James Charles Plastic Surgery: Transformation Before After

There is no contention on celebrities and influencers undergoing multiple reconstructive procedures on their bodies, face, ears, neck, eye bags etc to look flawless. Some deny such claims, some admit it and some just don’t address them to keep us guessing.

Youtube beauty guru James Charles has recently set the records straight about his cosmetic surgeries. While talking to Naomi Campbell on her No Filter with Naomi series, James Charles admitted to having several surgeries. However, there are many rumor mills about undisclosed procedures. Lets us see what has he done

Has James Charles get a Botox?

James Charles ever since his fame has been embroiled in rumors and controversies. The rumor of getting surgeries has been speculated since his tweets about surgery. If you are wondering if it is true or not, yes, James Charles has got himself Botox.

James Charles Transformation

The makeup beauty YouTuber has set the birds free by admitting that he has gotten Botox in his interview with Naomi Cambell. Although James Charles defended his action of getting botox at such a young age, Naomi still believes he is just “too young” to start having it.

James Charles Before and After

James Charles mentions, he fears he might have wrinkles on his forehead just like his father. Hence, botox was a preventive measure according to him. This has created quite a debate on the internet, getting botox so young. There are no visible changes before and after botox, as he did it quite young. In his youtube videos, his eyebrows can still move.

On average Botox treatment can cost from $300-$1200 as per the patient’s requirements. Depending on the areas the unit of botox varies in cost.

Did James get fillers?

There is a drastic change when you look at the pictures of James Charles in his early years and recent ones. And indeed he has admitted to getting filler to augment his lips. James Charles did not shy away from admitting to Naomi that he has had fillers for his lips.

James Charles Botox and Facelift Rumors

He even tweeted that he has gotten fillers for his lips. When compared to pictures from years, it is evident his lips look plump and not thin. So, it is not just the makeup making his lips look lush and plum but also the fillers.

Lip fillers have become one of the most sought-after augmentations when it comes to face. An average lip filler will cost from $600-$2000, and the cost can also vary in terms of the areas it’s injected into.

Did Charles get a nose job done?

James Charles, a beauty content creator has his makeup on point in almost every content. With almost a flawless look, he is speculated to have had Rhinoplasty or a nose job in general.

James Charles Filler Speculation

When you compare images from before and images after, there seem to be rather not many changes in his perfect-looking nose. A picture of him using a filter and his original makes the changes visible.

However, the rumors of a nose job seem rather untrue. There are also comments which speculate that he has had more than 2 nose jobs. James Charles has denied a nose job making the speculation null.

Rhinoplasty is another sought-after face augmentation surgery. It can cost anywhere from $7500-$15000.

Did James get butt implants?

James Charles is rumored to have done a butt job done. Rumor stared on when he posted a naked Instagram image of himself in the nude. People started to talk about how James Charles suddenly had a plumper and round buttock then compared with his teenage videos.  He had previously shown his plump but his Coachella outfit attracting much attention that he has done much work on his butt.

If the speculations are true he would have gotten some injections or a Brazillian butt lift. These are procedures that can inject fats around the hip and but make it fuller and rounder. Some even argued that his butt photos are rather photoshopped.

Although there is a video of James Charles showing off rounder butt, he addressed the rumors by saying everything in his body is natural. There are also rumors that his buttocks are photoshopped. In other cases, people even assume he has gotten buttocks reduction.

Average butt augmentation will cost from $5000-$5500.

Did Charles get a Blepharoplasty?

James Charles’s face looks flawless with the makeup on. It has led many to believe if he has done more than multiple surgeries to get that look. Although he has gotten microblading done to his eyebrow.

Besides that, there has been no concrete proof if he has done any kind of eyelift procedures or other eye augmentation. Further, he is too young to have Blepharoplasty on his eyelids.

What you need to know about James Charles

One of the biggest beauty influencers James Charles Dickinson,22 also known as James Charles rose to fame after the launch of his youtube channel. He was born in Bethlehem, New York on 23rd May 1999. He has made his career making beauty content on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and now has his make-up line.

James Charles started as a hair and makeup artist early on, in his hometown Bethlehem. He then ventured into making content like make-up and hairstyles on his youtube channel. This garnered him enough attention that he become the first male Brand Ambassador for Covergirl. James Charles went on to bag a makeup line deal with Morphe. Over the years he has secured himself multiple awards as a beauty influencer of the year, People’s Choice Award, Teen Choice Award, three Streamy Awards, and a Shorty Award.

There is no doubt, James Charles has taken over the beauty industry by storm. So also has he garnered himself with rumors about cosmetic surgeries and injections. Unlike most celebrities, he has rather been open about getting botox and fillers. Experts believe that he has had no major operation on his face so far to get the look.

Final Thoughts

He has had genes to blames as well as to thank for when it came to his face. A lot of its work is done by the makeup and contouring of the face. Except for some speculated tweaking, James Charles has not gone under the knife.

He however advocates that anyone is free to get things done to their body on their accords. He might not have had major reconstruction done to his face at the moment yet, we can expect more years later.

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