Lil Kim Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Lil Kim Transformation

Lil Kim started modeling for many renowned brands like M.A.C., Old Navy. Kim also had a different sense of style, and she started being noticed for her bold clothing. But even after being so famous, Kim wasn’t still happy, and she had problems about how she looked since the beginning of her career and is … Read more

Jessi Plastic Surgery With Comparison Photos

Jessi Transformations

Fans look up to celebrities in South Korea, and so they have to maintain a perfect image. It not only concerns their personality, style and work but also their appearance. Jessi is also one of them, and she has to maintain her image. But what about cosmetic surgeries? Has Jessi undergone the surgeon’s knife? We … Read more

Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Rumer Willis comparison photo

Did Rumer Glenn Willis get cosmetic surgery? With fame, people become more conscious about their image. Celebrities are constantly under the radar, with the Paparazzi following everywhere. With this in mind, they always strive to look their best. But as age catches on, one cannot always stay young. The media does not rest when it … Read more

Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery: Comparison Photos

Marlo Thomas comparison photo

What cosmetic procedure did Marlo Thomas undergo? – Marlo Thomas has been under the radar for some time for her outrageous cosmetic repairs. We don’t have to take a good hard look to know whether this is true or false. While looking at her pictures, it is pretty self-evident. Her Botox fills, facelifts, nose jobs, … Read more

Famke Janssen Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Famke Janssen Transformation

Famke is a brunette beauty whose looks has a striking resemblance to the iconic Hedy Lamarr. From her early years on the big screen to date, she still manages to turn heads and fans are left wondering if she has found the fountain of youth or if she had given herself a total surgical facial … Read more

Marilyn Monroe Plastic Surgery With Comparison Photos

Marilyn Monroe cosmetic procedure

Did Marilyn Monroe get cosmetic procedure? – Everybody wanted a piece of Marilyn Monroe. She was a subject of curiosity. The world wanted to know how this legend was so perfect from head to toe. To date, even decades after her death, the world is still speculating some form of cosmetic procedure to be involved. … Read more

Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Jennifer Lopez cosmetic procedure

Did Jennifer Lopez get cosmetic surgery? JLo has also got people talking about her evergreen face and body. Ever since she hit forty, time seems to have frozen on her. Can this be good genes or the magic of cosmetic procedure? Here is breaking down Jennifer’s speculated facial reconstructing procedures: Before and After Pictures Did … Read more

Melania Trump Plastic Surgery With Comparison Photos

Melania Trump cosmetic procedure

Did Melania Trump get cosmetic surgery? The answer is yes. Melania has had cosmetic procedure. It is not hard to spot Melania Trump’s face changes either way. Her cheeks are fuller, her eyes are wider, and her nose is more petite. The most significant change in Melania Trump’s face is that her cheeks are fuller … Read more

Larsa Pippen Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Larsa Pippen cosmetic procedure

Did Larsa Pippen get cosmetic procedure? She has always been gorgeous and had a good body structure. However, her transformation was massive. People keep wondering how she lost weight so fast and tone up so much. We found some interesting facts about Larsa Pippen cosmetic Surgery to determine if the rumours are true. Before and … Read more

Lyn May Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Lyn May comparison photo

If you take a look at Lyn May’s before and after pictures, you will clearly guess that something has changed in regards to her face. And whether this change is good or bad, it does not change the fact that her face looks different than before. Back in the decades of the 70s till the … Read more