Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery Before and After – The Truth

Kenny Rogers is one of the biggest names in country music. This legendary artist is best known for his hits such as “The Gambler,” “Daytime Friends,” “Lady,” “She Believes in Me,” and “Islands in the Stream.”

Unfortunately, the 81-year-old country singer-songwriter passed away in 2020. The singer was already suffering from multiple sicknesses for years but died naturally while he was under hospice care back in Sandy Springs, Georgia, in his home.

Kenny Rogers started becoming more aware and conscious about his image early on in his career. He believed that by trying to reinvent himself, he would be able to thrive and achieve longevity in his career.

He was of the opinion that if one was afraid to change their image in the business, their time would be limited. But little did he know that all the professional cosmetic surgery procedures would turn out to be nothing but pure fails for him.

Before and After Pictures

Kenny Rogers before and after

Yes! It goes without any questions or reviews that Kenny Rogers had undergone cosmetic procedure. How? Well, it is because the topic became the talk of the town everywhere.

There were thousands and thousands of blogs, headlines, and tabloids about how Kenny Rogers’s cosmetic procedure had gone wrong. The surgery made him a whole new person, appearance-wise and not in a good way. Plus, the surgeries also led to his multiple health complications years later.

Kenny Rogers wasn’t interested in going for an aesthetic type of surgery for changing his facial features. He had planned and decided to go under the knife to obtain a young, fresh, and dynamic appearance. Plus, operations, which weren’t limited to a single region, were done as combined or mixed operations, causing the cosmetic surgery to go bad.

From his multiple speculated surgeries that had gone bad, facelift, botox, and eyelid surgery are the most prominent ones. The eyelid surgery, in particular, was so bad that some people even thought that the new pictures of him were a filter at first. Yes, he didn’t go to the point of getting reconstructive jawline surgery, but he had gotten the ones that we just mentioned.

Did Kenny Rogers Get an Eyelids?

Kenny Rogers eyelids

Let us address the elephant in the room, and that is Kenny Rogers’ nightmarish eyelids surgery. His surgeon fed him the idea of getting his eyelids done back in 2006. The surgeon told him that his eyelids should look nicer than the one he had.

Kenny Rogers considered the idea, but everything went downhill from there because his surgeon overly lifted his eyelids. The eye lift was too tight to the point that he was starting to have issues with it.

The eyelids surgery also goes by the name of Blepharoplasty. Here, Blepharoplasty refers to a surgery, which repairs eyelids that are droopy. The surgery may consist of removing excess fat, skin, and muscle. Once a person starts to age, their eyelids begin to stretch, and there is a weakening of the muscles that support them. It could result in excess fat being stored below or above the eyelids.

It will lead to sagging eyebrows, eye bags, and droopy upper lids as well. Skin that’s sagging also decreases your peripheral vision or side vision. It mainly affects the outer and upper parts of your field vision. Here, Blepharoplasty helps in reducing or eradicating such vision issues, causing your eyes to appear more alert and younger too.

This procedure did work for him to the point of removing his sagging skin right around his eyes and the under eye area. The treatment also successfully removed all the wrinkles present around the eyes. He started to obtain a smooth, youthful, and sharper appearance. Up till here, the treatment had gone right, which was a great thing.

But with the good also came the bad. The shortcomings from the procedure didn’t go well for him, his fans, and the critics as well. His naturally beautiful upper eyelids now were overly lifted, giving him a weird and serious look. The tightness made him feel uncomfortable and sad. Kenny Rogers was receiving a lot of negative and trolling comments from the public.

Did Kenny Get a Facelift?

Kenny Rogers facelift

Kenny Rogers also openly admitted that he had a facelift. But the work is quite obvious even without him having to tell us. If you look and compare his pictures, then you will see that his face had a raised and fuller facial skin. Kenny Rogers started developing droopy skin on his face due to aging.

