Kim Novak Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Age has certainly changed her looks, but she appears drastically different from her earlier years. Her facial features look as if they belong to another person.

People can look different in pictures since there are so many filter apps. However, it is a different matter when we see someone in real now after seeing her photos from years ago. If reports are to be believed, Kim Novak has had many surgeries, and that is the reason for her altered looks. 

If you take a look at some of her before and after photos on YouTube or other platforms, you will be amazed at the transformation. So, let us find out more about whether Kim Novak has had plenty of procedures or just a few over the years.

Before and After Pictures

Kim Novak Before and After

Human beings always tend to find the other side of the fence greener. Hence, most people are not satisfied with their bodies. So, they look to alter a part here and there. Kim Novak, one of the loveliest Hollywood’s actresses, might be one of these individuals, according to reports.

When Kim Novak appeared at the 86th Annual Academy Awards after years of being away from the public, people were shocked to see a very different face than what she used to be. She looked like she had multiple reconstructive surgeries on her face alone.

Kim Novak Transformations

Many said she used to have a pointy chin and a feminine face, but at the Oscars, Kim Novak looked instead “masculine and overinflated” with a different-looking chin. Most curious people believe that she must have undergone several procedures and not only one or two.

Did Kim Novak Have a Facelift Procedure?

Kim Novak Facelift Rumor

When you look at the pictures of Kim Novak from then and years later, you can quickly notice a difference. Her face looks rounder and plumper.

There are also a number of other factors that suggest she may have had procedures. These are lack of wrinkles, laugh lines, facial sagging and tightly pulled skin.

The popular opinion is that Kim Novak has had a “fat transfer” to her face. She could have had the procedure several times because she looks entirely different. Kim Novak herself has also mentioned that she got fat injections to her face. So, we know Kim Novak did have a facelift procedure.

Facelift surgeries can be quite pricey, with costs starting at about $8000 or more. 

Did Kim Undergo eyelift

Kim Novak Fillers Speculations

Also known as eyelid surgery or eyelift surgery, many people opine that Kim Novak must have had a blepharoplasty procedure done to her eyelids too. The retired actress’s eyelids don’t look puffy and loose, as with people her age.

Eyebags are also invisible. Besides, her eyebrows appear quite stretched upwards. It only happens when someone has had a procedure. But concerning her ears, not much is mentioned, and she may not have done them at all.

It may not look very distinct with younger people. But at 88, the differences are quite prominent with Kim Novak. As discussed earlier, people obviously look different when older but do not change dramatically.  

Depending on the procedure, the average eyelid/eyelift surgery cost can be about $4120 or more.

Has Novak get a chin job?

This is one of the parts that people are most curious about. It is because the structure of Kim Novak’s chin has altered completely. If you look at her pictures from before, you will notice that she has a definite pointy chin. But when you examine any of her new image, her chin looks full and round.

If you are wondering whether Kim Novak had a genioplasty/mentoplasty done, you are not wrong. The transformation is quite prominent, and it can only happen if someone undergoes surgery.

Typically, the price of an average chin job can cost about $3140 and higher if the procedure is more intense.

Did she Have a nose job?

Since there is such a vast difference between her previous and current image, there is speculation regarding her nose too. Plenty of rumors have circulated ever since Kim Novak attended the Academy Awards show. People were literally shocked to see the transformation, and many wondered what sorts of cosmetic surgeries she might have had. 

While many agree that Kim Novak definitely had several jobs done to different areas of the face, it is not very clear about her nose. But comparing two photos from the past and present, it appears she must have undergone a rhinoplasty procedure too. Her nose looks much thinner now than before.

The rate of rhinoplasty procedures varies from place to place and from surgery to surgery. On average, it starts from about $5500 onwards.

Did she Use Botox?

After looking at her face, it is easy for people to think that Kim Novak uses Botox and fillers. But despite the many procedures that she has had, there is not much info about whether she uses Botox and fillers. The retired actress says she regrets injecting her face. But there is no mention of Botox.

So, there is only speculation. But with Botox being quite popular and a safer option, Kim Novak might be trying it too.

The price range of a Botox procedure can begin at $300 and upwards up to $1000.

What you need to know about Kim Noval

Considered one of the most beautiful actresses of her time, Kim Novak or “Marilyn Pauline Kim Novak” is a retired American movie and TV actress. Born on February 13, 1933, in Chicago, IL, Kim Novak began her acting career in 1954.

Over the years, she has acted in several films and finally retired in 1991. She also received a number of honors for her work. Though retired, she does sometimes appear in public during film festivals and award shows. 

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Final Thoughts

While fans and celebs have been wondering about what cosmetic surgeries Kim Novak had, experts also have their version. According to Dr. Ramtin Kassir, M.D, F.A.C.S. Kim Novak has had several surgeries, including nose job, blepharoplasty, and fat transfer. She may have only left the ears untouched as there is nothing on the topic.

People who saw and knew Kim Novak before and saw her years later certainly see a huge difference. They can confirm it more when they look at after pictures or videos of her.

Since Kim Novak has also spoken about cosmetic surgeries she had, we don’t have to speculate too much. But unfortunately, the surgeries didn’t go as planned. If Kim Novak regrets it now, it means she is not satisfied. Fans and well-wishers can, however, only wish her the best of health and hope she doesn’t make a mistake again.

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