Ellen Pompeo Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Let us look into Ellen Pompeo’s engagement with cosmetic procedure. What has she done? What has she not done?

Celebrities are constantly the target by scrutiny, especially if they have had a successful career onscreen. Some celebrities age gracefully without doing much to their body and face; some get some extra help from professionals to keep their money-making machine flawless.

Some celebrities are open about what procedures they underwent, and some choose to remain quiet even if the world knows what went behind. Getting reconstructive procedures, skin tucked, eyes done, skin pulled behind the ears, botox, fillers etc., you name it, celebrities have done it all.

Before and After Pictures

Ellen Pompeo comparison photo

No celebrity is free from cosmetic surgery rumor speculations in the industry. Especially if it’s someone who keeps it hanging without clearing any speculations. When it comes to stars like Ellen Pompeo, rich, famous, and an excellent actress in their fifties, the rumors become wilder. Anyone in their fifties is sure to start getting wrinkles and lines.

The Tv Star actress Ellen Pompeo has been keeping the rumor mill alive by her changes in appearance as you observe her over the years being on screen.

Her before and after images show not complete but subtle touch upon her face, which bloggers, professionals, and YouTube content creators seem to be dissecting. Ellen Pompeo is accused of having had the help of botox, filler, neck lift, and facelift. Let us find out if these speculations have any truth in them.

Did Ellen Pompeo get a Facelift?

Ellen Pompeo Facelift

Facelift is a cosmetic surgery procedure for a younger-looking face that can cost anywhere between $3,000-$8,000. It is not an expensive affair for stars to get a facelift for a younger-looking appearance.

At the age of 51, Ellen Pompeo has maintained her face pretty well, or say she has aged well, which is why the speculation on a facelift.

Renowned surgeon Dr. Vartan Mardirossian suspects Ellen Pompeo has possibly had a facelift procedure due to her smooth jawline and tightness on her face. Looking at her pictures from before, she has had amazing beauty, which extended to years later.

A quick comparison of the photographs suggests that she has had a facelift procedure. Her jawline, cheek,s and neck looked tight with no sign of aging.

Ellen has never denied or acknowledged such claims to date.

Nonetheless, recent pictures show her sagging jawline and wrinkled face, which tells a different story.

Did Ellen get a Necklift?

Ellen Pompeo Necklift

In her forties, one can reasonably notice that Ellen Pompeo had a smooth and tight jawline and neck instead. While other women usually show signs around the area around the forties.

Expert, beauty bloggers, and Youtubers speculate that Ellen Pompeo could maintain a young-looking face through a neck lift procedure. Dr.Vartan Mardirossian is of the opinion that Ellen Pompeo must have had either a facelift or a neck lift.

The before and after pictures speak for themselves, and speculations seem quite plausible. Ellen Pompeo has remained silent to such comments leaving us only wondering about the rumors.

Getting a lower Rhytidectomy or neck lift can cost you around $5,000-$6,000.

How about eyelid procedures?

Ellen Pompeo eyelid procedures

Besides the claims of a possible neck and facelift, some claim that Ellen Pompeo has got work done on her eyes. Signs of aging are seen in the areas around the eyes, like eyelids and eye bags. Possible eyelift surgery is what some claim she has done to remove some wrinkles on her forehead and around the eyes.

However, Dr. Andrew Millers, board-certified facial surgeon,  believes that she has had no work done on her eyelids, as according to him, her eyelids have aged naturally. Eyelift and eye bag procedures can cost anywhere between $3000-$5,000.

Did Pompeo had botox treatments?

In some of thebefore and after images of Ellen Pompeo’s face look puffier and fuller, that does not look natural. It is alleged that she must have taken botox to keep that face looking full.

However, on closer after images of Ellen Pompeo, there are visible wrinkles on her forehead and face. Besides that, she has visible crow’s feet, making surgeon Dr. Andrew believe that she has done no botox.

Did she use fillers?

Many celebrities opt for filler rather than botox to correct lines on theirfaces to give it a subtle look. The average cost of filler can cost anywhere between $600-$1,000 per syringe.

There is a high possibility Ellen Pompeo could have used filler rather than botox for ironing out her line to give a natural look. She seems to have used fillers to get the puffiness in her face, which has naturally helped her age without any side effects. None of the speculations have been verified so far.

What you need to know about her

The star of the hit drama Grey’s Anatomy; the Grey to the Grey’s Anatomy is none other than Ellen Pompeo. Running for eighteenth seasons till date, the show has become a household beloved. Ellen Pompeo’s starring role in the drama has made her a very popular figure in the industry.

Not only stardom, but the tv series also made her the highest-paid actress in drama series. Besides being an actor, she has directed many episodes of the Grey’s Anatomy show and a producer.

Ellen Pompeo is also known as Ellen Kathleen Pompeo, was born on November 10, 1969.  At present, she is 51 years of age and is only getting better at her craft.

She has won many awards like the Satellite Award for best actress, People’s Choice award for Favorite Drama Actress, and Screen Actors Guild Award. Ellen Pompeo has been on many other projects in the tv drama and has graced numerous magazines.

Did Ellen get her face scar removed?

Ellen Pompeo has a visible face scar on her lips which, according to her, is a birthmark. Some suspect that she has tried getting rid of the scar by laser treatments as it appeared faded in some pictures. However, this rumor holds lesser truth as the scar is visible even in her recent pictures.

Lighting, touch up, edits, filters, and makeup can only do so much for celebrities to look young. Ellen Pompeo looks amazing and aging gracefully, be it surgery or no surgery.

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