John Travolta Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

In recent years, many people have started to notice the changing physical appearance of Travolta. His facial features seem to be different from when he first started out in the industry, and fans have been quick to speculate that he has undergone cosmetic surgery to look younger and preserve his youthfulness. And it makes sense because Travolta is in the entertainment business that requires him to look a certain way.

John Travolta is someone who has millions of fans. Having that many fans make it even easier for people to spot the slightest differences and changes in appearances. And this has never been truer than in the case of John Travolta.

It’s a known fact that stars and celebs are always under the eyes of the fans and the paparazzi. This multi-award-winning “Grease” actor has been the topic of discussion for many people over the years.

Before and After Pictures


Let’s face it. Back in the day, John Travolta was someone who had the face and looks that could easily attract anyone. He was the textbook definition of good-looking with a good physique. But over the years, there have been changes that can only be explained through cosmetic procedure.

Since Travolta is a huge name in show business, his name and face appear almost everywhere. All the tabloids and newspapers are quick to cover stories about him.

Because of the fact that he is under the constant scrutiny of the public, it becomes easier for people to spot any changes or differences in his facial appearance. And guess what? Fans have noticed a difference.

Men undergoing cosmetic procedure is not unheard of. One of the most common and famous examples is that of Michael Jackson, who was very vocal and confident about his procedure. But Travolta is someone who is not very open about it. So, fans can only assume and speculate at best.

The main chatter around his cosmetic surgery allegations and rumors centers around his eyes. Most of his fans think that he has some sort of blepharoplasty done.

Fans took to social media to poke light fun at him when they noticed that his eyebrows were slightly raised and different than before. Although he still denies it, the before and after pictures are very compelling.

Did John Travolta get filler and botox?

Some prominent surgeons have also offered their insights into whether or not they think John Travolta might have undergone cosmetic procedure, and the answers will shock you.

Closer Weekly invited two of the best cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Vartan Mardirossian and Dr. Andrew Miller, to give their insight and professional opinion.

Both of them are of the opinion that Travolta might have had cosmetic surgery done, but not to a great degree like most people. They believe that he might have gotten some filler and botox for his skin and face to look younger and tighter.

As we all know, botox and filler help manage wrinkles and signs of aging, and Travolta looks young for his age.

How about Travolta forehead?


Fans who can find old pictures of John Travolta and compare them to newer ones can easily spot so many differences. For starters, his forehead and skin, in general, appear tighter and younger for his age.

Moreover, it does not look like this 67-year old actor has any wrinkles. So, what does this mean? Has he done some sort of facial surgery?

There is no way to ascertain or concretely verify these claims, but the evidence is very compelling. Fans inform us that he used to have obvious periorbital muscles and some degree of wrinkling, but they are all missing currently. So, whoever did his operation did a fantastic job!

Did John Get Hair Transplant?


It is hard to verify, but right now, fans are of the opinion that this Grease superstar has had hair transplant surgery. This opinion is also supported by renowned surgeons like Dr. Andrew Miller. One of the main problems that men face as they age is receding hairline. And so, it’s quite natural that Travolta might have gotten a hair transplant.

What you need to know about him

Gaining fame in the 1970s by appearing in popular movies like “Carrie” and even “Saturday Night Fever,” today, he is instantly recognizable in the show business.

Ever since his acting career took off, he has given his physical and outward appearance more importance, and it clearly shows. Only his true and original fans can spot the minor changes that are clearly evident on his face.

Most people think that cosmetic or cosmetic procedure is only meant for women. But this is a common misconception. Guys who are in show business do it as well, and John Travolta is one of the many examples. Although not very vocal about it, the changes are clearly evident.

Final Thoughts

Experts inform us that Travolta eyelids look heavier, and there is some banding on his neck, which are suggestive of the fact that he might not have undergone the surgeon’s blade.

They also inform us that the darkening of his eyebrows may be due to the role he is playing, and the face getting somewhat thinner might be age-related.

So far, John Travolta has chosen to remain silent and not comment on the rumor. He has not offered any explanations or insights into whether or not he has undergone the surgeon’s blade. Despite fans and people in general poking light fun at him, he has not responded.

One of the main reasons for the silence may be because of societal stigma that pressures men to be masculine. But as of now, we have no official news that can confirm whether or not John Travolta has had cosmetic surgery and what he actually thinks about it.

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