Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Over the years, fans of Chelsea Clinton started noticing some not-so-subtle changes in her overall appearance. Could it be a special diet she is on? Perhaps she’s been working out and going that extra mile. Or maybe, could these changes be associated with some form of reconstructive surgery? We all know that she has no filter when it comes to her activism, but what about her physical image?

Netizens speculate that the former president’s daughter may have made some secret deals with face doctors. If we compare her older pictures with the more recent ones, we notice some striking changes.

Let’s look at some examples, shall we? Her face looked broader and rounder in her before pictures, but now, we can’t help but notice that sharp chin. It almost looks like she has a perfect jawline, but it’s a bit on the artificial side, we’d say.

Before and After Pictures

Rumors about Chelsea Clinton's Transformation

Having a good set of teeth is extremely important for a public figure such as Chelsea Clinton. It’s no secret that Chelsea Clinton used braces to fix her dental alignment in her early years. But wait, her before and after pictures tell an interesting story. Do her teeth appear to be whiter? Maybe a little extra shine there? Or is it just our eyes playing tricks on us.

Well, the internet seems to think that her new set of shiny white teeth may be associated with the use of veneers. That’s right, folks. There’s just no way all that whiteness is natural. But wait, there’s more. If we examine her before and after pictures, we notice another change. It’s her lips. The younger Chelsea Clinton had lopsided lips, i.e., her upper lips were shorter in length than the lower ones.

As a result, her gums would show every time she smiled. Well, not any more folks. After a couple of years, we can no longer see those familiar pink gums of hers. Why is that? Could her lips have grown that way naturally? or maybe she’s using some lip exercise—what a bunch of rhetorical questions. No way. Experts believe that it is the work of lip enhancement procedures. It is highly speculated that the change in Chelsea Clinton’s lips may be due to lip fillers. Don’t believe us? Why don’t you take a closer look?

Did Chelsea get botox?

Chelsea Clinton Before After

And what about her nose? Notice anything different? Hell yeah, we do—no more flatness. Her lips? Check. Eyes and ears? Maybe. Just what is going on here? All that change can’t be natural. At least that’s what her fans think.

All the evidence does point to Chelsea Clinton going through some form of facere constructive surgery. Maybe a little eyelift to bring out that pretty face. Perhaps some botox to make sure she looks good in all those youtube videos. The options are endless. So let’s see what we can figure out.

Did Chelsea get a chin job?

Chelsea Clinton’s face appears to be totally impeccable even though she’s hitting 41 years this year. What’s her secret? Is she using some extremely effective face cream that we don’t know about? Or maybe the answer is Botox. Yes, you heard us right.

Is Chelsea Clinton's face natural

For someone who is almost 41 years old, her skin looks flawless and nearly brand new. Just look at her eyes, see anything growing old? Maybe some dark circles underneath her eyebags or some signs of aging on her eyelids? Nope. Absolutely no hints of aging or wrinkles. While some might think it’s the make-up or her diet, we believe otherwise. All that youthful-looking skin might just be the work of a doctor.  It just looks too good to be real.

And what about the shape of her face? For a mother of three kids, Chelsea Clinton’s face does seem to be strikingly well balanced. The successful businesswoman fails to make any comments about it, and we think we know why. Is it an example of exercise gone right? Nope. Well, what’s the honest answer? We think, a trip to the doctor and some chin implants. Back in her teenage years, Chelsea Clinton had a really big chin. In fact, it almost looked like she had a double chin. But now, it looks slimmer and much more elegant.

Unlike other cases of celebrity cosmetic procedure gone bad, Chelsea Clinton’s look is more subtle in comparison. While reconstructive procedures come at different prices, the naturalness of her face hints that she paid a hefty amount for the quality. Well, when it comes to working on your face, I guess the cost doesn’t matter.

Did Chelsea Clinton get a nose job?

We can all see that Chelsea Clinton’s nose has gone through some prominent transformations as well. Back in her younger years, the former president’s daughter had a bigger and broader nose. Her nasal bridge was very lumpy and loose. Fast forward to today, we see that her nose has become sharper and more petite. Her nasal bridge has become more compressed and doesn’t protrude out anymore. What’s more, the tip of her nose seems to have changed too. Now, it fashions a slightly raised and pointy physique.

What about Chelsea Clinton nose

Need more proof? Ok then. How about her wedding pictures? If you observe the pictures on Chelsea Clinton’s wedding day, you will be shocked to see the noticeable changes. It almost looks like a magic trick. Just how did she pull that off?

Although the changes look good, we can’t ignore the signs of the doctor’s touch. All these developments definitely point to her going through a nose job. And what’s more, face reconstruction doctors seem to think so too.

They confirm that it is the result of a very subtle nose job. It seems that the bump on her nose bridge has been removed, and the nasal bones slimmed down. But no matter how crafty the procedures are, they can’t fool the eyes of the general public. With that evidence, the matter is as good as settled. Now we can confidently say that Chelsea Clinton has indeed gotten a nose job, amongst some other things.

What you need to know about her

Chelsea's bright smile and shiny white teeth

Chelsea Clinton was born to Former President of the USA, Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary Clinton. Born in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1980, Chelsea Clinton had a more or less regular childhood thanks to her parents. She attended public school till her family moved to the White House in 1992. Chelsea Clinton has since been in the public’s eyes, making several television appearances with her parents. Now that you know her background let’s look into Chelsea Clinton’s education and what she has accomplished throughout the years.

As you might have already expected, Chelsea Clinton is a well-learned individual with an undergraduate degree from Standford University. She went on to earn her Master’s Degree from the prestigious Oxford University and Columbia University. If a double Master’s Degree wasn’t enough, she even did a Ph.D. from the University of Oxford, years later, in 2014.

About Chelsea Clinton
About Chelsea Clinton.

Chelsea Clinton has always kept herself busy. She made over 200 public appearances in 2007 and 2008 in her campaign as a surrogate for her mother. In 2011, Chelsea Clinton was hired as a Special Correspondent by the National Broadcasting Company or NBC. The entrepreneur has undoubtedly excelled in her professional career, earning a reported salary of $600000 per year at NBC.

Apart from NBC and her active participation in political campaigning, Chelsea Clinton has also worked with the New York University. In 2012, Chelsea Clinton started teaching undergraduate students at Columbia University. She also received an award from the Temple of Understanding to promote cross-cultural education. She even authored five children’s books, and one of these books was a best seller. Wow, she has a lot on her plate.

Final Thoughts

The speculations about Chelsea Clinton’s possible cosmetic procedure have sparked many arguments amongst her fans. Like we mentioned earlier, the changes in her face don’t look too artificial to give it away. Because of her still preserved natural look, most people refuse to believe that the public figure had anything to do with cosmetic procedure.

The people close to her have commented that the changes are due to other elements—for example, exercise and make-up, particularly the heavy use of concealers. But are these testimonials compelling enough to remove all doubts? We think not.

Fans and netizens continue to comment about her physical changes, all of which are totally hard to miss. Besides, with cosmetic procedure growing more and more popular amongst celebrities, It’s not hard to believe. Even though this is definitely a case of the more minimalistic applications of face reconstruction, the truth cannot be hidden. No matter how hidden the results might be, the real cause soon becomes apparent to everyone. The question is, do you feel the same way? Do let us know!

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