Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Did Jennifer Lopez get cosmetic surgery? JLo has also got people talking about her evergreen face and body. Ever since she hit forty, time seems to have frozen on her. Can this be good genes or the magic of cosmetic procedure? Here is breaking down Jennifer’s speculated facial reconstructing procedures:

Before and After Pictures

Did Jennifer Lopez have a Cheek Implants?

Jennifer Lopez Transformation

Cheek implants are done by making an incision in the mouth. It can be done under general or twilight anesthesia. It usually takes about three to four months for recovery.

One of Jennifer’s defining beauty is her strong jaw, though her actual cheeks come much lower under her face. However, years later, you will begin to notice that her cheekbones are more refined and contoured.

She had a fuller face with almost a non-existent cheekbone in her movie ‘Monster in Law’ compared to one of her most recent movies, ‘Boy Next Door,’ where she seems to have a more structured face with high cheekbones and a sharp jawline.

The contrast is, thus, more visible in her movies than photos because pictures can be filtered. Therefore, she was rumored to have had a small cheek implant done by using silicone around this time.

Did Lopez Get a nose job?

Jennifer Lopez Nose Job and Filler Rumors

If you compare Jennifer’s images between 1997 to 2007, you will notice some significant changes, particularly around her nose area. Her nose looks much thinner and straighter.

In one of his YouTube videos, America’s Holistic cosmetiic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn stated that Jennifer must have undergone her first rhinoplasty around this time.

He maintained that her surgeon must have subtly worked on the frontal view of her nose while thinning out her nose bridge. More so, he did an excellent job by leaving some imperfections to prevent people from speculating that Jennifer may have done some work on her nose.

Does Jennifer Get Upper and Lower eyelift?

Jennifer Lopez Before and After

Jennifer is blessed with big beautiful brown eyes. When you look at the pictures taken before 1997, you will find that she has some laxity in her upper eyelid and slight bagging in her lower eyelid.

However, her photos after the 2000 era do not show any of these distinctive features. This can either be the work of filters or an upper and lower blepharoplasty. 

Did she Have Face-lift and Neck-lift?

Jennifer Lopez Facelift and Botox Speculations

Even the most natural face will start to sag once an individual hits 50. However, Jennifer’s face looks far from sagging. She barely has any wrinkles on her face. Likewise, her neck is still very firm and petite.

Jennifer is rumored to have undergone a facelift sometime in her 40s. According to Lorry Hill, a renowned celebrity cosmetic procedure analysis, Jennifer must have undergone some early maintenance face and neck-lift.

These procedures may have done some alteration to her eyes as well. In the latest photos, her eyes look more horizontally longer compared to her pictures of the 1990s. Jennifer’s eyelids also look tilted upwards.

Did Lopez Have a boob job?

Jennifer was speculated to have some works done to her breasts post her pregnancy. This speculation was further verified by two famous plastic surgeons Dr. Manish Shah and Dr. Matthew Schulman.

Both of them maintained that Jennifer might have the best trainer in the world to help her attain the body of a goddess but considering her age and motherhood, she is definitely defying the laws of nature if she tells people that her breasts were natural.

They opined that Jennifer may have undergone a very minimal breast implant. They told Lifestyle magazine that she may have done a subtle chest enhancement.

Did she Get Cheek Fillers?

Many speculated that Jennifer may have undergone some cheek fillers around 2007. Back in that day, the only filler that FDA approved was Sculptra. The filler thus must have given Jennifer an illusion of a fuller and lifted cheek.

While Dr. Anthony Youn confirms that Jennifer has undergone a subtle rhinoplasty, two other doctors from the New York City Board of cosmetic Surgeons, Dr. Manish Shah and Dr. Matthew Schulman, maintained that Jennifer had done some minimal procedures on her breasts.

An expert for Mirror magazine further stated that Jennifer may have had some injections done to her face to reduce her worry lines and crow’s feet. It is naturally impossible for a woman in her 50s not to have any worry lines and nasolabial folds or laugh lines.

Although Jennifer leads a very healthy lifestyle and an outstanding beauty regiment, she must have implemented her anti-aging skincare routine with a few cosmetic procedures here and there.

According to the Beverly hills latest price range for cosmetic procedure, the following costs are:

  • Rhinoplasty- $7500-$15,000
  • Cheek implants- $4000-$10,000
  • Blepharoplasty- $4600-$10,000
  • Face-lift and neck-lift- around- $15,000- $50,000
  • Breast augmentation- $5500-$6500

Final Thoughts

Jennifer Lopez has always defended herself against cosmetic surgery rumors. On one occasion, she took to her Instagram account to tell the world that she had not done anything to her face and has never even had Botox, let alone going under the knife.

Jennifer shut down rumors by further advising people to lead a healthy lifestyle and to lift one another rather than tearing people down.

Smiling from ear to ear, she further responded to an interviewer in 2019 that she would care less if she had eye bags or wrinkles. She is a proud mother with a successful business career, and that is all that matters to her.

Cosmetic procedure or not, the world still loves her for her zeal for life and her efforts in putting women out there on the battlefield. She is a veteran of equality and fearlessness.

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