Famke Janssen Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Famke is a brunette beauty whose looks has a striking resemblance to the iconic Hedy Lamarr. From her early years on the big screen to date, she still manages to turn heads and fans are left wondering if she has found the fountain of youth or if she had given herself a total surgical facial makeover. 

The 54-year-old actress does not even look like she may be in her forties. Also, there were times when she looked way much younger. This imbalance between her age and looks got many speculating about her facial reconstructive procedures.

Before and After Pictures

Famke Janssen Transformation

Did Famke Janssen get a nose job?

There is evidence of a nose job when comparing the images taken during the early X-Men days to the recent ones. The pictures in the late 1990s show Famke to have a slightly broader nostril with a snout end. The current photos show a much more contoured, defined and thinner nostril.

Famke Janssen Before and After Photo

Famke was rumoured to have undergone rhinoplasty. Although Famke had never responded to any of these speculations, her botched face during her public appearance in the year 2017 premier of the American drama, The Show, gave more leverage to the nose-job rumour.

If the speculations were true, then Famke must have spent about $15000 for her rhinoplasty. The price is estimated based on the current price in Beverly Hills, California.

Has Famke undergone fillers and Botox?

In 2019, Famke was photographed outside the street in London, looking nothing like herself. The Dailymail.com compared her face to a ‘line-free, pillowy complexion’. Fans also freaked out looking at her images and many opined that she had thrown away her natural good looks. 

Famke Janssen Botox and Nose Job

The magazine further attached a photo of the actress taken in 2012 and compared it to the recent one. The zoomed-in image revealed that the fine lines around her cheekbones and nasolabial folds have diminished with time. 

Famke’s photos from the late 1990s show that she used to have a bit of facial fat around her jaw and chin structure, which gradually transitioned to a bony structure over time.

Comparing her photos between 2000-2010, you will notice a more prominent chin and jawline. She may have had some dermal fillers or Botox between these years. Her surgeon was careful enough not to overdo it. Therefore, the transitions were not so evident during this stage.

Famke Janssen Facelift and Filler Rumor

Botox is made from purified bacteria used to freeze the muscle to achieve a smooth facial surface. It helps to reduce line lines and bring back youthfulness to the skin. However, freezing the muscles can cause the facial structure to go numb over time and make a person look odd. 

Coming back to the latest pictures, Famke may have gone overboard with her Botox routine. When she made an appearance on the show, ‘The Capture’, shocking comments bombarded Twitter. Fans were dumbfounded to see her puffed frozen face.

One comment read, ‘she has more fillers than subway’. Thus, according to Lorry Hill, a famous YouTube content creator who does videos of celebrity cosmetic surgery, a single Botox session may range between $500 to $800. 

How about her neck?

Cervicoplasty is the process of removing excess skin, especially around the neck areas. Ageing will make the cheek and neck areas start sagging. This is due to the loss of collagen production. 

Famke might have undergone cervicoplasty to achieve a youthful neck without the sagging necklines. This is assumed since it is almost hard to believe that a mid-fifty-year-old still has a smooth, beautiful neck. 

Even if it’s not cervicoplasty, she may have undergone various non-surgical neck-lift procedures. Her pictures from 1990 till 2019 does not show any changes on her neck. 

Did she undergo a brow and cheek lift?

A brow lift, or browplasty as popularly known, is a cosmetic procedure to lift drooping eyebrows and remove ageing lines on the forehead. 

Famke may have undergone a brow lift to give her face the edge that she has achieved today. If you take a good look at her recent photos, you will see that she does not appear to have any ‘worry’ lines on her forehead neither eye bags even when she is giving out facial expressions.

Moreover, she does not have a hooded eye like most 50-year-olds will naturally have. However, this is again just speculation. She may be having some intense beauty regime and diet plan to keep those lines away. 

Fans and the media also speculated that she may have had some lifting procedures around her cheek areas. It is simply a wonder to see that she does not appear to have any sign of her cheeks sagging. Additionally, she may have done a blepharoplasty, also known as eye-lift, to remove loose skin and fats under her eyelids.

Pixie ears are the result of having a facelift. Famke may have undergone a complete facelift by the early part of 2015 because images taken from around that time show subtle signs of ‘pixie’ ears. However, these images are rare as she has done a fantastic job of always keeping her hair loose in public. 

If Famke has undergone a complete facelift, she may have spent about $7700 to $11780. This estimation is based on the American board of cosmetic surgery.

What you need to know about her

Famke Janssen is a former fashion model and a Dutch actress born in 1964 in the Netherlands. In the early part of the 1980s, Famke began to take up modelling as her career.

She signed a contract with Elite Model and worked for many top brands. After a decade, she left modelling and started making special appearances for television series. 

Her first guest appearance was the year, 1992 in the movie, Star Trek. Years later, she went on to land a role in the X-Men and even won an award for her role as the best-supporting actress.

She also won the Hamptons International Film Festival for her appearance in ‘Turn the River’. She was the MTV Movie Award nominee for her role in the Bond movie and was also nominated by the Gold Derby TV Award for her guest appearance in the drama series ‘How to Get Away with Murder’.

Final Thoughts

To date, there have not been any comments made on Famke’s supposed cosmetic surgeries by any renowned cosmetic surgeon on You Tube or other platforms.

However, the internet is flooded with Famke’s latest pictures showing her botched-like face. It looks like a facial reconstructing procedure gone wrong. Thus, this created major speculations about all the procedures she may have undergone. 

It is without a doubt that Famke Janssen is stunning to look at! Even at 54, she is still bagging considerable roles on the big screen. 

Regardless of all the speculations, Famke continued to stay silent for the longest time until recently; in one of the interviews with The Independent, Famke stated that she had not undergone any surgical procedures. She further went on to say that cosmetic procedures make people look weird, and she simply wants to age gracefully. 

This will not be convincing to many people post looking at the before and after images from her early years in the industry. So, what are your thoughts concerning the whole speculation? Are you also one among them who is not convinced?

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