BTS Plastic Surgery Rumor: Jungkook, Jin, Jimin Before After

Did BTS get cosmetic procedure? Considered as one of the greatest boy groups and artists in the world is BTS. This boy group of 7 members has enthralled hearts and gained so much popularity over the years. Member of BTS are Jin, RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. They have garnered so many accolades and awards, broken many records, and reached fame one can only imagine.

BTS has made a household name for itself not just in South Korea, the US but across the globe. One will take days to write about just how much they have achieved over the years.

BTS members are the most sought-after people for collaboration by brands, fashion houses, beauty brands, gadgets, cars, you name it. Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and all major social media spaces are filled with BTS content. They have created unmatched popularity in the world.

Before and After Pictures

cosmetic procedure, injections, and other procedures are common affairs in South Korea. BTS has been marred with numerous cosmetic procedures controversies over the years, coming from a country like that. It has become one of the most sought-after places for people to get procedures done as it is also cost effective.

BTS Before and After Picture

BTS members are known for being one of the most handsome, flawless face, good-looking men, each near perfection. That has brought so much attention and speculations that it is alleged that they have done significant reconstructive augmentation of their feature.

Speculations on procedures like double eyelids, eyelift, lips, jawlines, eyebrows, eyebags, ears, nose, etc., you name it, have been swirling around them. However, BTS has been able to keep a tight lid on such controversies over the years. Lets us clear some of the rumors of BTS augmentation.

BTS Jungkook

BTS Jungkook is the youngest of them all in the band. Several speculations have surrounded his before and after images since his debut year and the fine handsome man he is now. A lot of the rumors surrounding him are nose job, eyelid reconstruction, and face surgery. Comparing his images from debut year to years after, Jungkook has always had double eyelids.

BTS Jungkook comparison photo

On closer look by expert cosmetic surgeons believes that Jungkook has had silicon implants on his nose. The tip of his nose also looks pointier than his older pictures. There are speculations that Jungkook has done face reconstruction, but most argue it’s just him outgrowing his baby fat or it’s just the filters and lightings. However, Jungkook has never addressed these rumors at any point, leaving us only to speculate.


BTS  Jin is called Worldwide Handsome for a reason, and it’s because of his out-of-this-world proportionate facial features. According to cosmetic surgeons, BTS Jin has the perfect face combination.

Jin Then and Now

He has even won the best-sculpted face awards, nominated only to people who have not gone through cosmetic procedure. It can be fairly said BTS Jin has had little to no surgeries. At most, the only surgery he has been admitted to is his eye surgery related to eyesight.

BTS Suga

suga before after

BTS Suga is also not new to the rumors about cosmetic procedure. People speculate he has had work done on his eyelids. Comparing his pictures, some show monolid eyelids and some with double eyelids.

However, no claims have been made by BTS Suga on the augmentation. At most, he has had surgery on his shoulder related to an injury. BTS, as such, has maintained a clean chit on getting cosmetic procedure done.

BTS Park Jimin

park jimin

He is often referred to as the ‘mochi’ due to his debut year chubby cheeks. Minus the baby weight now, he is one of the perfect looking men on earth.

And yes, although there have been rumors about him undergoing surgery, according to Dr. Anthonu Youn, certified cosmetic surgeon, Jimin has not had any augmentation done.

BTS Jimin is recognized as one of the representatives of natural beauty. He is considered as someone who has not had cosmetic procedure amongst the attractive worldwide celebrities. If you compare his pictures from before and after, there is no drastic change except for his weight loss and losing his baby fat on his cheeks.

How about BTS RM?

The leader of the BTS army, RM, has been accused of cosmetic procedure by many. And yes, he has had surgery on his nose, but it was a septal deviation due to his breathing problems.

It is said that septal deviation can be done by cosmetic procedure, which is why RM is accused of cosmetic procedure. And to be clear, RM has had surgery to correct his deviated septum. However, his surgery was not done to augment his beauty features but rather due to health issues.  


Another big ‘No’ comes to speculations about cosmetic procedure of BTS V. According to cosmetic surgeon Park II, Seoul, BTS V has eyes that cannot be constructed. BTS V has big eyes, but it comes in mono-lids which is highly impossible to recreate.

DID J-Hope go under the knife?

J-Hope is considered one of the great-looking men in the world. His eyelids and nose have drawn attention. However, popular surgeons have denied that he has had any surgeries given his before and after pictures of his nose and eyes.

Final Thoughts

Till date, BTS members have been embroiled in numerous rumors about cosmetic procedure. Yet, they have never addressed these rumors. Except for injuries and health issues, none of them have ever verified on plastic surgeries. People can only speculate due to their beyond natural features.

One cannot deny that BTS members are one of the most flawless-looking people changing types and beauty standards. Their appeal has led people to go under the knife to look more like them. BTS has remained strong in keeping these plastics rumors as rumors and nothing more.

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