Lyn May Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

If you take a look at Lyn May’s before and after pictures, you will clearly guess that something has changed in regards to her face. And whether this change is good or bad, it does not change the fact that her face looks different than before. Back in the decades of the 70s till the 90s, she still had her natural looks, charm and beauty. Unfortunately, today, the same cannot be said.

Popular during the 70s and 80s as a Mexican Vedette, Lyn May is still a popular and recognizable name in show business today. Celebs have a hard life, and that’s no surprise. This rule is no exception to Lyn May. This veteran actress was once one of the most popular performers and dancers. Lyn May kept making the news for her talent and skills. But today, she finds herself in news stories for different reasons.

Once a popular sex icon, this actress and entertainer today is 76 years old but does not look her age. Fans who have seen her recently cannot help but speculate that she has had cosmetic surgery done. But the main questions are from whom and what kinds of surgery? This is because the results are shocking, and fans are saying she got ripped off.

In simple words, there’s no denying that Lyn May underwent the surgeon’s knife, but it was a botched attempt. Since celebs are always under the watchful and careful eyes of fans, experts, paparazzi, and critics, it’s hard to escape rumors and speculations. This talented exotic dancer is the center of many cosmetic procedure articles and rumors. So, let’s find out what sort of treatment she opted for and whether it was worth it or not.

Before and After Pictures

Lyn May before and after

It does not take a genius to put two and two together. If you take a look at some of the old photos of this actress and compare them to recent pictures of hers, the difference is clear as night and day. After all, there is a clear reason why fans and the media channels are speculating about her appointment with cosmetic surgeons who might have botched her face.

Lyn has been in show business from a young age. This creates some sort of expectation to look a certain way. And we all know for a fact that cosmetic procedure are really common among entertainers since their jobs call for it. So, to answer the question, did Lyn May get cosmetic procedure done? The answer is a yes. It is clearly evident and visible.

Perhaps, one of the main reasons why this actress felt the need to go under the knife was because of her fading stardom. Over time, her popularity and her name began to slowly fade. While Lyn May enjoyed an excellent career for the longest time, in recent years, she’s been flying under the radar. This is probably why she felt the need to get her looks done.

Sadly, it is safe to say that things did not go right and fans are shocked and still in awe of her surgery results. While many people who opt for such surgeries keep it subtle, her results are clearly evident and do not take effort to notice. You can see it in her eyes, cheeks, and lips.

Did Lyn May get cheekbone procedure?

Lyn May cheekbone

Are you, like all of us, wondering what on earth happened to Lyn May’s face? In an effort to retain her youthfulness and look younger for an extended period, Lyn May opted to undergo cheekbone surgery. Sadly, this was the procedure that was going to change her entire appearance and for the worse.

During the cheekbone operation, Lyn May was injected with baby oil. This resulted in her face distortion and disfigurement. As time passed, it got worse. Due to her facial features and traits, the bad results were more prominent and pronounced.

Did Lyn Try To Fix Her face?

Lyn May face

We have reports that suggest that May did not give up without a fight. Immediately after she realized that her cheekbone surgery was a flop and was starting to disfigure her face, Lyn May immediately tried to get it fixed. This resulted in her getting different facial surgeries in an effort to fix her face.

However, it is sad to say that none of the surgeries aimed at fixing her face worked. Most of her attempts to fix and restore her face were pointless and produced no good results. But fast forward, and recently Lyn May got in touch with doctor Jose Anchar, who worked on her face, and it’s safe to say, Lyn May seems happy with the results.

After her final and most recent surgery, her cheekbones look smaller and less inflamed than usual.

Weight Gain Or Fail?

So, for the longest time, some fans have been quick to investigate and get to the bottom of what actually happened that resulted in Lyn May’s current appearance. While there are many people who are certain that she underwent some procedures, there are others who come to her defense and quote weight gain as the culprit behind her botched face.

But which one is it? Did her face gain weight that resulted in her current looks, or did she go to an inexperienced surgeon? We have the answer you’re looking for. While weight gain is natural and cannot be ruled out, it is not the real cause behind her botched looks. This exotic dancer has admitted on multiple occasions that she’s afraid of again. Coupled with her decline in popularity, Lyn May opted for cosmetic surgery.

However, the surgery did not go as planned and triggered something bad in her face. The result is her current face, and it’s the perfect example of a surgery gone wrong.

Final Thoughts

For a person like Lyn May, it is difficult to hide or fly under the radar. The results of cosmetic surgery can clearly be seen by the public eyes. So, there is no point in denying or being silent about it. What we love about this woman is that she has taken this experience and made it into a learning lesson.

Today, this actress is happy in the way she looks and has accepted her fate. She has made it clear that she cannot change the past and that she will need to live with this. Although it troubled her for the longest time, today, she has accepted things the way they are and seeks to live happily.

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