Chris Rock Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Many has speculated that Chris Rock has had work done on his face while looking at his before and after image. Being in the limelight for such long time looking that good and flawless has kept the rumor mill running. Still looking amazingly great at 56 let us see if he has done any surgery or other procedures to enhance his features.

With such a long and successful career, being in front of the camera Chris Rock has had controversies surrounding him.

Much of the rumor surrounding Chris Rock is that he has done two main types of surgeries. It is speculated that he done rejuvenation cosmetic procedures and corrective surgery.

Rumor has it that he has undergone a nose corrective procedure, used fillers and Botox to keep his face looking young. Has Chris Rock gotten a nose job? Did he use Botox? Did he get an ear tightening procedure? Does he use fillers on his face? Let’s us take a closer look to answer these questions.

Before and After Pictures

Lets address the first speculation which is also his widely speculated rumor. Before we start let’s put it out there that Chris Rock has had a long career in front of the camera.

Did Chris Rock get a nose job?

Chris Rock Transformation

While making a comparison of his ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures, there is noticeable difference in his nose. In his early images he appears to have a wide nose, covering larger part of his face.

Years later, a closer look at his pictures shows that he has slimmer nose, rather pointed at the tip. People started quickly noticing this reconstructive procedure he has done.

This stark change in his nose has sparked his surgery rumors. People are convinced that he has done a nose job for sure. However, Chris Rock has never admitted to all the rumors surrounding his nose job.

Getting a nose job done can easily cost you between $7,500-$15,000 depending on the kind surgery.

Did Chris have botox?

Botox is a very common procedure that celebrities and personalities have resorted to look wrinkle free and ageless. There has been talks going around the town that Chris Rock has taken the help of Botox to keep his wrinkles and line at bay.

Chris Rock Before and After

Who wouldn’t speculate when he is aging with literally no signs of wrinkles and fine lines. His appearance looks rejuvenated and seems to have taken the help of Botox to look his younger looks. Chris Rock has kept his silence intact on this speculation as well making us only wonder what the secret of his young looks is.

Getting your hands on a Botox treatment can cost you anywhere from $300 to $1000. The cost varies in terms of units and number of shots required.

Has Chris get an eyelift?

Ranging from droopy eyelids, eyebrows, eye bags and eyelifts, getting an eye surgery is rather a common procedure. Enhancing the features along the eyes can give you a rejuvenated look especially when you are ageing.

At 56, Chris Rock seems to garner rumors because his face looks like it hasn’t aged. Rumors to have had eye enhancing procedures, is also another far-fetched news item. There has been no serious claims done by anyone but has only been speculated.

Did Chris get an Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is a cosmetic surgery for the ears. An ear job is not a very common surgery that celebrities and personalities go for. However, Chris rock seems to have been making the rumors about an ear job.

This started off in an interview along with Adam Sandler by Extratv, where Chris Rock joking said he has done cosmetic procedure and that he has the tightest ears in the industry. This created quite a stir, but it was just a sarcastic joking comment. So, far there is no confirmed news that he has had an ear job.

For an ear job it can cost an average of $3,200. It can go higher or lower as per procedures.

Did he get fillers?

Chris Rock has a beautiful smile and is one of the most striking features of his face. Any change in his smile is instantly noticeable. There is a considerable difference when it comes to his smile in the 90’s and the smile now.

Chris Rock had a mouth correct in the middle and now has a lateral smile. This has made people believe he had gone for surgery. There are claims he has taken filler for his lips to correct his smile.

What You Need To Know About Him

Chris Rock also known as Christopher Julius Rock III, is an American standup, singer, writer, actor, director, and producer. Born on Feb 7, 1965, Chris Rock started his career as early as a 19-year-old kid performing comedy in small clubs.

Over the years he has shown he has got so much more than standup comedy. Now at 56, he is a versatile personality, who has ventured into other fields besides comedy and earned quite a name for himself.

Chris Rock’s debut into the industry came from Eddie Murphy who offered him a role in the film ‘Beverly Hill Cop II’. Then on he was selected to host the popular comedy series ‘Saturday Night Live’ (SNL).

This opportunity gave his career a great boost, earning nationwide recognition and popularity for his talent. Besides delivering roles, Chris Rock has also worked behind the camera as scriptwriter, director, producer, and voice over actor. In the long expanse of his career, he has won numerous Emmy Awards and Grammy Awards for his work.

Final Thoughts

No, it is not the filters doing the job to give him this ageless look. There is a phrase that says black don’t crack.

Either its them genes or a fantastic team of cosmetic surgeons behind who has done a fabulous job of keeping young and handsome. Chris Rocks has kept away from addressing any of the surgery claims till date.

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