Leah Remini Plastic Surgery Before and After – The Truth

With all her achievements and fame, Leah Remini has been under the spotlight for quite a long time now, and with that, stories about her getting cosmetic procedure also started becoming a hot topic when she always looked as young as we last saw her!.

With the media and fans looking at her before and after looks, it was hard to believe she had not undergone professional cosmetic surgery and many questions arose. So did she or did she not? Let’s look into it.

Before and After Pictures

Did Leah Remini Have A Nose Job Done?

Leah Remini nose job

Rhinoplasty or nose job is a surgery that changes the nose shape. Board-certified facial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Vartan Mardirossian pointed out the change in Leah Remini’s nose shape and that there’s a possibility of a nose job as well.

Looking back at Leah Remini’s old movies and T.V. shows and looking at her now at present, even after so many years later, she looks like she hasn’t aged much, especially at the age of 51. That’s why debates were going on about whether Leah Remini had gone under the knife or not.

But the actress had never made such claims. Instead, she went on to deny it when one Twitter user tweeted a negative comment saying Leah Remini can barely move her face. She quickly replied that she never got anything done on her face except for using Botox.

Leah Claims on Using Botox Injections

Leah Remini botox injections

Celebrities are known to have used Botox injections at least once in their life to gain a bit of that youthful look to their skin, especially when they are aging. Leah Remini has also been under close speculations when it comes to using Botox.

Even some professional surgeons have concluded that even if the actress denies having any procedures done to her face, Leah Remini certainly has done some filler jobs on her cheeks, under-eye and chin.

This filler treatment might’ve been the reason why her face looks firm, and Botox above and around her eyes might have given her the eye lift look, which makes her seem more young and fresh.

Dr. Adam Hamawy, a cosmetic Surgeon, also agrees that Leah uses a lot of fillers. He believes that she has a bit too much Botox over her brows and around her eyes, which keeps her features looking ageless, as he told in Life & Style exclusive.

But that also contributes to her giving off a less animated look in her eyes and more of an artificial look which is a perfect example of overfilling.

Other doctors who agreed to Leah Remini using fillers were Dr. Vartan Mardirossian, a board-certified facial surgeon and world-renowned facial feminization surgeon.

The fullness of her cheeks, according to professional cosmetic surgeons, is because of receiving Derma fillers. This type of filler varies in price depending on the kind of formula it is made of.

Usually, formulas like Juvederm and Restylane cost about $500 – $600 per syringe. There are thicker versions available as well, which are priced even more.

The actress herself has also accepted this claim about Botox injections that she did go under Botox treatments. But her claims still didn’t stop people from believing that she didn’t have a facelift through surgical methods, and the public had their opinions saying Leah Remini’s face job had gone wrong.

Besides that, Leah Remini isn’t pointed out for surgeries related to eye bags since, due to fillers, her under-eye and eyelids also appear firm like the rest of her eye area.

Did Remini get lip filler?

Leah Remini lip filler

Having some work done around her eyes and cheeks was not the only thing Leah Remini did to her face. From what the public noticed, she has also done some lip job.

Since the start of her acting career, we already know that Leah Remini was blessed with full lips, but when we look at it now, her current lip shape differs slightly from what it used to be.

Leah Remini’s lips used to be leaner but starting from 2016; her lips showed signs of being fuller, a classic sign that she went through a lip job or reconstructive lip surgery. Some fans praised Leah Remini for her look, but some naysayers commented that lip surgery has gone bad.

does she get a boob job?

While some celebrities are accused of using filters to make quick changes to their body, many opt for breast augmentation to have a more flawless body and always be camera-ready, so it is not uncommon for celebrities to go through this procedure.

Leah Remini has also been accused of breast augmentation, which is a procedure where your breasts are made to look fuller by implanting either saline or silicone implants.

This type of procedure is usually hard to hide, so when you see Leah Remini’s images and YouTube videos over the years, you will know whether she did the procedure or not.

Leah Remini always maintained her body weight, and her breast was never on the fuller side, but now you can see that her breast is more on the fuller side and firm compared to her age. From this point itself, many have started believing she did go through a breast augmentation.

How about Facial Bone Surgery?

People go for various types of cosmetic surgery, like changing the shape of their ears and even to the extent of changing the shape of their face, which is called facial bone surgery. And Leah Remini has been linked with many speculations when it comes to cosmetic procedure.

So did Leah Remini have facial bone surgery? The answer is probably a no because Leah Remini’s face shape, structure, and jawline look the same when compared to when she was younger. And there are no marks or signs that suggest anything towards a facial bone surgery.

Did she Go for Laser Treatment?

Laser treatments help in reducing skin irregularities and face wrinkles. It also removes acne scars and blemishes by removing the top layers of the skin, but this treatment effect is only temporary, and the marks might resurface again.

Leah Remini is also rumored to have undergone laser treatment, with some surgeons claiming that her skin shade is different than when she was young when they compared pictures of her before and after.

But this speculation was hard to believe since her face skin color might have changed due to her makeup or the camera lighting.

There were also some other reasons to believe that Leah Remini did laser treatment because her scars when she was younger were not seen anymore.

The cost of laser treatment can come about $200 to $3,400 to correct a scar.

What You Need To Know About her

Leah Marie Remini, famously known as Leah Remini, born to Vicki Marshall and George Remini, was born in Brooklyn, New York City, on June 15, 1970.

She is an actress, comedian, producer, author, and activist working in popular sitcoms like The King of Queens as Carrie Heffernan, Kevin Can Wait as Vanessa, and working in many other long lists of movies and T.V. shows. Leah Remini no doubt had a promising acting career since the beginning.

She, later on, released a book based on her past experiences called Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology, which gained her rave reviews topping The New York Times Best Seller List.

After which Leah Remini tried her hands on producing a documentary series that went by her name Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, which she co-produced and hosted the show.

Later on, this move made by Leah Remini made her gain even more recognition, making her win two Emmy Awards.

Final Thoughts

Leah Remini’s cosmetic procedure speculations didn’t stop with the public opinions, but even several plastic surgeon experts gave their opinions in interviews and magazines.

Some surgeons thought that Leah Remini was following the perfect botox treatment as her after result looked natural.

While others had different opinions saying she was getting it done too much, which made her look unnatural. Her Rhinoplasty didn’t receive any negative comments.

The need for celebrities to look and stay perfect is a pressure that every celebrity goes through that is one of the main reasons why many celebrities choose to undergo various treatments and cosmetic procedure.

Till now, She has repeatedly denied any such rumors. Except for the fact that she did undergo Botox treatment which she accepted and said, if needed, she would go for a facelift until then, she will stick with fillers.

But cosmetic surgery or not, Leah Remini never fails to look good. So what about you? What are your thoughts on Leah Remini claiming she didn’t go under the knife?

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