Dove Cameron Plastic Surgery Before and After – The Truth

Dove Cameron, the doe-eyed Disney break-out star, looks very different over the years. The evolution of her face is a remarkable journey.

Dove started working from a very young age. The former child star started her career at only 12 years old when she starred in A Secret Garden. 

Images and videos from her earlier works serve as a basis for before and after comparison.Many cosmetic gurus of YouTube have made videos on this issue and pointed out her surgical enhancements.

Cosmetic surgeons report that many celebrities have gone under the knife. This has prompted many impressionable teens to follow the example of their idols.

On the topic of multiple surgeries, Dove Cameron does not fail to impress. She has been speculated to have had several procedures done. From getting a nose job to even a dimple surgery, the Descendant star has had it all.

Before and After Pictures

Dove Cameron get Rhinoplasty Surgery

Although she has continued denying that she has ever had any professional work done, it hasn’t stopped fans from speculating. There are so many questions regarding her constantly changing facial features.

Let’s take a closer look into all the work Dove Cameron has been widely speculated to have had.

Did Dove Cameron get a nose job?

Was Dove Cameron first Rhinoplasty surgery gone bad

One of the most visible reconstructive surgeries that Dove Cameron is assumed to have had is a nose job. Her nose bears an entirely new shape. 

Her before pictures shows that she had a bump on the bridge of her nose and a stubby end. 

While her after pictures show her with a more narrow, slender slope. The bump is no longer visible, and her nose bears a more typical ‘popular influencer nose’ shape- the C slope. 

While Dove had denied the allegations of a nose job, saying it’s all in the angles of a picture and contouring. She is not pulling the wool over any of our eyes.

While she isn’t admitting to any cosmetic touch-ups, fans have speculated that she has had more than one Rhinoplasty. The first signs of her apparent surgery were spotted in 2013, and over time, her nasal proportions always looked different the last time. Years later, she sports a completely new nose from all those surgeries ago. 

Doctors have suggested that she had revision surgeries to remove the droopy bump at the end of her nose. 

It is also possible she had her surgery when she was very young, resulting in a collapsed bridge. Her new nose has a very pinched-looking nasal end, which is a sign of too much cartilage removed (due to multiple operations).  

Did Dove Cameron get Botox?

The young actress is said to have multiple Botox injections. Her forehead appears to bear the classic look of Botox filled face. Her facial features look unnatural and disproportionate to her face.

Did Dove Cameron get Botox

Apart from the Botox on her head, it is believed that she has had a Botox Brow Lift. This injection is usually introduced to the face to improve the appearance of one’s forehead. The lower edges of her eyebrows look raised in new pictures.

Her ever-increasingly arched brows indicate that it is also possible that she went ahead and opted for a surgical brow lift.

She is also rumored to have had a Botox lip flip. Her natural lip has a very thin upper lip. In recent years, she has been sporting a raised upper lip which is usually achieved with this technique.

Did Dove Cameron get fillers?

Did Dove Cameron get fillers

Dove has had many dermal fillers over the years; her face is semi-plastic. Let’s take a look at all her alleged fillers.

Dove’s obsession with her nose doesn’t end in multiple nose jobs. She is believed to have had fillers like Voluma injected. Volume is a dermal filler used to enhance and give volume to the skin (injected area). 

She might have had fillers on her nasal bridges to hide the unrealistic slender nose from the surgeries, to give it a more curved natural slope. 

Dove certainly hasn’t shied away from fillers. It appears she has had many fillers on her face. Her cheeks and lower jaws seem to have Radiesse, a popular filler to remove facial wrinkles and nasolabial folds.

Another prominent feature on her face that has changed, is her lips. The size and shape of her lips have drastically changed. It looks like her lips have been plumped with fillers like Juvéderm Ultra plus.

Old photographs show her having a thin lip, while these days, she sports a doubled-lobed lip. 

A double-lobed lip is a signature mark of an artificially achieved lip. Here, the upper and lower lips are lobed in the middle symmetrically. The sides of the lips also appear fuller, and the center has a deep fold. 

Her upper lip is also very apparently raised and shows Botox injections along with the fillers. Meanwhile, her lower lips appear huge each time, suggesting multiple fillers.

Dove Cameron also used to have a cleft chin. However, in 2019 she debuted her newly filled-in chin. Fillers like Restylane are popularly used to fill in clefts to give a smoother and more symmetrical look. 

Her jawline also appears to be defined and symmetrically V-shaped. 

Her face has seen plenty of Restylane filler on her cheeks, lips and chins.

Did Dove Cameron get eyelids?

It is without a doubt that Dove Cameron has had some work done on her eyes. She has had an eyelift surgery.

Cameron’s eyes have also changed significantly. Her eyelids looked raised, and her eyebags appeared smoothened out. 

The shape of her eyes now appears slightly more extensive than when she was young.

The corners of her eyes also appear raised which complements her lifted brows too. She might have opted for a Foxy-brow lift; this surgery suits her face frame.

She has little to no lines around her eyes, which is a tell-tale sign of cosmetic enhancements.

Did Dove Cameron get Dimpleplasty?

In a bizarre rumored allegation, Dove is said to have had Dimpleplasty. This surgery, although not well known, apparently exists. 

The allegations started when Dove suddenly started sporting dimpled chins.  

Remember that dimples are formed by a mutation in the cheeks that lack one muscle, which creates a dent in the cheeks. Unless there is a surgical alteration to remove that muscle, one cannot naturally develop dimples with age. 

She hasn’t been observed to have a dimpled chin when she was a kid, but she now has a well-defined dimple.

The Disney star used to have a chubby-cheeked full face. Now she has a more pronounced dimpled cheek with a narrow chin. 

Did Dove Cameron get Breast Implants?

Dove Cameron is also suspected of having had breast enhancement surgeries. 

Many experts believe that she has undergone breast augmentation to attain a more industry-desired full chest.  

While some many surgeons believe that her boobs are all-natural and are the right size for a normal young adult. There aren’t any concrete pieces of evidence for her surgery, so there are still many speculations. 

It is also rumored that Dove Cameron has had a breast lift, which explains the change in her boob shape. 

Many of her fans believe that her chest is natural. It’s a job gone right, if underneath there are silicone implants in her chest. 

Cosmetic procedure is a billion-dollar industry, and you best believe Dove Cameron is also an enthusiastic donor.

Of all the A-list celebrities and online influencers, Cameron also ranks high in the list of people who are rumored to have had multiple procedures.

Whether achieved by filler or filter, her social media is an archive of all her looks. 

While her face keeps changing, her ears appear to have a similar shape.

Whether she has undergone other surgical procedures like- a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift), Liposuction, Neck lifts etc., is not apparent. 

Dove also appears to have a slimmed-down waist in recent paparazzi snaps; it is unclear if this was achieved with the help of cosmetic procedure. 

Final Thoughts

Dove Cameron has never accepted or confirmed all the cosmetic surgery allegations. She simply continues to persuade the public about the power of make-up. 

It doesn’t look like Dove will be admitting to the secrets of her various youthful anytime soon.

Dove Cameron has probably paid a hefty price for the alleged work she got done. The true cost of all her surgeries is not just limited to the thousands of dollars but also all the intense scrutiny worldwide. 

Dove has alleged to have had work done ever since she was a teenager. It looks like the actress won’t be stopping any time soon either.

Do you like Dove’s new look, or do you think she looked better before? We would love to know your thoughts. What do you think is making her get all these surgeries? Do let us know your opinion.

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