Geena Davis Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Geena Davis looks like she hasn’t aged a day. She looks better every time she appears in public. Usually, women her age begin their journey towards old age. There is no turning back here. The wrinkles, fine lines, and saggy skin start to appear at this stage. So could it be the secret behind her youthful looks like a cosmetic procedure?

When you’re living a lavish life as a Hollywood star, there’s everything you can have. Cars, money, expensive clothes, good looks. However, when we consider looks, not everyone gets lucky. Of course, some people are born beautiful while some are not.

People do care a lot about their looks. And when it comes to famous personalities, the pressure is high. You have to maintain your image every single day to stand out in the crowd. There is a particular persona you must project at any cost.

Some reconstructive surgeries have ended in disasters. But others have come out looking better than before. We refer to such cases as cosmetic surgery gone right. And it seems like this might be the case with Hollywood beauty Geena Davis.

Before and After Picture

Geena Davis comparison photo

Over the years, cosmetic procedure gossip concerning Geena Davis has made rounds on the internet. And this speculation continues. Many sources cite that Geena has gone under the knife to maintain her vibrant glow.

Furthermore, her marriage to Dr. Jarrahy fuels this fire to an even greater extent. People started to wonder whether her then-husband helped her with the procedures to enhance her looks.

People had compared her before and after images and concluded that Geena had had reconstructive surgery. Her lips, nose, etc., are all suspects in this case. You can even look at YouTube videos for comparison.

Geena has remained silent about these talks. But we can’t just stop here. We need to investigate this further and reach a conclusion. So let us dive into it.

Does Geena Davis have a history with Botox?

Geena young vs old

Geena Davis maybe 65 years old. But she looks like a woman in her prime 40s. Her tight facial skin gives it all away. Saggy and bulgy skin is entirely absent in her case. Or we can say it is not noticeable. Davis also does not have wrinkles or crow’s feet present under her eye bags. So what’s the deal here?

Reports suggest that she injects Botox or face fillers to look so youthful and glowing. But there is little proof regarding this. Plenty of people follow these procedures to cover up tiny imperfections and flaws. Geena could have followed the same path. But for the sake of inquiry, even if she used Botox, it was only a tiny amount.

We can see that her laugh lines are still visible, and her facial expressions are on point. Her face does not look frozen like some people with botched Botox disasters. The skin around her ears down to her cheeks are firm too. Just look at her before and after images for comparison. Her cheeks looked full and glowing before. And after the dermal fills, she still has it.

Has Geena done anything to her eyes?

Geena Davis looks so pretty

Several media outlets have claimed that Geena Davis underwent eye surgery to remove her wrinkles and fine lines. If we look closely, we might observe some changes in her eyes.

Her eye bags are visible but do not pop out as much. Plus, there are no signs of crow’s feet. They also appear to have shrunk in size, suggesting that she removed excess skin from her eyelids.

Perhaps, she got an eyelift from her ex-husband. We don’t know that for sure, but with a cosmetic surgeon as a husband, this could be possible. What do you think?

Did Geena Davis get lip fillers?

has geena have done any procedures

There are several claims on the internet that Geena Davis underwent lip surgery. Her lips do stand out and have looked attractive from before, especially when she talks.

But recently, her lips have looked even better. This is because women her age don’t usually have juicy lips like hers. Thus, suspicions arose from these observations.

But there is not enough proof to justify this. We can look at her before and after pictures. There is hardly any change at all. We believe it is all-natural without any filter.

And even if we do observe changes, it could be due to her choice of lipstick color. However, some still speculate that she is using fillers to enhance her lips. If we assume the rumors are true, then Geena uses only the required amount, enough to make it stay natural.

How about a nose job?

Geena Davis has been accused of modifying her nose as well. The former Olympic archer appears to have a round nose tip before. But after the alleged surgery, her nose tip looks flat.

However, like her lips, the changes are not as prominent. These are just the opinions of her fans and the media trying to spread gossip. So, we can conclude, for the time being, that Geena Davis did not undergo a nose job.

What You Need To Know About Her

Geena Davis was born on 21st January 1956. Born and raised in Massachusetts, Davis’ birth name is Virginia Elizabeth Davis. Geena initially worked as a model. But years later, she turned her interest towards the film industry, making her debut in the 1982 romantic comedy Tootsie.

Gradually she began to gain recognition. And before long, she was starring in Box office hits like The Fly and A League of Their Own. She also had critical roles in acclaimed TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy and The Exorcist.

Throughout the years, Davis has also won several awards for her work. These include two Academy Awards and a Golden Globe.

Davis has been married and divorced several times throughout her career. Her recent marriage was to Reza Jarrahy, a cosmetic surgeon. The couple divorced in 2018 and have three children.

Final Thoughts

Geena Davis might have had several journalists and paparazzi talking about her looks. But experts and professionals did not have anything to comment regarding this matter.

Perhaps, that is because the changes are not enough to grab the attention of surgeons or doctors. Even Dr. Jarrahy, her former husband, did not disclose anything related to this gossip.

Whether or not Geena Davis underwent surgery or not, she still looks stunning. She doesn’t have the synthetic or rubbery-looking skin texture that some actresses have.

Like the reports suggest, if Geena did go under the knife, we can consider her makeover a job well done. And we pray that she maintains this look at all costs.

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