Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

There are many speculations regarding Lady Gaga and if she has gotten any cosmetic procedure. Well, if we look and compare the before and after pictures of her, then we can positively conclude that she did get some work done.

And we aren’t saying this based on social media where the star has tried to filter her pictures from time to time like everybody else.

We are sure that almost 90% of the human population knows who Lady Gaga is. Ever since she broke into the music industry with her smash hit “Poker Face” and “Bad Romance,” Lady Gaga has been an unstoppable force in the music scene.

With her impressive and extensive discography to some of her craziest red-carpet outfits, Lady Gaga is hard to go unnoticed. In the same way, the public has always been keeping tabs on her.

Whether she is on tour, going to award shows, shopping, hanging out at restaurants, or whenever she’s out in public in general, she’s always followed around. So, it is hard not to notice the change in her appearance over the years.

While her cosmetic surgery may not have gone wrong by overdoing them, she definitely had professional work done that worked out in her favor.

Before and After Pictures

Lady Gaga before and after

Our reviews and opinions actually come from videos on YouTube, experts in the cosmetic field, or it could be an image taken by a paparazzi or fan. Plus, Lady Gaga did admit to getting injectables and botox in her face before.

Gaga did admit to regretting it in the past but not for the times when it had gone right. Plus, it is highly likely that the 35-year-old pop star had even gotten lip fillers.

Did Lady Gaga Get a Nose Job?

Lady Gaga nose job

Let’s start the discussion with the most talked about topic when it comes to Lady Gaga facial appearance. Lady Gaga always had a big pointy schnozzle since birth. She remembers how she used to be bullied a lot in school because of that.

During the start of her career, some of the people even told her to get a nose job to look more attractive. But Gaga refused as she just wanted to be herself, which we applaud her for doing so.

A Nose Job or Rhinoplasty refers to the surgery, which alters the shape of your nose. Here, a patient may choose to do it for aesthetic reasons, insecurities, or for medical problems such as breathing.

The nose goes through a reconstructive phase here, and the end result is always good. The upper and lower portion of the nose is called bone and cartilage, respectively.

Many people believe that Lady Gaga had got some work done on her nose after she recently appeared at the Grammys.

If you go back and compare the newer pictures of her and the older ones from back in the day, especially when she performed two of her original songs at the NYU Talent Show in 2005, the change is noticeable. Here, we do have to understand that poor-quality images taken from a wide-angle lens don’t count.

It can be anyone, and that person will look different in pictures because of the lens, angle, lighting, and camera quality. We are not saying that she had undergone multiple rhinoplasty procedures.

However, we are positive that she did do some subtle work. The fact that she still possesses a prominent bony cartilaginous dorsum and lowers lateral cartilages makes us doubt. Lady Gaga also possesses a retrusive chin, causing the prominence of the nose to accentuate.

So, the evidence of cosmetic work on her nose is quite minimal. According to Dr. McCoy Moretz, the singer-songwriter may have resorted to a non-surgical type of nose job.

Her surgeon could have used fillers like Radiesse or Juvederm and Botox. Here, the botox could have been utilized for lifting the tip of her nose. The fillers were probably used for smoothening out all the irregular contours. To conclude, her doctors have done a great job.

Did She Get Jawline Surgery?

Lady Gaga jawline

According to reports from MYA Cosmetic Surgery, there is a high possibility that Lady Gaga might have done a jawline surgery.

Here, a Jawline or Orthognathic surgery consists of a part of plastic and Craniofacial surgery, where your lower and upper jawbones are moved for either appearance improvement or realigning your teeth’s position. However, they believe that she got the non-surgical jawline surgery by using dermal fillers.

This filler helps in contouring your chin and jawline. This specific treatment brings a slimmer and more defined look to the jawline and chin. The cost of the treatment for every session can range anywhere between £150-£300.

But the prices will depend on the number of products that are being used. On the other hand, a similar change can also result from weight loss. She must have lost weight to obtain that slimmer look.

However, you have to know that fillers do help in creating that specific definition in a particular area. But since her chin appears to be more recessive, causing it to be fuller and in perfect proportion to her face.