His skin was sagging not just on his face but his under arms, upper arms, and under chin as well. Many doctors are of the opinion that Kenny Rogers had undergone a special type of facelift that was administered right alongside the fillers because his new appearance was the characteristic of pulled-down cheeks and shiner face.

A Rhytidectomy or Facelift refers to a surgical treatment, which enhances visible aging signs in both the neck and face. This surgery will look natural, and the process of recovery isn’t bad at all.

You can expect swelling and bruising, but they go away after some time. But facelift results won’t last for an entire lifetime because aging is a natural process of life.

Did Rogers Get Botox?

Kenny Rogers botox

Kenny Rogers has done an array of cosmetic work over the years to maintain his image. Botox is one of them because which celebrity hasn’t gotten one by now? There are very few people in the industry and Hollywood, in general, to not have used Botox.

Botox consists of a drug that doctors use for treating facial creases and wrinkles. The average prices of Botox tend to range anywhere around $466 or more.

This drug is created using a toxin called as bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. Botox refers to a brand name, and other brands include Xeomin and Dysport. Plus, it can also cure under arm sweating, severe migraine, cervical dystonia, overactive bladder, excessive blinking, etc. As Kenny Rogers was aging, he wasn’t getting any wrinkles, frown lines, fine lines, and laugh lines.

This is a dead giveaway that Kenny Rogers had gotten a facelift. According to many sources and professionals, Kenny Rogers had Botox injected into his forehead and cheekbones as well.

It was responsible for removing all the wrinkles and giving his face that smooth look. If you look at the before and after pictures or videos of him on YouTube, then you will easily spot the difference.

Did he Get a Liposuction?

Liposuction is an allegation against the singer because he has never really confirmed or addressed this topic. Even if he was very vocal about his other surgeries, Liposuction is something that he has never talked about.

Many of his fans and critics came to know about the drastic weight loss. Kenny Rogers used to be heavy back in the day. As his career progressed, he began to accumulate a lot of fat in multiple parts of his body.

But as he was reaching his late 70s and early 80s, he lost a lot of weight out of the blue. Some people believe that a change in lifestyle has something to do with it. There are also others who blamed his recurring sickness.

But the weight loss was so drastic in such a short period that many people suspect it to be Liposuction. We also lean more towards Liposuction here based on the timeframe and results.

Final Thoughts

Kenny Rogers has been extremely open during his last days in multiple interviews. Some people even thought that he did something to his ears as well because of the facelift.

The results just weren’t pretty at all. cosmetic procedure is more rampant now than ever, and almost everybody, regardless of their age, is doing it. Just like most celebrities, Kenny Rogers had also chosen to go down this path.

It resulted from being self-conscious and how he still wanted to have that appeal with the ladies. The results weren’t pretty, and it was just a bad choice on both him and his surgeon’s part. There are also many examples available online on how such surgeries go downhill if done the wrong way.

The cost of these surgeries also isn’t cheap at all. Kenny Rogers did have some regrets, but he was glad that he had tried it because he would never have known. Now, that’s what we call a good sport! Kenny Rogers was always so positive, even during his final days.

Many experts conclude by saying that the cosmetic surgeon of Kenny Rogers is to blame. He has raised and placed his brows to such an unnatural height that it looks both funny and weird. The surgeon has removed excess skin right around his eyes, which was the trigger.

His surgeon also lifted both corners of the eyes way up high than required. It removes that natural appeal and looks of his gorgeous masculine eyes. Both Kenny Rogers and his surgeon failed to meet on the same page. The surgeon failed in offering what Kenny had in mind.

Kenny Rogers went into the operating room with a specific image imagined in his head while the surgeon delivered something else. The surgical treatment is what we refer to as botched. Just like women, men also have their own nuances and need specific methods for execution.

Male eyebrows tend to arch less and also dip lower compared to females. The space right between the eyebrow and upper lid is crowded due to the low brow posture. So, it is important to identify these differences and treat them using finesse and special care, as told by Dr. Menachof back in Denver, Colorado.

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