Jessi Plastic Surgery With Comparison Photos

Fans look up to celebrities in South Korea, and so they have to maintain a perfect image. It not only concerns their personality, style and work but also their appearance.

Jessi is also one of them, and she has to maintain her image. But what about cosmetic surgeries? Has Jessi undergone the surgeon’s knife? We will see and learn few things about whether or not she did have treatments.

Before and After Pictures

Jessi Transformations
Jessi Transformations

Unlike most other celebrities who are reluctant to speak about the subject, Jessi has been very open. Like all other celebrities, she is also under immense pressure to look impeccable all the time. So, she said that she has also undergone not one but several procedures over the years.

You can certainly see a marked difference if you look at Jessi’s pictures from years before and years after. You can also find some of her photographs on YouTube of before and after. Since she also admitted to having some things done, we will determine which parts have gone under the knife.

Did Jessi have a nose job?

Jessi Botox Speculations
Jessi Botox Speculations

Jessi’s nose has also been a subject of conversation among fans and curious people. If fans compare her nose from before and after, there is a visible difference. Earlier, her nose looked quite ordinary, but now it is thinner and more prominent.

According to reports, Jessi was once on a TV show, and the host asked about the strange noise that her nose made. Jessi immediately answered it was because of the nose surgery that she had. The noise becomes audible when she breathes fast.

However, Jessi also admitted that she didn’t like the results and felt like her nose looked like Pinocchio’s. She said she underwent the procedure only because her face didn’t appear photogenic enough.

The cost of a Rhinoplasty procedure depends on the type of surgery and differs from place to place. The lowest price starts at $3000 and moves upwards.

Has Jessi Undergone eyelids Procedure?

Jessi Fillers Rumor
Jessi Fillers Rumor

Blepharoplasty surgery is helpful to remove eyebags, lift eyebrows and transform eyelids. Also called eyelift and eyelid surgery, it can produce an enhanced look in the eye area. Jessi’s eyes also appear different if you compare her photos from before and after.

Jessi has disclosed a number of times that she has had double eyelids surgery too. That is the reason for the altered appearance. Though she has always been pretty, Jessi’s eyes do look brighter and bigger.

Average eyelift/eyelid surgery can cost about $3000 or more on average, excluding other fees like anesthesia and operating theater.

Did Jessi get a boob job?

Jessi Then and Now
Jessi Then and Now

Jessi is one of the few Celebrities who have talked honestly about having cosmetic surgery in the past. She has also admitted to having breast reconstructive surgery, among other things.

If you also compare pictures from way back and years later, you can notice a difference in her figure. Earlier, she was slim with a smaller bust line. But her photos after show her as more voluptuous.

Jessi said she paid for the treatment, and so why she needs to hide the fact. So, the speculation is at rest as the rapper herself admitted the truth. Yes, Jessi had a boob job done.

Breast implants surgery costs can begin anywhere from $300 to $15000 depending on what type of operation.

Does she Use Fillers?

Ever since her debut, fans have been talking about her looks. She appears different from before, and she admits she has been under the knife several times.

Regarding fillers, she said that she had used fillers a number of times, including her lips. Indeed, if you take a look at her lips before and now, you can naturally see how different they look. Earlier, she had thinner lips, but now they are too full.

However, she mentioned that she looked overdone with so many fillers in her face, and fans were criticizing too. Hence, she decided to remove some fillers from all the areas where she had them.

Fillers, on average, can cost about $500 and higher depending on brand and location.

Did she have a Buttock Augmentation Procedure?

Rumors are rift that Jessi might have had a butt enhancement surgery because her buttocks appear prominent now. She said that she was working on her butt in the gym but had not mentioned surgery.

But many fans are comparing her photos of years ago with images from current shots. Most of them say she definitely has had a butt job done.

Buttock augmentation procedure’s costs vary according to the type of surgery, with the lowest price averaging at $4810 and up.

What you need to know about her

Jessi, whose real name is Jessica Ho, is a rap and hip-hop artist based in South Korea. Originally from South Korea, she was born and raised in America. The rapper shifted base when she was fifteen.

Jessi is one of the most famous artists in the music world in South Korea. She has worked solo and with bands like Uptown and Lucky J. Jessi has also been a contestant of the TV show “Unpretty Rapstar,” where she stood second.

Final Thoughts

There are not many details as to what experts say about the rapper’s cosmetic procedures. Jessi herself has admitted that she had several procedures, so there is not much speculation.

Fans, however, speculate about Jessi undergoing a buttock augmentation procedure because of how different it looks now. She gave another reason for the enhancement.

So, if people are curious, it is only natural. Regarding her face, there is no mention of her ears at all. So, we can assume those are the only parts untouched.

In this day and age, celebrities are expected to be perfect in every way. Hence, they are under tremendous pressure, especially the younger stars. It can cause a lot of stress, and even if they don’t want it, they have to have the treatments.

If they only have to appear in pictures, they can use filter apps to look for flaws. But since they have to be out in front of the public, it is difficult to hide because people look for every defect. 

Jessi being one of the younger generation’s favored artist, she was and is also under pressure. Hence, to look perfect, she had the surgeries. The positive side about it is she is willing to talk and even feel remorse about the treatments.

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