Hyun Bin Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Hyun Bin might be perfect to all of his fans and the media in general, but he did have some work done over the course of his career. He was always attractive, to begin with, but just like all of us, he also had his own insecurities.

Plus, constantly being exposed in the media cause celebrities to enhance their outer appearance a lot. The pressure is always there, and it’s quite evident that Hyun Bin also had work done based on his before and after pictures.

Before and After Pictures

Hyun Bin Before and After Picture

Both the fans and the media believe that Hyun Bin had tweaked his nose and jaw. It all came to light when the before and after a photo surfaced on the internet as of recent.

If you look at the picture, you would agree too. He had a comparatively bigger jaw back then, but today his jaws are noticeably thin. Keep reading this article to address and understand the complete truth behind his surgery rumours.

Did Hyun Bin Get a Jawline Surgery?

Hyun Bin Transformations

So, let us address the elephant in the room. Did he really get work done on his jaws? The answer to that question is a Yes! If you carefully look at his older pictures and compare them with the new ones now, you will see the change.

His older jaw appears to be rounder and larger. Now, But if you look at his recent images, then his Jawline is more pronounced and smaller.

The actor denies the allegations, but his fans just don’t buy his excuses. No single person in the world would have such a dramatic change in their Jawline.

Did he Get a Nose Job?

Hyun Bin Nose Job Rumor

Most people would deny it at first glance, but you will get your answers from clearly examining his old and new pictures. It’s hard to spot the difference because of the subtle changes that his surgeon had made.

His nose shape used to be wider back then. He had a bigger nasal bridge back in the day. Today, his nasal bridge is very slim and raised too.

His current nose tip also appears to be a little changed compared to the older pictures. The media and some of his fans agree that the star’s current nose doesn’t look natural.

They think that his current nose doesn’t really match well with the rest of his facial appearance. But hey! If he’s happy with it, then that’s all that matters.

How about Botox?

Hyun Bin Facelift Speculations

Hyun Bin did get some work done over the years because it’s quite normal for celebs to do that. They want to maintain their beauty and challenge the natural process of ageing.

Cosmetic surgery, in general, is very prevalent in South Korea. So, we are pretty sure that Hyun Bin has gotten some Botox on his face. Hyun Bin is about to hit 40, so it only makes sense for him to do so, especially when you are under the limelight 365 days a year. Plus, he has gotten some work done, so what’s a little Botox, right?

What you need to know about Hyun Bin

Hyun Bin is a sensational actor from South Korea. He garnered worldwide popularity and fame when he starred in a romantic television dram titled “My Name Is Kim Sam-Soon.”

Since then, he has also appeared in major hit dramas like “Secret Garden” and “Memories of the Alhambra.” His star power in the entertainment industry is just mind-boggling.

Hyun Bin was spotted by a talent agent executive when Hyun Bin was on his way to school. He did fail at first when his first projects weren’t going as planned, but his hard work had all paid off in the end.

One of his newest works includes the romantic cute fantasy drama called “Crash Landing on You,” which was released back in 2019-2020.

Some of his accolades include “Television Actor of the Year” for Gallup Korea back in 2011. He was also internationally recognized as the “Top Hallyu Star.”

Hyun Bin has garnered a ton of positive feedback from critics for his role in “Late Autumn,” which is an awesome melodrama film. Hyun Bin has also been nominated for a ton of awards and won many of them.

Final Thoughts

Hyun Bin is a whole different person when he’s not on the big screen. He is charming but still a man of fewer words. So far, Hyun Bin has never really addressed these rumours.

You won’t find any official statement from his publicist regarding this issue. If you are looking for an official statement straight from his lips, then we probably won’t wait because that’s never going to happen. The fandom also has divided opinions when it comes to this topic because it’s sensitive.

Different fans have varying opinions. Some of them believe that the actor just drastically lost weight. But there are others that believe that the actor went under the knife to enhance his features.

It’s a possibility that Hyun Bin did lose a lot of weight, and his face became very small. But the weight doesn’t affect the nose, so we are positive that he did have certain work done.

Even if Hyun Bin has never really spoken up, we are positive that he has definitely gone under the knife. His nose is by far the most noticeable change from all of his other features in comparison with his old pictures.

But regardless of him having cosmetic surgery or not, we still love Hyun Bin. Hyun Bin will always be a sweetheart to us, and nothing can take away his talents. He looks amazing, and we hope he doesn’t really tweak much with his appearance and end up like some of the biggest botched patients.

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