Blake Lively Plastic Surgery: Transformation Before and After

When we look at celebrities, we often wonder how they can stand out so confidently in public. Many of them (mainly women) in the entertainment business seem to have flawless skin and perfect facial features. But what we need to know is that no one is born perfect. And that applies to famous people as well.

However, the advantage they have over us is that they can call for a little extra “help” any time they want. And yes, we are talking about a cosmetic surgeon’s help.

We can agree to some extent that some people look beautiful even without any enhancements or makeup. But when you are a social animal, you are extra conscious about your image. You want to stand out in front of the camera and fans. Therefore, artificial makeovers become a part of your journey.

This lifestyle is embraced by every megastar out there. And today, we will talk about one such star, Hollywood bombshell Blake Lively.

Before and After Pictures

Blake Lively has always been a natural beauty throughout most of her career. Ask anyone, and they won’t disagree. It is difficult to decipher whether she did go through the knife at some point. She has always been secretive about her image and denied the rumors regarding her reconstructive surgeries.

Blake Lively Transformation

However, experts have a different opinions regarding this matter. According to sources, many believe that she may have had some minor tweaks done to her face. On the other hand, some think that she might have undergone more than some minor adjustment procedures.

If we examine her pictures closely, we may discover something. At first glance, we don’t see much difference. But on further investigation, we will get hints about the change in her appearance.

So is this all-natural, or is something synthetic at play here? Well, that is what we are here today to find out. Let us examine Blake Lively’s surgery rumors and determine what procedures she has undergone.

Did Blake Lively get a nose job?

Nose jobs are common among celebrities. Having that perfectly shaped nose is one of the best achievements one can have in terms of looks. And in Blake Lively’s case, this is very prominent. Like we mentioned before, if we just glance for a moment, we won’t notice the difference. But upon closer inspection, we will see the change in Lively’s nose over the years.

Blake Lively Before and After

When we look at her before and after image comparisons, the evidence presents itself. Before the surgery, she appeared to have a broader nasal bridge. Her nostrils also look wider. After the surgery, the change is apparent. She now has a thinner nose bridge. And her nostrils have also had a few minor tweaks. Her nose tip also looks more angular. This points to evidence that she might have undergone Rhinoplasty to enhance her nose.

However, Blake has always remained silent regarding this gossip. But those with keen eyes can see the change in her nose compared to the past and years later. No amount of makeup or filter can hide that fact. One of her fans has also compiled a photo collection of her nose job on Twitter.

So what do you think? Did Blake Lively really reconstruct her nose?

Did Lively get an eye lift?

You might be thinking that this is ridiculous. But there are several rumors on the internet stating that Blake Lively may have undergone an eye lift. Reports speculate that the “The Age of Adaline” actress might have enhanced her upper and lower eye areas. So are these rumors true?

Blake Lively Nose Job and Filler Rumors

Again, we want to compare her past and present photos. In the past, she had droopy-looking eyelids. But she would compensate for that with a touch of eye shadow. But in her latest pictures, it seems that she has also got minor adjustments done on her eyes. Her eyelids are more lifted, and her eyes look rounder than before. Her eye bags also seem less visible with minimal fine lines.

But this could also be the work of clever makeup work. And whether she went through the knife or not, we cannot deny that she looks stunning as ever.

Did she get Botox?

Whenever the topic of natural beauty comes up, Blake Lively is always at the top of the list. Her fans admire her for this trait. However, there are always people who like to pick on others. And soon enough, rumors began to circulate that Blake Lively could be using fillers to enhance her looks.

Blake Lively Rhinoplasty

Her facial frame is another point of debate. Her jawline and cheeks look more chiseled, and the area around her ears appears firm in some photos. There are also no visible lines or wrinkles on her face. Some say that this is the reason why she appears flawless in her Instagram posts or YouTube videos.

However, the majority would argue that she is still young to have signs of aging. And she is only 34, which is still a prime age to maintain a fresh and youthful face. Besides, there is no concrete evidence to support this claim. But the internet continues to speculate, sparking more interest in this matter.

What you need to know about her

Blake Lively was born on 25th August 1987. She began acting when she was just age 10, making her debut on her father’s movie, Sandman, in 1998. Since then, she has appeared in various commercially successful films portraying different roles.

But it was her role as Serena van der Woodsen in the drama series Gossip Girl, where she caught her big break. Lively tied the knot with her Green Lantern co-star, Ryan Reynolds, with whom she has three daughters. To date, Blake has not won any awards or nominations for her roles. But we’re hoping to see her fill her trophy cabinet soon.

Final Thoughts

When a natural-looking beauty like Blake Lively comes under the radar for alleged cosmetic surgery, the experts were quick to respond. Let us hear what some of them had to say.

Aesthetic expert Dr. Hugh McLean also agrees with Blake Lively’s Rhinoplasty gossip. He justifies this by comparing Lively’s nose shape before and after. He further added that the nose job was “nicely done” and matched her already beautiful face.

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman also agrees that Blake’s nose did undergo reconstruction over the years.

Another expert, Dr. Jeffrey Rawnsley, agrees with the claims. He points out the change in Lively’s nose tip and bridge after the procedure.

Blake is still in her prime thirties. One would think this is still an early age to undergo any artificial makeovers. But we never know how fame and fortune can affect a person’s thinking and lifestyle. And whether Blake Lively experienced surgery is totally subjective.

So what do you think? Are these claims about Blake going under the knife valid? Or are they just false news created by haters?

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