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Robin McGraw is a renowned American author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and TV personality and the second wife of the famous psychologist and TV host Phil McGraw. She was born in the year 1953 in Los Angeles. Her first book, ‘Inside My Heart: Choosing to Live With Passion and Purpose’ in 2006 recognized her best-selling author. She is also the founder of a skincare line called Robin McGraw Revelation.

Robin is a brunette beauty with ocean blue eyes, and even at her age, she is very lean with a phenomenal physique. She maintains that she follows a strict diet and discipline when it comes to taking care of her skin and body. Even at 67, she looks two to three decades younger. For many people, her age and her looks do not sum up. Thus, there are speculations about cosmetic surgeries involved. She is rumored to have undergone some facial reconstructive procedures over the years.

Before and After

Dr. Phil Wife Robin McGraw Before After

Robin might have splurged between $7500 and $ 15,000 for a nose job if speculations were true. The cost can also range according to the procedures she may have undergone. These procedures are open and closed rhinoplasty, ultrasonic and endoscopic rhinoplasty.

Did Robin get a facelift/neck lift?

A facelift is a procedure for removing excess skin from the cheek or neck areas by creating an incision in the hairline all the way down to the ears and finally at the back of the ears. Robin was rumored to have undergone a facelift because her skin looked too smooth for a woman in her late 60s.

Dr. Phil Wife Robin McGraw Transformation

When you take a good look at her latest appearance in Dr. Phil’s show of 2021, you will be surprised at how her wrinkles look, almost as if they never existed at all. These images can be a result of a facelift procedure or simply a highly edited, filtered job. If Robin had undergone this procedure, she must have also done few works on her neck since her neck also seems to show no sign of sagging skin at any angle. 

Does Robin McGraw Get Botox?

One of the most eminent observations about Robin is her over-stretched face. From the first look, you can tell she must have undergone a series of non-surgical facelift procedures such as dermal fillers and Botox. These procedures assist in freezing the facial muscles thus, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. However, excessive Botox injections can make a person look painfully weird instead of achieving glorious youthful skin.

Dr Phil Wife Botox

During her appearance alongside her husband, Dr. Phil, in the talk show, ‘Phil in the (blanks),’ in 2019, Robin looked somewhere between appealing and appalling because of her radiant skin yet expressionless face. This was a clear indication of an overly done Botoxed face. Lightsfashionbeauty.com maintained that she looked so much puffer and with her facial features looking stiff. Many speculated a possible cosmetic surgery gone wrong. 

According to cosmopolitan.com, a single session can cost anywhere between $150-$400, depending on the units and area of the face.

Did she undergo lip augmentation?

In 2019, lightsfashionbeauty.com shared a before and after image of Robin in one of her book signing festivals which ultimately led people to conclude that she had done something to her lips. 

Dr. Phil Wife Filler and Botox

Looking at the image, it was apparent that her lip was not proportionate and appeared very unnatural. Her left upper lip looks like she had been stung by a bee. It was inadequately swollen. It looked like the work was done by an inexperienced surgeon.

Did she get a nose job?

There are speculations that Robin must have undergone a nose job. Recent pictures show that her nose proportion appears to be thinner, with the tip of her nose appearing more pointed. Rhinoplasty is the procedure for re-shaping the structure of the nose. It looks like a well-done procedure since her new nose has given more definition to her face. 

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Did Robin get a boob job?

Breast augmentation is a procedure carried out to increase the size of the breast. This involves inserting silicone implants or saline sac under the breast. 

Robin is rumored to have undergone breast augmentation. In many of her public appearances, she wears dresses that display her full cleavage. There are not many changes in her breast size, judging from her 1990s images to the recent ones. However, a theory has it that since she is already in her late 60s, she must have done some breast-lift procedures to reduce sagging.

Dr. Marc Deur, the celebrity surgeon who performed an eyebrow lift surgery on Robin, remained silent on all the other speculated procedures. He maintained that eyebrows are the most defining feature of a person’s face. Thus, altering the eyebrow tends to change the entire facial framework. He says that the procedure changes the whole look. He further added the reason behind Robin’s puffy appearances might be because of the aftermath of the surgery.

Dr. Andrew and Dr. Vartan Mardirossian, two renowned certified facial cosmetic surgeons, stated that Robin must have undergone an upper and lower facelift, cheek implants and cheek fillers or fat grafting. Speaking to Closer Weekly, Dr. Mardirossian maintained that she may not have done a lot of work, but there are possible signs of Botox and fillers.

Final Thoughts

Years later, Robin finally broke her silence and responded to these rumors in her podcast, ‘I’ve Got a Secret!’ she stated that she underwent an eyebrow transplant and maintained that this procedure brought her entire face into its proportion and also eliminated her naturally visible eye bags. Despite this confession, many people opined that she may have done more than just an eyebrow transplant.

So, what are your thoughts on the same? Do you think she has done more than one procedure?

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