Lauren Graham Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Did Lauren Graham get cosmetic Surgery? Living a life constantly under the radar of public scrutiny can be hard especially for older women in the industry. Efforts to keep one’s beauty effortless and youthful before pertinent.

Some celebrities tend to get professional help, some are born with good genes, and some just embrace aging. However, as the face becomes the money-making machine, many resort to get surgery to enhance their looks.

Lauren Graham is a beautiful woman, who at the moment is 54 years old. For the age, she has aged amazingly beautiful and has maintained her beauty quite well. However, it has also garnered her many whispers and speculations on how she has maintained her youthful look and if she has done surgery.

Before and After Pictures

Lauren Graham comparison photo

There have been claims by beauty bloggers and Youtube creators that Lauren Graham has had a nose job, Botox, and a facelift done to her face. There is a visibly stark difference between the pictures taken before and pictures taken in the later years.

Word is that Lauren Graham has done reconstructive procedures on her face. There has been a noticeable physical change in her appearance almost close to unnatural.

Did Lauren Graham get a nose job?

Lauren Graham nose job

Lauren Graham has been alleged to have undergone a rhinoplasty for her nose. Comparing her before and after images, there is a visible change that has attracted attention.

In the before picture Lauren Graham’s nose seems thicker and rounder with wider nasal wings. There are noticeable changes as the after pictures show sharper, slimmer, reduced nasal wing and a reduced nasal bridge. Some think that the surgery was not a good job.

According to Dr. Paul Nassif, he believes that Lauren Graham has had rhinoplasty as the tip of her nose is slightly turned up.

You can get a rhinoplasty procedure at a cost of $7,500-$15,000 depending on the type of surgery.

Did Lauren get Botox?

Lauren Graham botox

According to speculations,  Lauren Graham has been getting Botox injections on her face and neck. Getting a closer look at her before and after pics, there is a drastic change in the shape of her cheeks.

Her facial skin is so shiny and glowy, perfect almost to the point that it can be a result of cosmetic enhancement. Given her age, she also does not have any visible signs of wrinkles and creases on her face. Dr. Paul Nassif also claims that she must have had Botox.

Shutting such rumors Lauren Graham commented that she has not done anything. And the change in her face and neck is a result of some other medical issues that she is undergoing.

Standard Botox can cost anywhere between $300-$1000.

Did she get fillers?

Lauren Graham fillers

It has been alleged that Lauren Graham uses filler as part of her surgery regime. Given the perfection of her face and skin, experts claim that she must be using fillers and shots around her neck and cheeks.

Some pictures after her alleged plastic procedures show that she has no creases and wrinkles on her forehead too. As she smiles the skin folds below her ears and below the cheekbone seems full and plump. Lauren Graham has not made any comments on these claims and it has left plenty of room for speculations.

Did she get a facelift procedure done?

Another major plastic procedure Lauren Graham is accused of is that of a facelift. Her face seems to have become puffy and cheeks rounder which makes many speculate she has gone under the knife. People seem to find changes even from her smile.

The fact that she has a young fresh face in her fifties is adding more fuel to the rumor. One can almost categorize her amongst celebrities who become beauty victims. But since Lauren Graham has made no claims on it, none can claim a facelift procedure.

how about her eyes?

Aging brings along the problem around the region surrounding the eyes. Drooping eyelids and saggy eye bags are common symptoms of aging. Lauren Graham surgery rumor regime also includes possible eyelift work.

Rumor has it that she has altered even her eyes or got shots around them. However, Dr. Paul Nassif claims that her eyes and her eyelids are areas that have not been retouched. A closer look at a comparative picture also suggests that she might not have had work done around the eyes.

What You Need To Know About Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham is a well-known actor, producer, writer, and author. She had become a household favorite following her hit tv series ‘Gilmore Girls’ and the ‘Parenthood’. The success landed her many other roles in the industry. Born on 16th March 1967, in Hawaii, Lauren Hellen Graham has had a long career in the industry.

 As an author and writer, she is New York Times best-selling author for works like ‘In Conclusion’, ‘Don’t worry about it’, ‘Talking as Fast as I can’ and ‘Someday, Someday, Maybe’. Lauren Graham has worked on Broadway and has also done film roles.

She has received numerous nominations and won awards for her tv series works. She is best remembered for her beloved role as Lorelai Gilmore, from the Gilmore Girls tv series.

Did Lauren Get a boob job done?

Rumors have suggested that Lauren Graham might have done a breast enhancement procedure. There have been claims that she has bigger size breasts as compared to her before pictures. This rumor has somehow been a hard one to find evidence as well as prove.

Lauren Graham is a natural beauty that needs no such enhancement. Her beautiful and glowing skin is not a filter but rather natural.  No make-up or filter can provide such a natural-looking youthful face. Even if she had taken the help of some procedures and injections, one cannot help but claim that she looks amazing.

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