Madison Beer Plastic Surgery Before and After – The Truth

Madison Beer has always landed herself in controversy regarding how she looks. The Reckless singer has been speculated to have professional surgeries and reconstructive procedure done to achieve her perfect facial features.

From the beginning of her career, she has been in the midst of a media storm regarding her looks and years later, she still finds herself in the center of unwanted attention.

The young singer/ songwriter has always maintained that she has only had lip fillers but has now removed them. There have been many speculations from fans and haters alike that she has had other work done too.

Before and After Pictures

Madison Beer before and after

Many tabloids and doctors have pointed out the possibility that she has had secret procedures done. Many can’t believe that anyone can be this naturally perfect. There are countless videos and images claiming her surgeries with before and after pictures alongside scathing articles. 

Madison Beer has always come under fire for denying allegations of cosmetic procedure rumors. Many fans have slammed the singer saying, ‘…she (Madison) wants everyone to think she is allnatural, and is setting unachievable beauty standards.’  

However, Madison Beer and her representatives have always maintained that the singer has never had any professional cosmetic surgery.  

Is it possible that this brunette beauty is all-natural as she has claimed? Regardless of what Madison Beer has claimed, there are many questions on what cosmetic procedure she has undergone. We are here to answer them. 

Let’s take a closer look at all the work Madison has allegedly had done.

Did Madison Beer get Lip Fillers?

Madison Beer lip fillers

Yes, this is the only cosmetic enhancement procedure the singer has admitted to.

Madison Beer opened up about getting lip fillers once when she was a kid but since removed them. The singer went to say that she had them dissolved because she hated how she looked. 

It is possible that Madison had popular fillers like Juvéderm injected into her lips.

Well, it is evident that she had some fillers on her lips because her beforephotos showed her in pouty unnatural lips.

Madison had thin lips before her fillers ever since she has had her fillers removed, though her lips still look plump.Dr. Anthony Youn, a holistic cosmetic surgeon, has claimed that it could happen from scar tissues of having multiple fillers. 

The singer has expressed regret after changing the shape and messing with her natural beauty.

This momentary lapse in judgment could be from wanting to keep up with the trends. Lip fillers were all the hype because of celebrities like Kylie Jenner, who famously started the big pouty lips. Soon all internet ‘influences’ started trending this new look with over-the-top lip fillers.  

Did Madison get a nose job?

Madison Beer nose job

Madison Beer has strongly dismissed claims that she has had a nose job. While most of her fans have come to her defense, saying she didn’t get a nose job. There are many who refuse to believe so.

Some have said that if you compare her pictures from before and her recent pictures, the shape of her nose hasn’t changed that much. 

To add fuel to these rumors, Madison was spotted outside a cosmetic surgery clinic. She has refuted these claims saying she had gone in to see for a mole removal procedure.

Dr. Anthony Youn, in his YouTube channel, examined her pictures and has also agreed with her fans, saying that Madison probably hasn’t had rhinoplasty.

Madison’s nose still looks pretty much the same, with a narrow bridge with a rounded tip. Her nose does look pinched a bit, but pictures from her teenage years and her latest pictures show that it still looks the same.

Alongside Dr.Youn, many experts have also echoed the same results. Many have said that some distortion in the size of her nose could just be her growing up and shedding baby fats. She still has her prominent nasal features, and her nose looks the same. 

This round goes to Madison. Some people really do have it all. 

Did Beer get work done on her eyes and brows?

Madison Beer eyelids

Another aspect of the singer’s pretty face that has come under intense discussion is her eyebrows. 

Madison has once claimed that she has only ever had one lip filler done, and now people are constantly questioning if she had a brow lift or a nose job?  

The reason for so many people pointing fingers isn’t all baseless either. 

Many celebrities and influencers are guilty of getting brow lifts. A brow lift is designed to make the upper portion of a face to look arched and elegant.

One tell-tale sign of a brow lift is the eyebrows looking arched, and the eyelids stretched to the sides, making it appear widened and gives a surprised look on the face.

It is possible that Madison has had a Botox brow lift. Madison’s eyebrows looked arched and higher than before. No amount of eyebrow reshaping can get them to move up inches higher on your forehead.

While it is still not clear whether she has had an eyelift. The singer does look like she has had an upper blepharoplasty. While her eye bags still look very similar to her previous pictures. Her upper eyelids look widened, and her eyes appear more prominent in size. 

Did she get breast enhancement?

Madison Beer landed herself in another tricky water with allegations of getting implants.

It is apparent that her breasts have increased in size and volume, there are many speculations of a boob job. An example of a boob job gone right makes it appear natural and has a size that suits the body’s frame.

However, Madison’s breast size has a more pronounced rounded shape with a cutline that is unnatural to a normal weight gain. 

While many have defended Madison for just undergoing maturity and developmental changes. You can’t deny the fact that boob shapes don’t significantly change overnight.

What other fillers have she filled her face with?

Aside from the lip fillers that Madison has admitted to, there are many fillers she has allegedly had injected to keep her face looking sculpted and fresh.

It is obvious she has had Botox injected into her forehead. There is also the Botox brow lift, as previously mentioned. 

Madison is also speculated to have had dermal filler like Juvéderm, Voluma, and Radiesse injected all over her face.

She is believed to have had Botox on her forehead and fillers on her cheeks to give a smoother appearance and to even things out.

Her cheeks are probably injected with Voluma to enhance her cheekbone and chin. This dermal filler can give you volume in the injected area.

Her clenched and tight jaws may also indicate that she has had Botox in her masseter. 

She is also assumed to have had Radiesse on her lower cheek area. This dermal filler is specifically to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. If she is using dermal fillers, this can sculpt her face to look more defined and hence the shape of her jawline. The costs for her touch-ups are expensive but it looks like it’s worth every penny.

Did she get a butt lift?

It doesn’t look like Madison has had any work done on her ears and arms. There haven’t been any speculations as to her getting a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift).

While Madison does have a perky butt. It appears natural and doesn’t look it hasn’t been touched up or altered. 

There are also some speculations if Madison has undergone liposuction. However, judging by her physique and her size, it looks like she is just an ordinary fit girl. 

Madison Beer is also speculated to have had her jaws reconstructed to have a more sharpened jawline. If you compare pictures, she always had a slim jawline. Her recent images show a more defined look, but that can be angles of the photos taken, and if she is using fillers, that can alter her look.

Final Thoughts

Madison Beer has always had long slender legs. A calf reduction surgery is out of the question.  

Madison Beer has expressed her frustrations against such allegations. She claims that accusations of her lying to her fans gets exhausting. She has also addressed and tried to clarify some of the baseless rumors. 

Madison Beer is a naturally beautiful girl with perfect proportions. One can say that most alleged surgeries that Madison is not a surgery gone bad. It is hard to distinguish whether she has had it for sure.

While she may use filters on her social media, which may distort her features to some extent, pictures from the paparazzi show that she looks just as pretty as her online presence.  Do you believe that Madison has only had lip fillers? Do you believe in all the allegations? Are there any plastic surgery fails that we missed out on? Let us know what you think.

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