Blac Chyna Plastic Surgery Before and After Transformations

So, the golden question here is Did Blac Chyna get any work done on her body? The answer to that question is a thick Yes! If you go back in time and look at her old pictures, then the change is very visible.

You can also google pictures of her from every year, and you will see the differences. To be honest, the changes are different every year.

But one great thing about Blac Chyna is how open she is about her surgeries. She is very similar to Cardi B; open and honest. There are many celebs who get massive work done but still deny the allegations.

Before and After Pictures

Blac Chyna Transformations

Blac Chyna says it how it is and doesn’t hold back. Many People appreciate it because it helps in removing the stigma present around cosmetic procedure.

There are many people who get shamed for getting work done. Yes, it is always important to have limits, but no one should be shamed for doing something that makes them happy.

Did Blac Chyna Get Lip Injections?

Blac Chyna Before and After Picture

People should leave them alone because as long as they aren’t hurting anyone, it’s all good. Blac Chyna has openly spoken about her surgeries on the Wendy Show as well. She has undergone a plethora of surgeries, so let’s break them down one by one.

Blac Chyna Lip Injections

It is no secret that all black people have bigger luscious lips. Blac Chyna always had plump lips, and sometimes people can confuse it for fillers because of the way that she applies her lipstick.

We don’t believe that she has had any fillers injected into her lips. How? Well, if you look at her before and after pictures, then you will see it too. So, yes! We are dismissing this false allegation about her getting lip fillers.

Did Blac Consider nose job?

Blac Chyna Nose Job

Blac Chyna has definitely gone under the knife to correct the nose according to her liking. However, the work is quite subtle, which means that most people won’t notice it.

According to Dr. Peter Capizzi, she had undergone a rhinoplasty that reduced her nose tip. Dr. Capizzi also says that the surgeon of Blac Chyna had improved her dorsal line by placing a graft on her nose.

Did Chyna Also Try Eyelid Reconstruction?

Blac Chyna Eyelid Reconstruction Surgery

According to Dr. Peter Capizzi, Blac Chyna had surely undergone eyelid reconstruction surgery. If you examine the before and after photos, then her current eyelids appear to be less hooded.

He says that she had done the upper eyelid skin excision, which sounds like a major OUCH! But hey! It all worked out because she looks beautiful.

Did she Get a BBL?

Blac Chyna is infamously known for her curvaceous body because of her tiny waist and big booty. She admitted to getting BBL in her interviews.

Black women, in general, have bigger booties, but we can easily identify a butt that had work done. The same can be said for Blac Chyna, especially when you look at the before and after pictures.

Blac Chyna is naturally thick, so she can always use her own fats to carry out the BBL procedure. Today, she has one of the biggest and sexiest booties like Nicki Minaj. We are positive that she had done BBL more than once.

Blac Chyna openly admitted in her Wendy Interview that she had undergone liposuction surgery. She did it after she gave birth to her baby Dream. Blac Chyna admitted that her body was out of control after the birth.

So, she considered liposuction to improve her body. Her body is beautifully sculpted and voluptuous, making it perfect in all the right places.

Does she Have a History of Boob Job?

Her boobs are one of the most talked-about topics when it comes to her surgeries. And yes! Blac Chyna isn’t new to the world of boob jobs. In fact, she openly admitted on the Wendy Show that she had successfully gotten over 4 boob jobs over the course of her career.

If you look at her comparison picture, then you can see that she had a soft and natural-looking cleavage. But with boob jobs, her breasts have definitely broadened to the point that the nerves are visible on the sides. We are sure that she must have gotten more by now.

How about Hair Transplant?

Blac Chyna is unluckily one of those women who suffered from a lack of sufficient hair at the front of her head. According to Dr. Vartan Madirossian, the star had undergone scalp advancement surgery to regrow and improve her hairline.

Today, her hairline has drastically improved, especially when you look at her picture now and compare it to one from 2010.

What you need to know about her

Blac Chyna is a renowned figure in the entertainment industry. She is a successful American socialite and model. Blac Chyna rose to fame when she was hired to be Nicki Minaj’s stunt double in the infamous music video of the song “Monster” by Jay Z, Kanye West, and Nicki Minaj.

Blac Chyna had gone on to garner more popularity when her name was mentioned by Drake in his song titled “Miss Me.”

It led to her making numerous magazine appearances such as Black Men, Dimepiece, and Straight Stuntin. Blac Chyna is also well-known in the Kardashian world because she dated both Tyga and Rob Kardashian.

She is actually a baby mama for them and is loved by many of the KUWTK fans. Blac Chyna has her own makeup line called “Lashed by Blac Chyna,” as well as a beauty salon back in Encino, LA.

Blac Chyna also has very own reality TV show called “The Real Blac Chyna” and “Rob & Chyna.” She was previously a stripper, but her whole life took a turn once she achieved stardom.

Blac Chyna has a stunning body, a great life, and a beautiful family. There’s nothing but only more blessings coming her way. She is every girl’s envy and every man’s dream girl.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, Blac Chyna had gotten a ton of cosmetic surgeries. Regardless of her undergoing so many surgeries, she still looks great and not fake. She knew what she was doing because she doesn’t look unnatural and weird like many botched celebs.

Blac Chyna had many other mini surgeries done too, which all worked out for her in the end. But we hope that she sticks with how she looks now and avoid going overboard in the future.

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