Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Lady Gaga comparison photo

There are many speculations regarding Lady Gaga and if she has gotten any cosmetic procedure. Well, if we look and compare the before and after pictures of her, then we can positively conclude that she did get some work done. And we aren’t saying this based on social media where the star has tried to filter her pictures from … Read more

Kaitlin Olson Plastic Surgery Before and After, Here’s The Truth

Kaitlin Olson comparison photo

Many celebrities undergo cosmetic procedure to enhance their looks and alter their face structure. Although this is the most common reason anyone undergoes cosmetic procedure, Kaitlin Olson has her reason for going under the knife. When Kaitlin Olson was 12 years of age, she got into a bicycle accident with a vehicle, which proved to … Read more

Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Emily Blunt cosmetic Surgery

As someone who’s constantly exposed to the media, Emily Blunt is no stranger to rumors and accusations about cosmetic procedure. Emily Blunt is also aware of all these allegations, but she has never addressed them. Most of these speculations are from the media and some of the fans. Yes, most of these allegations just come … Read more

Blac Chyna Plastic Surgery Before and After Transformations

Blac Chyna Nose Job

So, the golden question here is Did Blac Chyna get any work done on her body? The answer to that question is a thick Yes! If you go back in time and look at her old pictures, then the change is very visible. You can also google pictures of her from every year, and you … Read more