 59-Year old singer doesn’t possess any folds or wrinkles on his face.

It’s a dead giveaway that Axl Rose had this cosmetic procedure done because any person of such age would have wrinkles and folds. So, you can see why the media is constantly dragging the singer with such allegations.

Face filler surgery is magical because it does wonders to a person’s facial appearance. It helps in eradicating all the wrinkles present on the patient’s face.

The surgery involves the insertion of soft tissue inside a person’s face, giving that youthful appearance. In the same way, Axl Rose doesn’t have any wrinkles, showing that the vocalist had the surgery done.

Did Axl Tweak His Nose?

It’s no secret that Axl Rose had surgeries done over the course of his career. However, we don’t think that the singer had touched his nose. If you look at the old and recent pictures, then you can see that his nose looks the same.

Yes, he has undergone a facelift, and the changes may affect the way his nose looks in subtle ways. However, as far as getting a rhinoplasty, Axl Rose is off the hook. We are positive that the singer didn’t go under the knife to change the way his nose looks.

What you need to know about him

Axl Rose is a legendary American musician who is a highly-regarded songwriter and record producer as well. As the frontman and lead vocalist of Guns N’ Roses, he is loved and well-received by countless people from all around the world.

Axl Rose has been the only member who has stuck around ever since the band’s formation during the early 80s. Axl Rose is one of the greatest rock vocalists to have graced the industry in decades.

Over the years, Axl Rose has also toured with some of the greatest rock bands, such as AC/DC and more. Major magazines like NME and Rolling Stone recognizes him as one of the greatest singers, along with other greats in the business, both living and dead.

One of his best-selling albums with Guns N’ Roses would be “Appetite for Destruction,” which was released back in 1987 and had sold over 30 million copies globally.

Axl Rose was officially inducted in the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” back in 2012. While he was with Guns N’ Roses, one of their biggest international success was with their “Use Your Illusion” album during the early 90s.

He had gone on to win a plethora of accolades over the course of his career. Today, he is recognized as an icon and adored by not just the rock and roll community but the music community in general.

Final Thoughts

Axl Rose is a musician, and the most important element about him is his voice. But we understand why he felt the need to hop in on the cosmetic surgery train. Plus, he was always a womanizer and only did the work to remain attractive even when he was older.

It’s sad how being too self-conscious has led him to change his natural face. Axl Rose has a hard time smiling and giving expressions in general, which is pretty unfortunate.

In all honesty, his face looks stuffed and almost frozen in time. We wish that he never touches his naturally handsome face from the start. But now it’s too late, and we can’t reverse time.

We just hope that he doesn’t get any more work done and embrace his God-given beauty. Further treatment will only cause more problems and make things worse.

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