So, for the most part, we are leaning towards how she resorted to fillers for enhancing these features. This under chin filler worked out pretty well for her.

Did Gaga Get Cheek Fillers?

Lady Gaga cheek fillers

One more thing that catches our attention while we talk about her chin and jawline would be her cheeks. They seem to appear fuller in comparison to her early years in the industry.

Here, fillers are responsible for bringing that fresh look. However, Lady Gaga chose the non-surgical way again and used dermal fillers for filling up her cheeks.

Here, this filler is responsible for giving volume to your cheek area. The surgeon will inject the dermal filler right along your cheek bone’s contour for creating and giving more definition.
The cost of this treatment may range anywhere from £200-£500 for every session. But it will also depend on the number of products used.

Dermal fillers also go by the name of Wrinkle Fillers. It is a gel-type of substance that is injected right under the skin to retain the lost volume. This filler also helps in smoothening marionette lines, parentheses, and smile lines.

It also does a great job of enhancing and restoring volumes to sunken temples and cheeks. Dermal fillers also diminish your vertical lip lines, smoothen out your chin crease, enhance and plumps lips, and improve facial symmetry.

Did Gaga Get Lip Fillers?

It is also no secret that Lady Gaga has injected fillers into her lips and around the eyes. By doing so, she has gotten that youthful look because even after years later, she still looks the same with no sign of aging.

Once, she openly told Howard Stern that she started getting botox and fillers when she wasn’t in the best state of mind. She remembers smoking up some joints and would head over to clinics with her girlfriends and get shots of Juvederm.

But before she got addicted to the habit, a concerned friend intervened for her. Her photographer friend advised her to quit the habit before she regrets it down the line.

Thankfully, Gaga had stopped it and only gets the treatment whenever she requires it. If you look at her pictures from over the years and compare them, then the change in her lips is quite evident. They appear to be fuller and plumper.

She looks amazing, and we are glad that she didn’t overdo her lips like some celebs. Her youthful appearance also comes from the fact that she got under eye injectables. You will notice that she doesn’t have any eye bags, especially when you view her from the side of her ears.

Her eyelids also appear prettier, but that’s just makeup and has nothing to do with hair transplant. Do we think she’s gotten an eye lift? Well, no! but she did get a brow lift.

Did she Get a boob job?

The public started suspecting that she also got breast augmentation surgery when she showed up at the Grammys back in 2015.

Lady Gaga wore a stunning strapless dress that started all the speculations surrounding her potential boob job. But what people don’t realize is that she probably used a push-up bra for accentuating her curves.

But if you look at the footage of her performance that night on YouTube, then her breasts were moving freely. You can see it from the side of her upper arms and under arms too. So, it’s quite unlikely that she has gotten a boob job. Since she naturally has a great pair of breasts, it is best to leave them untouched for now.

Final Thoughts

According to the assessment of Dr. Zara Harutyunyan, Lady Gaga had done lip augmentation. Harutyunyan also noticed Lady Gaga now has a shorter nose tip. Many singers take major risks when they go under the knife for nose jobs, So, she probably used dermal fillers for lifting her nose tip instead.

Dr. Harutyunyan also suspects that Lady Gaga had done some tweaking to her upper face. She suspects that Gaga may have done a non-surgical type of upper facelift by using PDO threads because her face appears to be more lifted. However, Dr. Harutyunyan agrees that Gaga looks incredibly amazing.

Dr. Norman Rowe, who is an established cosmetic surgeon from Rowe Plastic Surgery in New York City, believes that Lady Gaga has definitely tinkered here and there with her face. He is sure that the star had taken neuromodulator injections for reducing wrinkles and also preventing them from occurring.

He also states that the singer might have utilized fillers like hyaluronic acid for accentuating her now-perfect cheekbones. The lip fillers have also given her that young look. Dr. Rowe applauds the singer for getting work done without fails. She still has her natural face with some small enhancements here and there.

Lady Gaga doesn’t just know how to slay us with her vocals, but she also does it with her looks too. She has cleverly used botox and fillers to her benefit without having gone bad.

There are no questions surrounding that, neither do we require other examples because she has definitely outdone herself. As long as she sticks to minimal use, she will be totally fine.

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