Cardi B Plastic Surgery: Transformation Before and After

Cosmetic surgeries are a common sight in the entertainment industry. Insecurities plague people who are always “out there” around cameras and crowds. With fame and fortune comes the pressure to always stand out while going out in public. People are always staring at you, talking, etc. And what celebrity wouldn’t want to be the hot topic of conversation?

Today, we will talk about one such celebrity who has been under the focus of the paparazzi for her physical attributes. And we are talking about none other than Cardi B.

A famed superstar like Cardi is always focused on her image. And without a doubt, she has gone under the knife to enhance her looks in the eyes of the public. The internet is full of news about the enhancements she has done to her body. So, let us take a look at Cardi B’s transformation over the years.

Before and After Pictures

Celebrities like Cardi B are already top names that come up when people talk about surgeries. There are various reports online that have gone to lengths discussing her bodily enhancements. And the “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker has not denied these reports. Therefore, we can say with certainty that she has gone through reconstructive procedures to look appealing.

Cardi B Transformation

These reports have plenty to say regarding this topic. Some were critical, while some were reasonable. Despite this, the rap icon has stated that going through the procedures has made her more confident. She also said that she was bullied as a child for her appearance. Her insecurities developed as a result of not being “thick” enough in front of young men.

Cardi B Before and After

While looking at images or videos on YouTube, her bosoms and buttocks stand out among the rest. But there is more to this. We believe that Cardi B has had work done on several parts of her body, particularly her face. Yes, we are talking Botox, facelifts, eye lifts, etc. Do you want to find out more? Stick around to find out.

Did Cardi B get work done on her eyes?

The rumors concerning Cardi B’s makeover continue this time with her eyes. Many fans noticed her new cat-shaped eyes in pictures. And if we look at her eyes, before and after, the evidence presents itself.

Cardi B Botox Injection

The singer has had an eye lift done recently. Many reports also suggest she might have undergone Canthoplasty to strengthen her eyelids. Plus, her eye bags look less visible, which could be the result of her new eye lift surgery.

Are Cardi’s breasts natural or implants?

The first surgery Cardi admitted to having was on her breasts. The singer was in her late teens when she got her first implants. Cardi was constantly laughed at by boys for her flat chest and bottom. As a result, she was reluctant to get a boob job done no matter what the cost.

Cardi B Filler and Facelift Rumor

Over the years, she has had several augmentations on her breasts. We can clearly see this from her pictures and videos on YouTube. Her implants seem to increase in size with each passing day. Furthermore, she also revealed that she got her implants redone after she and her husband Offset welcomed their daughter, Kulture, in 2018.

Does she have a history with Botox?

Every top-rated star in the entertainment business is accused of using Botox to enhance their looks. Cardi B is no exception. The rap star has been under the limelight in several situations for using Botox.

In one video, she appeared with her hair undone and without any facial makeup. This clip drew several comments from people who pointed out that she looked “different.”

This led to speculation that Cardi could be using Botox to upgrade her looks when in public appearances. However, several people also came in support of her. Cardi also responded by saying that she feels comfortable this way, and it was her all-natural without any filter.

Did Cardi get work done on her bottoms?

Another topic of conversation regarding Cardi B is her unnaturally large buttocks. According to Cardi, her buttocks were the second target for surgery after her breasts. At the age of 20, Cardi got her first set of butt implants. Years later, she has gone through multiple procedures to increase the size of her bottom curves.

And like her breasts, Cardi is equally conscious of her butt cheeks. And she admits she feels “ugly” if she does not take care of these two areas. Thus, she constantly keeps her butt injected with fillers. This could be the reason why her bottoms keep increasing in size along with her breasts.

Did she get a face upgrade?

In 2020, Cardi was spotted with her face covered on multiple occasions. This sparked rumors that the “Girls Like You” star may have had work done on her face. Many also commented that she might have had an eye lift and Rhinoplasty. And sure enough, if we compare her pictures, we might spot the differences.

Before the supposed surgery, her face looked pointy. Her chin leading up to her ears looks less bulgy. And her nostrils look less wide. But the after images portray her with a wider jawline. This is possibly the work of a set of cheek implants. Furthermore, her nose bridge and tip look smaller than before.

Despite the gossip, Cardi B has never opened up about anything regarding face surgery.

Are B’s lips real or enhanced?

During a show in 2019, Cardi took to the crowd to share news about her new liposuction surgery. She announced to the live crowd that she shouldn’t even be on stage in the first place. Later she stated that her new lip fillers were causing her problems as she was constantly moving around without rest.

What do experts have to say?

Much like the internet, Cardi B’s cosmetic surgery claims sparked the curiosity of doctors and skin experts. And many of them have got several opinions regarding this issue. Let us see what they have in mind.

Peter Taub, a reconstructive surgery professor, commented on Cardi’s illegal butt implant surgery. He said that such procedures, if carried out without regulation and a license, could be risky. He further stressed that such surgeries should be done strictly by professionals.

Another surgeon, Dr. Karen Horton, also explains that busy people like Cardi B do not have enough time to recover from such surgeries. She also added that the body should get enough rest; otherwise, it could lead to health complications.

What you need to know about her

The world may know her as Cardi B, but the rap star’s actual name is Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar. She was born on 11th October 1992, in New York City. The singer is of Dominican and Trinidadian descent. Almanzar derived her stage name from the well-known alcohol brand Bacardi.

Cardi’s road to fame began on Vine and Instagram, where several of her videos went viral. She also starred on the VH1 reality series “Love & Hip Hop: New York,” where she gained more recognition. Since then, she has become one of the top-selling female artists in the music industry, both solo and collaborations.

Final Thoughts

Even though Cardi B has never spoken up about her face, she has no shame in opening up every time she gets a boob or butt job. But her unusual figure is bound to give it all away. Nevertheless, she is one confident woman and isn’t shy in speaking up for herself whenever the internet throws something at her. As she said, it’s “her body,” and she can do whatever she pleases.

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