Hillary Clinton Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

The claims of surgery transcend way beyond the Hollywood and film industry. The realm of politics is also not free from the watchful eyes of the media and press.

Nothing stays hidden from the lens of the paparazzi and journalists. As such, a rumor has resurfaced on the internet surrounding Hillary Clinton supposed cosmetic surgery. We will talk about this below.

The former first lady of the United States needs no introduction. She is always on camera and TV, attending events, press conferences, etc. And when you are a well-known personality like Hillary Clinton, we are always concerned about our image.

We want to be respected and regarded highly. But at the same time, we want to look our best while we are out in public. The media is always watching and observing closely, ready to come up with headlines and rumors.

As such, the internet is full of gossips about Hillary Clinton undergoing several reconstructive surgeries. Are these claims valid? Let us find out together.

Before and After Pictures

Hillary Clinton Transformation

The rumors started from a 2019 photo taken during Clinton’s visit to the Imperial Theatre. In the close-up shot, she is seen smiling and donning a rather peculiar look.

But the stare is less of our concern here. What we want to focus on are her facial features. Her face, particularly her cheeks, looks surprisingly altered.

At first glance, it looks like someone applied a Snapchat filter on her face. She looks different and unrecognizable if you view it for just a moment.

The wrinkles on the 73-year-old are all but gone. How is this possible?

The photo went viral pretty quickly. And thus, it sparked the question: “Did Hillary Clinton undergo cosmetic surgery?”

Various media persons and journalists took to the internet, stating that it could be the work of artificial alterations. Prior to this, the former first lady had been accused of facial reconstruction multiple times. Clinton has been asked this question several times.

But she has never provided any concrete information regarding her looks. As a result, the world gets more curious, hungry for the facts. Years later, she still maintains secrecy and has not disclosed any hints about possible surgery.

Did Hillary Clinton get Botox?

Once you reach your late forties, Botox is the fastest way to retain a little part of the bygone youthful glow. And Hillary Clinton certainly seemed to have resorted to such methods. The various rumors and speculations surrounding her all had the initial response: “Hillary Clinton could have had Botox implants on her face.”

Some reports even claim that she had set up a small operating room at her home to undergo the procedure. Whether this is true or false, we certainly know that Hillary Clinton can do this if she wants. Cost and expenditures don’t matter much as long as she can achieve a wrinkle-free look.

Nevertheless, her before and after images give us a glowing hint. And upon further examination, Clinton does seem to have a few noticeable changes. Where did her wrinkles go? What makes her skin radiant at 70 years of age? The answer to this could be Botox.

Did Clinton get work done on her eyes?

If we look at some of her latest images, Hillary Clinton’s eye bags are virtually non-existent. Could this be the work of an expert cosmetic surgeon?

Hillary Clinton Botox and Fillers Rumor

For someone her age, we expect to see creasing and fine lines around the eyes and eyelids. However, there are little to no signs of saggy skin flaps or crow’s feet, as is common with aging.

Experts suspect that Clinton has undergone Blepharoplasty. It is a surgical procedure that removes flaps of excess skin from our eyelids and under our eye bags. Hence, we suspect a possible eye lift at play here.

Although the said changes are not as dramatic as one would expect. In fact, we can dial this down to minor or basic tweaks. As long as we can afford it, there is no harm in having minor touch-ups.

Did she get a facelift?

Facelifts are another kind of cosmetic treatment that people go for when they want supple and wrinkleless skin. Mrs. Clinton might have gone through the knife to achieve the face she sports today. Her facial skin looks more toned than before, and she seems more confident.

Hillary Clinton Before and After Procedur Speculation

Such surgical procedures make the skin firmer and minimize fine lines and creases. It also adds volume to your cheekbones.

If we look at pictures or YouTube videos, we will observe that Clinton’s face looks more rounded and complete. Before the supposed makeover, she had a pointy jawline. But her look after the alteration has improved her facial frame from the chin to her ears. 

Did Clinton undergo lip fillers?

Although Hillary Clinton’s lips have remained the same throughout the years, some claim that she has had lip fillers. However, there is not much proof or photographic evidence that might hint at her puffing up her lips.

Final Thoughts

As we all know, Hillary Clinton is a well-renowned figure in politics. And her facial makeover rumors have made rounds on the internet. Thus, reporters and authors are going to make every little thing into a topic for gossip.

As expected, the news of Hillary Clinton’s cosmetic surgery rumor did not escape the eyes of professionals and skin experts. Here’s what various reporters had to say.

In his book “Unlikeable,” author Ed Klein claims that Hillary Clinton underwent surgery while away from office. He states that Bill Clinton wanted his wife to get a facelift to overcome the flaws of old age.

He continues, adding that Hillary Clinton opted to go for a home surgery rather than at a clinic so that she could escape the eyes of the public. Furthermore, Klein also claims that he got information from one of Hillary’s friends about her undergoing minor tweaks on her face.

In another evaluation, UK specialist Dr. Ross Perry stated that Hillary Clinton might have had Botox treatment and dermal fillers. He also claims that Clinton might have undergone eyelift to enhance the areas around her eyes.

The rumors surrounding Hillary Clinton’s facial overhaul are still an open topic for discussion. The internet continues to wonder, and Hillary still refuses to comment anything on this. We have gone through several possibilities in this article. It is up to you to decide what is valid and what is not.

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