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When one is a public figure, the scrutiny from audiences and fans comes quite naturally. Fans keep an eye on their every move, controversy, updates in their personal lives and never failing to notice even the slightest changes in facial features. Over the years, a common question surrounding celebrities and famous personalities is if they have gone under the surgeon’s knife. And, one such elite star whose non-aging beauty is often questioned is that of Marie Osmond. 

The mounting rumors and speculations made Marie Osmond come out in public to say if she had undergone cosmetic procedure. What did she say in response to all the speculations about her surgery?

Before and After Pictures

Marie Osmond before and after

Coming from a family involved in showbiz entertainment, Marie Osmond has been in the public eye since she was very young. She is the only girl among eight brothers, and as early as four years old, she debuted in her brother’s famous show, The Osmond Brothers. At just 14 years old, in 1973, she released her first solo album, and it instantly became the number 1 hit in country music.

Along with the fame and admiration she received in her singing career, her youthful and charming beauty has always allured the audiences. 

Did Marie Osmond get Botox or Filler?

Marie Osmond botox

One downside of being a celebrity comes in the form of constant vigilance from the public eye. At some point, if aging gracefully is a path taken up by the stars, they are showered with praises and adoration. Alternatively, celebrities are often mocked for the signs of aging that show up on their faces. 

When Marie Osmond hit her early 40s, around the late ’90s, her anti-aging beauty became more of a question for speculation rather than admiration. Even in her 40’s, she had toned cheeks with no signs of fine lines or wrinkles around the eyes. It became a starting point of speculations of possible cosmetic treatments like Botox and Fillers.

Did Marie get an eyelift?

Marie Osmond eyelift

More often than not, celebrities do experience certain pressure to keep up their youthful visage. It could be the reason why many of them seek slight/heavy professional help and reconstructive options.

That said, not everyone can afford to undergo the cost and charges to under the doctor’s knife. Hence, it is widely popular among the elite section of society and Hollywood celebrities. 

Even the most straightforward procedures in cosmetic surgery do come with a heavy price tag. Examples of which include brief rectification procedures like eyelift, under-eye, and fillers to treat eye bags.

To sum it up, it’s been almost 50+ years of Marie Osmond under the public eye, being in the entertainment business. She has all the money for cosmetic surgery, and there is pressure to retain her look.

Moreover, her almost-intact attractive, youthful glow that doesn’t seem to fade with age is where all the speculations about her cosmetic surgery arise. 

The unrelenting impression that Marie Osmond has undergone surgery rose over time. More of those speculations kept mounting when she was in her late 40’s but still managed to keep up that almost perfect and youthful image.

Marie Osmond is due to turn 62 this October 2021. However, if you look at her photographs, she looks just as gorgeous and fresh as in her early twenties. Nevertheless, how she managed to keep that look became a constant talk, giving rise to speculations about possible cosmetic surgery.

As time passed, over the years, more and more videos and articles featuring her before and after images started surfacing on the internet. It reached a point where she was often asked during interviews if she had undergone any cosmetic surgery. 

How did she respond to all of those rumors and questions? Let’s find out in the following section. 

What about facelift or jawline surgery?

Marie Osmond facelift

Marie Osmond was asked to respond to the speculations that she has had a facelift and a jawline reconstruction. Well, she dismissed all the assumptions about having had any cosmetic surgery, but she did agree on taking a little professional help.

In her interview with The Guardian in 2012, she did confess to having undergone a procedure called “Tightening Laser Treatment.” According to her, this particular procedure involved no cutting of skin that gave a beautiful result and permanent effects. 

She also went on to voice her opinion on those who choose to undergo cosmetic procedure. Marie Osmond said as long as it made them happy, she has no reason to pass a judgment on it.

At some point in her life, during the mid-’30s, she struggled with issues of weight gain. She openly stated that it reached a point where she weighed about 165lbs.

She didn’t filter her honest thoughts from discussing that phase where she had image and body weight issues. It was during that time that she even became the face and ambassador for Nutrisystem.

She went on record and confessed about how challenging it was during that stage, in an interview of which you’ll find on YouTube.

However, with her rigorous Nutrisystem diet, she lost almost 50lbs over two years. After which, there has been no looking back. She has maintained her figure as well as her looks, which is evident in all her photos. 

To what does Marie attribute her youthful image?

During the interview with the Guardian that we mentioned earlier, Marie Osmond has been candid about the secrets of her youthful image. 

She mentioned that a healthy and happy lifestyle, a happy marriage, and energetic performance schedules contribute to staying fit and youthful. Maria Osmond also said that she believes and advocates for the benefits of drinking water and keeping hydrated. 

She is also strict about adhering to everything that can negatively affect her overall health and looks. The likes of which include complete abstinence from smoking, drinking alcohol with rare occasions of drinking caffeine. 

According to her, one major contributor to her happy glow was her happy marriage, her eight children, and her grandchildren.

Final Thoughts

When there are so many speculations about a particular topic, it is best to hear it out from an expert. 

In an exclusive interview by The Closer Weekly, three prominent cosmetic surgeons were asked to give their opinion and reviews of Marie Osmond’s attractive and youthful look. 

In unison, all three cosmetic surgeons pointed out the difference in Marie Osmond’s face and neck. According to them, this noticeable contrast only solidifies the possible hint that there may have been a case of a bit of work of facelift.

Let’s find out about each of their personal opinions about Marie Osmond’s cosmetic surgery speculations. 

  • Marie Osmond’s brow lift and Eyelid surgery

Dr. Adam Hamawy believes that there may have been subtle brow lift along with eyelid surgery. He considers that these two cosmetic touch-ups aid in giving Marie Osmond the energetic and fresh look almost all the time. 

  • Marie Osmond Botox, Fillers and Cheek lift

On the other hand, Dr. Andrew Miller and Dr.Vartan Mardirossian shared similar opinions. They expressed that Marie Osmond may have undergone a cheek lift and got fillers on her lips. 

They concluded this based on the consistent maintenance of her lips and cheek’s volume and contour over the years. 

  • Marie Osmond’s nose job 

Dr.Mardirossian believes that a nose job must have taken place years ago.

Dr.Hamawy further added that since Botox and Fillers are amongst the top staples for most celebrities, it is undeniable that Marie Osmond would have gotten them too. 

At this current age and era, the pressure has never been so much as to look good all the time. The only downfalls to these procedures are its skyrocketing cost and prices, and the chances of cosmetic surgery fail. One can never predict if the result will be a case of a surgery gone right or gone wrong.

That said, after accessing all the pictures, history, statements from Marie Osmond, and experts’ opinions, we have reached quite a conclusion. It looks like Marie Osmond did undergo some form of cosmetic procedure. It may not have been a whole case of facial reconstruction, but high possibilities for subtle lifting, fillers, and corrections. Because someone her age can’t look the way she does. Nevertheless, she only seems to be getting better than ever as she ages. 

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