Cher Plastic Surgery Before and After – Then and Now

During the six decades of being the most revered American pop queen, Cher has amassed millions of fans.

These fans are always on the tip of their toes, speculating and comparing the before and after pictures of the singer trying to nitpick the changes in her face. But nobody really knows how many and which surgeries did Cher exactly get.

So, which are those surgeries that Cher may have supposedly got done from her team of professionals? And what really makes her look so rejuvenated even at 75? Is it a filler or a jawline reconstruction or breast implants or eye lift, eye bags, ears, under eye, upper arms, under arms, under chin surgery?

Before and After Pictures

Cher before and after

Most celebrities in the entertainment industry mask their physical insecurities with either cosmetic surgery or reconstructive surgeries.

While it is natural to have insecurities about physical features when one’s in the public eye, some celebrities remain tight-lipped and pretend as if they haven’t got anything done to themselves.

Most of them even deny the procedures they paid prices for, because of people’s hypocritical criticisms.

Did Cher get a nose job?

Cher nose job

People speculating over Cher’s boob surgery has been a thing of the past since the time she admitted it. But now, close observers and loyal fans have been talking about the possibility of rhinoplasty. Most fans argue that she definitely had a reconstructive nose job.

Although the glamourous actress hasn’t said anything about it yet, it seems we can support the fan claims because of the recent pictures and videos on YouTube showing how her nose has been reshaped.

According to the critics, Cher’s nose is pointed, slimmer and has a noticeably large bridge as opposed to the past when she had a broader nose and less prominent nasal bridge. The new procedure seems to have given the “Believe” singer a better-defined nose with an absolutely fresh look. 

However, Cher isn’t one of those public figures. The 75 years old American singer and actress has always been open about admitting her cosmetic procedure.

She’s all about de-stigmatizing cosmetic surgery and has mentioned in an interview how people shouldn’t govern what she does with her body. 

While it is completely understandable why celebrities want be all hush-hush about their surgeries, it is also encouraging to see other celebs like Cher owning their insecurities and embracing them in front of their fans.

Did she get a facelift?

Cher facelift

If we go by what the Grammy and Oscar winner openly admitted, she’s so far got work done on her face, breasts and teeth. But looking at her ever-green physique and facial features, there sure has to be more work that hasn’t been officially spoken of yet.

According to many celebrity cosmetic surgeons, Cher has possibly had more than few surgeries under her belt. She is likely to have undergone multiple surgeries in the past couple of years, although she never publicly announced all of them.

But the reviews from cosmetic surgery experts say that there has to be more than just fillers and a boob job. A famous surgeon in a magazine praised Cher’s facelift surgeries, saying they are never overdone nor overpulled.  

Many fans and observers have also speculated Cher of getting a nose job, brow lift, Botox, liposuction, facelift, and eyelids surgery done.

We cannot confirm until the star herself or her reps claim it but looking at how gracefully she’s aged, it is evident that a fair share of cosmetic procedures have certainly helped her maintain the youthfulness of her skin.

Which fillers has Cher gone for her face?

Cher fillers

Fillers have got more popular over the last decade as compared to other types of surgeries since Kylie Jenner got into the news for admitting she got one. Mostwomen now wish to have fuller and juicier lips, and so the same must have been for Cher as well. 

Pictures speak a thousand words. We can’t help but nod to the existence of a lip filler when an old and a new picture of Cher is kept in front of us. In the older picture, Cher had thinner lips, but the recent pictureshows a different size. The lips are slightly more plumped and voluminous.

But that’s not just where we think she got her fillers. Even her cheeks seem to have become puffier. The fuller and tighter cheeks and lips explain how filler injections may be responsible for the plump.

Did cher get boob job?

In the past,Cher, the pop goddess and fashion icon of the 1960s, had publicly revealed about going under the scalpel for her breast reconstruction surgery. While she was discussing this experience, she mentioned how the procedure was not an ideal experience. 

Even with multiple breast works done in the past, none of the operations were smooth rides for her. “My breast operations were a nightmare,” she revealed. The procedure made her female organs botched in every possible way, with every operation becoming worse than the previous. 

Singer Cher always had a slim figure with small breasts before she went ahead and got breast surgeries done. This cosmetic procedure clearly explained that she wasn’t very satisfied with how her breasts looked. After the procedure, her cleavage became more prominent, and the breasts became triple their size. 

Surgery fails are common in the cosmetic and reconstructive surgery industry. We can’t decide whether this particular procedure has gone wrong or gone right for Cher and her breasts. That would be one of the examples of a classic bodyshaming. What we can tell, however, is that Cher is an absolute queen for admitting how treacherous the procedure was. 

Many people would be tight-lipped about such experiences due to the guilt attached to cosmetic procedure, but she owned the dark side of such surgeries, and that must have inspired a lot of other people to start conversations around it. 

How many cosmetic procedures did she get?

Even before the legendary singer publicly revealed about her boob implant surgery, there were tabloids and prints claiming a series of surgeries that Cher apparently got to hide her aging features. 

These rumors came like a shock wave to fans when a certain media house revealed that she has got almost every cosmetic surgery that one can ever imagine. The celeb report even said that Cher removed the lowest pair of her ribs to achieve a tiny waist size.

There were also claims about Cher’s close friends saying “too many cosmetic procedure have destroyed her career.” But soon, a spokesperson representing Cher denied these false claims. 

That being said, in one interview, Cher herself revealed a few of the surgeries that she got and also mentioned how happy she was for getting them. Calling herself the “poster girl for cosmetic procedure,” Cher truly embraces her beauty adjustments and advocates for them without any hesitation.

Did she have done any other surgeries?

Pop icon Cher has had a fair number of rumors about her surgeries, with some being true and some not. After years later of admitting boobs surgery and Botox, Cher also admitted to getting dental and facelift surgeries.

Her jawline speaks for itself, and her tight face skin tells how gracefully well she’s been aging with facelift works. With a rare degree of tightness on her face skin, it is obvious that the 75-year-old actress is in no way aging naturally. 

Apart from the facelift, some fans also suspect a brow lift on Cher’s gorgeous face. To be very honest, the area around her brows does not resemble a 75-year-old.

It is clearly not saggy like it should naturally be for a woman of her age. In fact, the brows have shifted to a higher position from the normal position, which only a browlift can guarantee. 

Besides, there have been rumors that Cher might have also had a blepharoplasty, a surgery for an eyelid lift. We can’t completely assume that from the pictures and rumors, but if she’s got it done, we have one more surgery and a few doctors to credit for her rejuvenating aging.

Final Thoughts

Cosmetic procedure have become the “it” thing in defining beauty standards these days. Regardless of the cost, many youngsters and adults get things done to their faces and body to make themselves feel much more accepted by society.

If that’s the case for ordinary people, then imagine how intense it would be for people in the public eyes. Of course, Instagram or Snapchat filterscan fix the social validation for some time, but surgeries seem to be more lasting. 

In fact, celebs like Cher have a public imageto guard, and it is so delicate that one drastic surgery can turn their life around. Whether the surgical procedure makes them happy or not isn’t the deal anymore.

What the audience thinks of it has sadly become the standard of acceptance. In whichever case, legendary American singer and actress Cher has won our hearts with some of her very bold statements on accepting plastic surgery.

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