Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery Before and After – The Truth

You might have noticed that as the years pass, celebrities often tend to look vastly different. Christina Aguilera is, in this case, no exception. In a career spanning over two decades to date, Christina Aguilera has gone through visible changes in her appearance. From her nose to her entire body, fans have shared many questions, rumors, and theories explaining the reason behind such changes.

But what’s the catch? Everyone goes through changes, right? Agreed that several factors could provide a natural explanation, the singer’s “no comments” policy only solidifies fans’ “cosmetic procedure” narrative. The topic has widely been debated, with even doctors, surgeons, and experts chipping in their observations over the years. The professional opinions of many people point out that she has gone through several treatments and surgeries.

Before and After Pictures

Christina Aguilera comparison photo

So, did she get those surgeries? Well, I guess the best way to find a reasonable conclusion would be to draw a comparison. In the case of cosmetic procedure, it’s either a surgery gone right or a surgery gone bad. Seeing that there are no visible flaws in Christina Aguilera’s face or body, it’s safe to say that her’s is the former. So let’s observe a before and after comparison of Christina Aguilera.

Noticeable Changes in Christina Aguilera Face

Christina Aguilera face

A person’s head or face comprises a diverse set of parts and areas. It is perhaps the most detailed and complicated part of the body. Examples of the more noticed facial features include the eyes, eyelids, eyebags, ears, forehead, nose, lips, and jawline.

Ever since her appearance in the public eye, fans have noticed several changes in Christina Aguilera’s face throughout the years. Such transformations have left them curious.

There has not been much talk of her eye color. The pop star’s eyes are naturally blue. At the same time, no question has been raised about her ears or eyebags either. They seem to be normal enough. Fans have spared her jawline as well since changes in the jawline can naturally occur through weight gain. She is a mother of two children, after all. However, the same cannot be said about her eyelids. They appear to be much puffier than before. What do you think could have caused such a drastic change?

Christina Aguilera is rumored to have had three facial reconstructive surgeries. Each surgery for her nose, lips, and forehead, respectively. Prices of these surgeries can vary, according to where she got them from. If you think a person looks different after successful surgery, imagine how they will look if the surgery fails.

I see you’re still here. That means you’ve also been wondering about Christina Aguilera’s changing appearance. In that case, let me tell you that this is where the interesting part starts. Come, let us take a closer look into these appearance-changing procedures.

Did Christina get a nose job?

Christina Aguilera nose job

Fans say that Christina Aguilera has had a surgery called rhinoplasty. In simple words, a nose job. Nose jobs are a common practice among celebrities, so it’s not surprising if Christina Aguilera got one too. But why do people believe that she got a rhinoplasty? The answer to that is quite evident. Her nose has bulges in her old pictures from when she started her pop career.

However, a decade after her fame, it seems broader at the tip. The nose is thinner at the bottom, and her nostrils are more even. These are what people have noticed regarding her nose. There might be other valid explanations behind the changed appearance of her nose. However, I, for one, can’t think of any right now. What about you? Check it out for yourself and decide.

How about her lips?

Christina Aguilera lips

Lips are, without a doubt, one of the most noticed features of a person’s face. A person’s lips usually don’t change due to any natural reasons. In other words, lips don’t change on their own. So what’s up with Christina Aguilera’s lips? Well, if you’ve noticed, her lips have gotten much thicker over the years. Recent photos show that they have never been puffier than they are right now.

If you’re wondering about the procedure, it’s called Lip Augmentation. Lip fillers or Lip Augmentation can be done in two ways. You can either use a fat injection or opt for Silicon implants. The former is temporary as the fat gets reabsorbed into the body. In a few months, your lips will be back to normal.

On the other hand, the latter is permanent. If you get a silicone implant, you’ll have to visit the surgeon regularly to fix your lips. We leave it up to you to decide which procedure she went through to get those puffy lips.

There are no Wrinkles on Her Forehead

I’m sure you know what wrinkles are. I’m sure you also know that having wrinkles is pretty natural. Expressive wrinkles on the forehead, at least, are common in all people. That’s right. If you haven’t noticed, look in the mirror and raise your eyebrows.

With so many rumors of surgeries and treatments, Christina Aguilera probably doesn’t care by now. One more story added to the list is that of her Botox or Botulinum Toxin treatment. People have noticed that her face and forehead are wrinkle-free and smooth. Even in a recent picture, she is seen singing with her eyes and mouth open and eyebrows raised. However, the wrinkles that should be there on her forehead are nowhere to be seen.

In a before photo from 2010, a thirty-year-old Christina Aguilera has smooth facial skin and no wrinkles. While an after picture from 2018 shows wrinkles around her eyes and her nose. There would be no confusion regarding this if her forehead weren’t entirely smooth. Wrinkles around her eyes mean she has most-likely, not gotten an eye-lift. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone concludes that the reason behind her image transformation is an Instagram filter.

How did Aguilera lose all that weight?

Christina Aguilera gained a considerable amount of weight after the delivery of her son. Now a mother of two, the stark contrast in her weight pre and post-pregnancy was evident. Christina Aguilera lost all of it despite her weight gain and returned to her former shape pretty fast. You must have seen videos of her on youtube and other social media. Haven’t you wondered how she lost all that weight?

We are not ruling out that Christina Aguilera’s secret behind her weight loss might be a diet plan and workout. In that case, it would seem that she didn’t take any shortcuts. However, since liposuction is a cosmetic surgery to remove fat, fans cannot help but think if she chose that option. People have a hard time believing that she lost all that fat just from dieting and exercising. She likely opted for surgery, for some parts of her body at least. If she did get liposuction, the next question raised would probably be regarding the cost of such an operation. Seriously, can anyone tell me how much liposuction costs?

What you need to know about her

If you’re a 90s kid, you’ve probably been a fan of Christina Aquilera at some point in time. Either during your childhood or teenage years, you could not have missed out on this spectacular icon. Christina Aquilera started her career as a child star in the early 90s and, by 1999, released a self-titled pop album. Destined for fame since childhood, Christina Aguilera came to be referred to as the voice of a generation. Her 1999 album had three singles that topped the charts; “Genie in a Bottle, “What a Girl Wants”, and “Come On Over Baby”. Remember these songs? If you do, that sweet nostalgia is probably kicking in by now.

Is it possible that she got Breast Implants?

The question or rumor regarding Christina Aguilera’s change in breast size and shape is probably one of the most discussed rumors. Regarding Christina Aguilera’s breasts, fans seem to have done their research. According to reports, fans say her size was a B cup, back when her career started.

Years later, they increased to a C size and are later reported to have grown into a DD cup size. But it didn’t stop there. Things got more confusing when her size decreased after that. People have speculated that she had implants in her breasts and later had them removed, which explains what happened.

However, the quick increase and decrease in size were not what caught the actual attention of people. The real questions were raised when fans made a photo comparison.

A photo from 2000 showed that Christina Aguilera’s breasts were of minimal volume. On the other hand, a 2011 photo shows a bust line with perfectly round-shaped breasts. Christina Aguilera might be lucky to gain a disproportionate amount of weight in her breasts. However, that does not remove the possibility of breast implants. With her refusal to comment, the questions do seem to linger in our minds. However, she did mention that she enjoys going through transitions and changes in her life. What are your thoughts on the matter?

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