Gillian Anderson Plastic Surgery: Comparison Photos

Did Gillian Anderson get cosmetic surgery? The majority of the buzz and gossip in the entertainment business is centered on a celebrity’s looks and image.

Although scandals and stories are preposterous, they are interesting at times. In this article, we will be looking at one such rumor concerning American actress Gillian Anderson.

Before and after pictures

Gillian Anderson Before and after

While we have all heard the rumors surrounding Anderson’s makeover, the X-Files star disagrees otherwise. There are several reports making rounds on the internet about her enhanced looks.

They suggest that the 53-year-old has work done on several parts of her face. One such piece was even titled “The BotoX Files,” which is a play on the words “Botox” and “X-Files.”

 Anderson, however, quickly debunked such rumors stating that all these reports were false. She proudly commented that she is aging shamelessly and even posted a photo in reply. In another interview, Anderson said that she had taken extra care of her skin since her 40s.

Despite sharing her side of the story, the internet continues to speculate. Pictures and videos on YouTube would disagree. For a woman in her 50s, she still looks young.

There are no visible signs of aging, and her face appears wrinkle-free. Generally, people at this age start getting saggy skin around the forehead, eyes and ears.

But not in the case of Gillian Anderson. This has further aroused the suspicion that she is using Botox injections. Otherwise, a woman of her age would not have such beautiful and glowing skin. So, let’s take a look at what reconstructive procedures Gillian Anderson underwent over the years.

Does Anderson use Botox?

Gillian Anderson Botox

A Botox injection is a solution for anyone who wants to preserve that tight and supple, youthful-looking skin. Several celebrities opt for this solution. And it looks like the English-born star has gone down the same path.

We can look at her before and after images for comparison. Her face looks as firm as before, and her eyelids also show minimal signs of sagginess. Furthermore, the area around her forehead is straight down and wrinkle-less. So what’s her secret? Is it the skincare products she uses? Unless the photographers are using a clever photo filter, our answer to this is “Botox”!

Yes, maintaining a strict skincare regime can work wonders, but Botox injections provide faster results. And it looks like Anderson has had her fair share of Botox injections.

Did Gillian undergo lip surgery?

Gillian Anderson lip surgery

Gillian Anderson is known for using pink lipstick to suit her pale skin tone. But, several years later, she is still using the same lip color. And that pink lipstick goes perfectly with her suspiciously enhanced lips.

A closer look at her lips suggests that she might have undergone lip surgery. Her upper lip shows signs of shadowing, possibly caused by dermal fillers, and this could be the reason why her lips appear peachy and luscious despite her age. Makeup artists have come in her defense, saying that anyone can have pouty lips like Anderson’s with the right color combination.

Nevertheless, we still think dermal fillers could be at work here. No one her age could have such characteristic lips. Our lips usually thin out with age, but her lips still look supple like a woman in her mid-twenties!

Has she undergone a nose job?

Gillian Anderson nose job

Like several celebrities, Gillian Anderson is rumored to have undergone a nose job. How do we know this? Let us look at her before and after pictures again.

In her ‘before’ pictures, she has a broad nasal bridge with a shorter tip. But after the surgery, the bridge looks narrower. Her nose tip is also slightly pointy. She might even have undergone septoplasty procedures to widen her nostril gap.

All these details provide much evidence about Anderson possibly tweaking her nose to match her attractive jawline. Despite this, the changes are not as overwhelming. We have to observe closely to note the differences. Rhinoplasty is an expensive procedure and costs around $7500 to $15,000 in the US.

Can we see any changes in Anderson’s eyes?

Gillian Anderson is blessed with sparkling blue eyes, which makes her stand out in the crowd. And what’s more striking is that she does not have puffy eyelids or eye bags. Signs of wrinkles and crow’s feet are also zero. Such signs indicate that there are artificial enhancements at work here!

Experts have claimed that Anderson may have undergone Bleharoplasty to reduce the bulge around her eyes. Her eyelids appear hollow in some of her close-up shots. If you couple that with a touch of makeup, the final result is what we observe. Thus, we can fairly say that the 55-year-old has had eyelift modifications.

Did Anderson enhance her chin, neck, and jawline?

Another plus point about Gillian Anderson’s beauty is her firm and symmetrical jawline. Studies suggest that a “sharp looking” jawline defines what many consider “attractive.”

Such is the case with the “Hannibal” star. Her well-defined jawline and cheekbones have remained firm despite her growth. The skin around the jaws, neck, and cheeks are the first victims of aging. But these traits have remained flawless with Anderson.

In such cases, we are led to believe that Gillian Anderson has had face fillers to prevent sagging and fine lines. She could also have undergone various cosmetic procedures to tighten the skin around her neck. Plus, her chin also appears more lifted.

What you need to know about her

Gillian Leigh Anderson was born on 9th August 1968. She rose to stardom, portraying the role of FBI Agent Dana Scully in the Science Fiction series “The X-Files.” She has also appeared in several well-known movies and won several awards and achievements.

With fame comes pressure from the media and press. And while you’re constantly under the limelight like Gillian Anderson, you have to look your best. Your image matters a lot.

And to keep up with the trend, reports have claimed that the “The Crown” star has undergone significant work on her face and body. But are the gossips true? Well, that is what we are here to find out. Let’s dive right in.

Final thoughts

The youthful appearance of Gillian Anderson has not gone unnoticed in the eyes of skin experts. Dermatologists and surgeons have commented on the topic.

Dr. Alex Karidis, a well-known cosmetic expert, believes that Anderson has undergone several artificial alterations. However, he wasn’t critical and gave us the benefit of the doubt. Dr. Al-Ayoubi of the London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic also had plenty to say.

He stated that Anderson’s flawless appeal had had plenty of “help” over the years. Likewise, Lee Garrett, another dermatologist, agrees that Anderson may have had a fair amount of facial augmentation.

People will do anything to live up to certain standards and preserve their image. And for people like Gillian Anderson, who is constantly under the lens of reporters, it becomes more stressful. They have to look at the mirror every day before facing the world outside their homes.

But whether she has gone through the knife or not, she still looks stunning as ever. If the rumors are true, then we could say she is “killing it.” Anderson’s makeover could be one of those rare cases where cosmetic surgery has gone in the right direction.

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