Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

As someone who’s constantly exposed to the media, Emily Blunt is no stranger to rumors and accusations about cosmetic procedure. Emily Blunt is also aware of all these allegations, but she has never addressed them. Most of these speculations are from the media and some of the fans.

Yes, most of these allegations just come from personal opinions, but some of these claims seem to be convincing.

Emily Blunt is known for her classic beauty but did she get any work done? Is her current look a product of knife work? We will break down these speculations for you and identify what is true and what’s not.

Before and After Photo

Emily Blunt Transformations

According to Dr. Paul S. Nassif, Emily Blunt did have some work done on her nasal bridge. He says this by looking at the before and after pictures. Dr. Nassif admits that it’s hard to distinguish the difference between her old and new nose since it appears to be subtle and natural.

Her nose appears to be smaller and pinched, which perfectly complements her facial appearance.

Did Emily Blunt Get a Nose Job?

Emily Blunt with Brown hair and Blonde hair

When it comes to identifying the before and after nose pictures of Emily Blunt, it’s a tricky game. Why? Well, because the changes are extremely subtle, and they almost look the same. However, the nasal board appears to be bigger and wider. At the same time, it looks more rounded, cramped, and pointed.

Did Emily Had Botox Injections?

Emily Blunt Before and After

Let’s get the cat out of the bag! Nowadays, almost everybody and not just celebs, are considering botox injections. Botox helps people to look youthful by removing all the aging symptoms.

It is especially hard for us to identify if Emily Blunt actually had botox because she hasn’t aged a single day. Emily Blunt is one of those lucky ones who looks really good for their age.

However, we believe she did get botox injected into her face based on proper assessment and comparison of before and after pictures. But we believe that Emily Blunt hasn’t gone overboard with her botox injections. Why? Well, because her laugh lines tend to be a little visible.

So, even if she got botox work done, she must have stuck with a minimal dosage. Plus, she always had great skin and took care of it every day.

Did She Get Work Done To Her Lips, Chin & Cheeks?

Emily Blunt with Filler and Chin Surgery Rumor

After comparing the before and after pictures of Emily Blunt, Dr. Michael Salzhauer believes that the actress had work done to her lips, chin, and cheeks. Dr. Salzhauer is a renowned cosmetic surgeon from Miami who has been in the profession for quite some time now.

Emily Blunt naturally had wide and thin lips; however, she now has smaller and thicker lips that look juicy and filled. Her surgeon injected collagen into her lips to give that volume.

Dr. Salzhauer also believes that the actress might have had minor cheek and chin implants added on to her. The results are amazing since she looks beautiful and subtle.

Her chin and cheeks appear more pronounced and plumped, respectively. Emily Blunt looks natural, and her current facial shape is wider and oval, making her look like she didn’t have any work done.

Did she Get a boob job?

We instantly think that all celebs must have gotten a boob job by being in the industry. We can’t really blame people for having this first thought since Hollywood can be a tough place, and people, especially women, feel the need to undergo such procedures to remain desirable.

There’s just so much pressure on women, and it’s just sad for them. However, we also need to understand that not all celebs do this.

Emily Blunt is one of those celebs as her breasts still look the same. If you compare her pictures from 10 years ago to now, you will see that her breasts have stayed the same.

Her bosom was small from the start, and she always had a natural-looking cleavage. Plus, she looks great as she is now, and we think it’s best for her to leave her breasts alone.

What About Emily Dental Work?

If one thing’s for sure, then Emily Blunt definitely had her teeth done. If you look at her before and after pictures, then you will easily see the difference. Her teeth were triangular back then, but now it has changed.

We suspect that she may have undergone the surgery of dental veneers to achieve that stunning smile that she has today. But a gum reduction surgery is also very much possible.

What you need to know about her

Emily Blunt is a famous British actress who is making quite the number in Hollywood. The actress has secured some of the biggest accolades in the film industry, such as the “Critics’ Choice Movie Award,” “Golden Globe Award,” and “Screen Actors Guild Award.”

Emily Blunt has also been nominated 3 times for the British Academy Film Awards. She debuted as an actress back in 2001 in “The Royal Family,” which was a stage production.

Emily Blunt rose to prominence when she starred in a TV film called “Gideon’s Daughter” back in 2006. Another one of her breakthrough films was “The Devil Wears Prada,” which is a film based on comedy-drama.

Emily Blunt bagged the “Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress” for Gideon’s Daughter. Her popularity started to grow even more with other top films like “The Young Victoria,” “The Adjustment Bureau,” “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen,” etc.

In recent times, Emily Blunt has been notably recognized and well-received for her performance in the iconic movie called “A Quiet Place,” and its sequel. Emily Blunt has achieved many accolades for her performance in this project. The star is married to John Krasinski, who directed the movie.

Final Thoughts

Emily Blunt is just a breath of fresh air every time that we see her on-screen. She has major projects coming up, and we can’t wait to see what she does next. Emily Blunt has had some procedures done for sure, but the results are perfect, even with no make up she still looks beutifull.

She went for the minimal look, and it all worked out for her. This 38-Year old actress is at her best now, and we hope that she doesn’t consider other surgeries. We don’t want to see her getting botched.

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