Lauren German Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Did Lauren German get cosmetic Surgery? for the last couple of years, Lauren German’s transformation has been the talk of Hollywood. If we compare her before and after photos, we do see some jaw-dropping changes here and there. Fans speculate that it’s the result of face reconstructive procedures, but without any proof, these claims are merely assumptions.

Lauren German was raised in California and has acted in several movies and Tv shows. She started her carrier by appearing in movies such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre and A Walk to Remember. Years later, Lauren German still shines in the spotlight with shows like Lucifer, and Chicago Fire. It’s no question that Lauren German has climbed up to be one of the most lovable celebs on TV.

Netizens claim that Lauren German’s lips look atrocious. Some even claim that she’s had so much botox that she looks unnatural now. With all the noise on the internet, we couldn’t help but look into the matter ourselves.

We wouldn’t be surprised at all if it turns out that Lauren German did in fact go under the knife. It’s no secret that Hollywood puts immense pressure on its stars to maintain their image at any cost. Because of this, a huge number of celebs turn to cosmetic surgery. There is no expectation that Lauren German would differ from this trend.

Before and After Pictures

Did Lauren German go under the knife? Well, there’s no way to say for sure. The 42-year-old actress has never admitted to undergoing any surgery treatments, so your guess is as good as ours. However, we can at least do some digging and try to ascertain the truth for ourselves.

Lauren German Transformation

So let’s take a closer look at Lauren German’s facial features. Her eyes and ears seem fine in our books. Her eye bags and eyelids do show natural signs of aging. No signs of an eye lift anywhere, and no signs of any filter.

But wait a minute, what’s up with her nose? And also, how come there are zero to no wrinkles on her skin? Despite being 42 years old, Lauren German has pristine skin, almost child-like in appearance.

Because of this quality, netizens have doubted that her skin is natural. In fact, they attribute this quality to people who regularly use botox.

Lauren German’s lips are no exception either. Fans have compared her older photos to how she looks now and made some serious conclusions.

So without further ado, let’s dive into our investigation and try to get some much-awaited answers.

Did Lauren German get a Nose Job?

If we take a look at Lauren German’sbefore pictures, we can notice something off about her nose. Lauren German used to have a rounder and bigger nose. However, after a few years in the game, her nose has gone through some minor changes.

Lauren German Before and After

Honestly, the changes aren’t that much compared to some other surgery-obsessed celebs. But no matter how tiny or subtle it might be, there’s no escaping the eyes of the public.

Fans who have watched her grow over the years have noticed this transformation to a higher effect. Unfortunately for Lauren German, her fans just can’t get over it.

Lauren German’s all-new slim and pointy nose has popped eyes and dropped jaws all across the internet. That’s not all, experts suggest that Lauren German’s nasal bridge has also been broadened.

Lauren likely sought the help of an extremely proficient doctor. This is probably why the changes on her nose are hardly noticeable and barely register to most people.

What did Lauren do to her lips?

Another thing that caught the public eye is Lauren German’s lips. What did she do with them? Don’t get us wrong, we think it looks great! But that being said, it does raise suspicions about lip fillers.

Lauren German Botox and Nose Job Rumors

Back in the day, Lauren German had thin and normal lips. There was nothing weird about her lip size until recently when she uploaded a picture on Instagram.

Fans couldn’t help but point their attention to her lips. According to them, Lauren German’s upper lip has gotten comparatively bigger. We aren’t saying that it looks bad, no way. Everyone agrees that she is rocking this new look. Lauren German’s lips now have a sexy and delicious edge.

However, the changes cannot be ignored no matter how subtle they may be. Despite the lack of confirmation, it does seem like lip fillers were involved in this transformation.

How About Botox injections and a facelift?

When we look at Lauren German, we can’t help but ask a particular question. How come she doesn’t have any wrinkles on her skin? Considering that the actress is 42 years old, it does come off as a valid question.

Lauren German Facelift and Filler Rumors

Most people start developing massive wrinkles by the age of 30, but that’s not the case with Lauren German. We can’t help but be impressed by that flawless skin! Smooth and shiny without a single wrinkle on sight. The nature of her skin has led people to suspect the involvement of botox injections.

This suspicion is by no measure far-fetched and is backed up by some serious logic. Experts suggest that her botox treatment has been covered with fillers. This would explain why Lauren German’s face seems puffier than before.

Fans also speculate that the tv star has gotten a facelift. Considering that German is 42 years old, her skin should have started becoming loose by now. Signs of sagging and skin loosening are quite common amongst people over the age of 40. But the Lucifer actress seems to have avoided this natural change.

Lauren German’s skin continues to shine with a fresh and young quality even today. We can’t help but wonder if she’s been taking any favors from the prince of hell himself. Some demonic enchantment to make her look forever young perhaps? Or maybe it’s just a good old facelift procedure. Yeah, that seems more likely.

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