Kristin Davis Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Speculations, rumors and criticisms have existed throughout history and secured their places on the internet as well. With easy access to information from a growing number of sources, fans can notice changes and raise questions more easily. Although her fans love her, the Sex AndThe City star Kristin Davis has attracted questions regarding surgery.

Before and After Pictures

Kristin Davis comparison photo

When a recent picture of the HBO sweetheart surfaced on the internet, many of Kristin Davis’s fans commented that she was “unrecognizable.” They even went on to suspect cosmetic procedure. Such comments spread like wildfire and can harm an actress’s image.

As of now, no videos have surfaced on youtube regarding Kristin Davis’s surgery. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t talking about it. The actress has mentioned before that she is afraid of cosmetic surgeries and would never opt for one. Unfortunately, her words weren’t enough to shield her. People strongly believe that Kristin Davis has undergone facial reconstructive surgery.

Did Kristin Davis have botox injection?

Kristin Davis botox

Amidst all the gossip, it is interesting that even doctors have made statements based on their observations. They claim that Kristin Davis has definitely played around with Botox. Certain areas on her face seem to have developed a rejuvenating quality, the likes of which are not natural.

She hasn’t been using any filters, nor has she used an eyelift. Her eyes, eyelids and eyebags all show natural signs of aging—nothing too transformative here. However, her cheeks are a different story. It seems that her cheeks have somewhat tightened over the years. Fans have thought about this for quite some time now..

How about fillers or lip jobs?

Kristin Davis lip job

Everything about the HBO star is as natural as it can get. No plastic filters, no grotesque lip jobs, no breast implants and clearly no butt enhancement. So what exactly did Kristin Davis get done? The answer? Not much.

After years in the industry, it’s no surprise that there have been some developments in Kristin Davis’s appearance. However, most of these changes are natural and show no signs of artificial tampering at all. There is the occasional comment and suspicion from fans from time to time. But, for the most part, Kristin Davis has maintained a natural look throughout her career.

All in all, it does not seem that Kristin Davis has gotten cosmetic surgery. However, the HBO sweetheart has admitted to using some light nonsurgical means. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Kristin Davis fillers

Whatever Kristin Davis has done to her skin, we can see that it’s not detrimental to her looks. Kristin Davis’s endeavors with the botox needle have not been added to the list of epic fails. Rather, we can say that she did a pretty good job. The botox procedures don’t seem to have any negative effects on her face.

Yes, she does look different, but not in an artificial or plastic way. The botox only improved her facial skin, nothing too extra or fancy and no drastic changes. That’s some luck Kristin Davis has. Often, the receivers of botox end up with really deplorable skin; just look at Pamela Anderson! We are thankful that Kristin Davis did not slip into the list of botox treatments gonebad.

Kristin Davis had the sense only to use a modest dose. This reduced the overall effects of the treatment and made sure she didn’t end up with the frozen face syndrome. Now that’s what we call being responsible.

Face reconstructive doctors have speculated that she likely got a minimal dose, particularly in between her eyebrows. This was probably done to get the full benefits of the process while maintaining a natural look. We think the end result goes amazingly well with her face and is definitely a case of botox gone right.

Kristin Davis definitely did not go all out on those injections. Maybe it was her previous fear of needles that kept the actress disciplined regarding the dose. This held-back dosage gave a softer and more vigorous texture to her skin.

We really wish that other celebs would take Kristin Davis’s example and avoid those nasty mishaps which often have horrible results. Remember, folks, when it comes to botox, use it sparingly unless you want a permanently frozen face.

Working on those cheeks

It is said that our smiles are our prettiest assets. In Kristin Davis’s case, it couldn’t be any more true. The HBO actress truly has one of the sweetest smiles on television. Look at those dimples! Aren’t they irresistible?

It is the cost of growing old that starts affecting one’s radiant beauty and charm. Kristin Davis, who is 56 years old as of now, is no exception to this phenomenon. The accumulation of all the years has taken a heavy toll on her bright and beautiful smile. No matter how good we look, we all grow old one day.

But what if we could do something about the effects of old age? Just a little boost to preserve some semblance of our youthfulness? Well, Kristin Davis uses dermal fillers for that occasion.

Dermal fillers or Cheek fillers can help renew the skin on your face and combat signs of aging. Kristin Davis only uses a small dose to maintain that youthful look and smile.

These fillers can help renew the surface of her skin and combat signs of aging with just a conservative touch. The procedure helps keep that wholesome smile without worrying about wrinkles.

Overall we’d say the results look pretty marvelous, especially on Kristin Davis. What’s more, is that this procedure comes with budget-friendly prices. Depending on the dosage, cheek fillers can cost around 175 to 580 dollars. That’s a fair price to pay for replenishing your cheekbones!

What you need to know about her

Kristin Davis is an actress and producer known for her various roles in soap operas and films. Although a professional actress since 1987, she achieved fame in 1995 from her role in Melrose Place. Years later, Kristin Davis became an HBO sensation by acting in Sex AndThe City, a romantic comedy series. Sex And The City aired on HBO for six years with six seasons. For her performance as Charlotte York, Kristin Davis was nominated at the Emmys and the Golden Globes in 2004. 

After boosting her acting career with Sex AndThe City, Kristin Davis has acted in several feature films over the years. “The Shaggy Dog,” “Deck The Halls,” and “Couples Retreat” are some examples of the movies on her list. However, it seems acting was not enough for Kristin Davis. In 2015, she spread her wings to become a producer for “Gardeners of Eden,” a documentary on the illegal ivory trade. Since then, Kristin Davis has acted in and produced two movies.

Speaking of films, Sex AndThe City fans did not seem to be satisfied even with six seasons of the show. As a result of them wanting more, Kristin Davis took the opportunity to star as Charlotte York again. Two feature films titled “Sex AndThe City” and “Sex AndThe City 2” were released in 2008 and 2010. In 2021, fans await “And Just Like That,” which is supposed to be a revival of Sex AndThe City. It looks like fans can’t let go of her image as Charlotte York.

Final Thoughts

Kristin Davis is widely known as one of the actors in Hollywood who chose not to opt for cosmetic procedure. So what’s with all the suspicion? We have concluded that it is because of her increasing age and some minute non-surgery treatments.

Her hair may also play a significant role in these confusions. The HBO star’s hair did grow thicker over the years Afterall. But it’s not at an undigestable level

The age-old advice of not judging a book by its cover doesn’t apply in the media profession. Your looks impact your career; it’s as simple as that. Amidst all the chaos, news of Kristin Davis’s successful treatments and well-maintained appearance provides the right amount of fresh air.

On a closing note, let’s just say Kristin Davis has made the right choices and won our respect and appreciation. We look forward to seeing her as Charlotte once again in the upcoming spin-off, ‘And Just Like That.’

The return of Kristin Davis is a special moment that fans have been waiting for a long time. We really hope it’s worth the long wait!

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  1. Kristen just looks weird now, especially around the cheeks and mouth. She should have left well enough alone. We all age. Age naturally is the best way to go. People will respect that.


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