Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

She remains ever so gorgeous to look at! Even after giving birth to twins, her hourglass figure is still intact. This is the reason many have begun to speculate the magic behind her eternal youthfulness. Has Mariah undergone facial reconstructive procedures? Here is all that you need to know:

Before and After Pictures

Mariah Carey Comparison photo

Mariah was speculated to have undergone a brow lift procedure. If you compare her photos between 1994-1997, it is self-evident that her eyebrow heads and tails had been raised. Even her eyelids look more lifted.

However, one cannot confirm whether she has had an eye lift or made the alterations due to her browlift surgery. This procedure is believed to have been carried out after her marriage to Tommy.

Fans speculated that it may have been Tommy’s influence or just herself blossoming into her own identity. Mariah must have spent about $26,000 for this procedure.

Did Mariah Carey Get a nose job?

Mariah was speculated to get her first rhinoplasty around early 2000. She is believed to have undergone multiple nose jobs to get the nose that she has today.

Looking at her photos before 2000, it is pretty evident that Mariah used to have a broader, shorter nose. However, her pictures taken after 2000 show a narrower nose with a petite tip.

Her photos from two decades ago to the recent ones show a striking difference in the size of her nostril, the way her nose bridge is built, and how the tip of her nose is projected. According to lorry Hill, the cost of nose job can range between $3000-$15,000.

Did she get a boob job?

According to Lorry Hill, a renowned YouTube star who analyzes celebrity cosmetic procedure, Mariah must have done a very conservative bust augmentation around the 1990s during her first marriage to Tommy Mottola.

The procedure was, however, very subtle that many people can miss out. If you take a thorough look at her before and after images between 1991-1993, particularly in Grammy’s photos of 1993, you will notice traits of subtle breast implants under the skin, with the implants looking quite far apart from each other. 

Years later, Mariah was rumored to have her second breast augmentation procedure around the late 1990s. Her breasts looked so much bigger, rounder, and you could tell from the first look itself that she had undergone breast implantation.

The second procedure brought her whole body into proportion. The diameter and size of the implants fit her chest wall giving her whole body a beautiful balance since Mariah is gracefully tall with broad shoulders.

According to Lorry Hill, the cost of two breast augmentation can range between $40,000-$45,000.

Did Mariah Get Cheek Implants?

Mariah Carey

Speculations of cheek implants started to circulate in 2005. Fans began to notice that her smile looked much more different than it used to look.

Experts opined that Mariah may have undergone cheek implants; however, this can be a very subtle work. Mariah is a drop-dead gorgeous beauty with naturally high cheekbones and an infectious smile.

Photos can easily be manipulated by filters too. Thus, it took professionals to confirm that she had undergone cheek implants around this era. The experts opined that her cheeks seem to have taken up more space of her face giving the illusion of a wider cheek.

She did not undergo many weight changes around this time; thus, experts ruled out the account of weight in this regard. After her implants, Mariah’s face shape transitioned from oval to heart or diamond shape.

Thus, experts concluded that she must have undergone a combined submalar cheek implant. According to Beverly Hills latest range, the cost of cheek implants is between $4000-$11,000.

How about Tummy Tuck and Liposuction?

After giving birth to her twins in 2008, Mariah was back in the fitness game in just three months. She even appeared on the cover of the Shape magazine wearing a cute crop top and boy shorts.

Fans cannot help but notice her gorgeous abs and toned legs. This was when speculations of liposuction began to circulate. Many cosmetic surgeons also speculated that her belly button was perfectly round, which is one of the first signs of a tummy tuck.

Even the most extreme exercise will not be able to get rid of the post-pregnancy loose skin. Thus, Mariah must have undergone liposuction to lose her fat pockets. 

Mariah told Shape magazine that she underwent a very rigorous exercise and diet after giving birth to her twins. However, many people could not buy her theory and opined that if she had lost all her weight through exercise alone, the changes would also be seen on her face.

But it was ironic that her face did not change an inch. Mariah must have splurged about $14,000 for two sessions of tummy tuck and $96,000 for three liposuction procedures on four areas.

What you need to know about her

Mariah Angela Carey is an American actress, songwriter, singer and record producer. She was born in the year 1969. Mariah is very popular for her high-pitched singing voice; thus, she became known as ‘Songbird Supreme.’

She was the only singer who used the whistle note during her era. Mariah immediately rose to fame after releasing her first album in 1990, becoming the first artist to have a debut album top the charts on Billboard Hot 100. 

Today, Mariah has sold more than 200 million records globally, and about fifty percent of her songs have hit the highest charts on Billboard Hot 100. She is a recipient of five Grammys and holds the second position in 100 most outstanding Women in Music according to VH1’s rating. 

Mariah is not only known for her incredible voice but her taste in fashion and art. At 52 years old, she is flawlessly juggling between motherhood and work, all the while taking meticulous care of her looks.

Final Thoughts

America’s Holistic cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn opined that although Mariah Carey looks absolutely fantastic, it is not natural for a woman who has just given birth to twins to look so fit without any sign of excess skin. He further added that her belly button is a tummy tuck button. 

Dr. Gary Goldenberg and Dr. Ryan Maerks stated that Mariah must have undergone a high-profile breast augmentation or even some sort of fat transfer procedure.

Mariah had received backlashes for trying to conceal her cosmetic procedure stories. She was even rumored to have used her own assistant’s AMEX card to pay for her cosmetic procedure confidentially.

Many people began to criticize her double-standard lifestyle. Fans opined that being a spokesperson for fitness, she could have been honest.

One more fan tweeted that too much Botox is pulling her ears, making them longer, while others were more sympathetic about her obsession to look perfect. They maintained that she would be gorgeous even on bad hair, eye bag days. 

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