Marilyn Monroe Plastic Surgery With Comparison Photos

Did Marilyn Monroe get cosmetic procedure? – Everybody wanted a piece of Marilyn Monroe. She was a subject of curiosity. The world wanted to know how this legend was so perfect from head to toe.

To date, even decades after her death, the world is still speculating some form of cosmetic procedure to be involved. Here is breaking down Marilyn’s supposed facial reconstructing procedures. 

Before and After Pictures

Did Marilyn Monroe get a nose job?

Marilyn Monroe Transformation

It came like a global shock in 2013 when Marilyn’s medical records were brought into daylight and auctioned. These records were of her autopsy conducted after her demise. 

The autopsy records projected a tiny fracture in her nose, speculating rumors of a nose job most probably carried out during the 1950s. Years later, researchers compared her images before and after the 1950s and concluded that her nose showed so much distinction.

Her pictures from days in Hollywood indicated that a significant amount of cartilage must have been removed. It had entirely slimmed down. 

There are two arguments to this theory, though. 

  • Marilyn has a history of dating wrong men. She may have been a victim of domestic abuse. 
  • On the contrary, the art of face contouring in the 1950s was not a popular thing. Cosmetic products were more focused on the eye and lips rather than re-shaping of the face. 
Marilyn Monroe Before and After

However, these are just theories. Marilyn was already way ahead of her time in terms of beauty, even in the 1950s. She had undeniably good knowledge about skincare and beauty many people of her era were ignorant of. Thus, it is possible she may have undergone a very subtle nose job procedure. 

Did Marilyn undergo eyelids procedure?

Marilyn Monroe Botox and Filler

Marilyn was rumored to have undergone an eye-lift surgery to make her eyelids even more defined and get her signature sultry bedroom eyes.

If you look at her images from her early modeling years, you will find a very beautiful girl in her late teens whose eyes are wide and the space between her eyelid and eyebrows much narrower with a flap of skin resting on her upper eyelids.

In the later years, you will find that the extra flap of skin on her eyelids is no longer visible and even the space between her upper eyelid and eyebrows seems to have increased. According to Lorry Hill, a renowned YouTube sensation, Marilyn may have undergone an eyebrow lift along with blepharoplasty.

Marilyn was cautious with her skin particularly, around her eye area. One of the documentaries about her maintained that she used petroleum jelly as a primer and under-eye cream to rid herself of eye bags and dry skin around her nose and ears.

Did Monroe get cheek-lift?

Marilyn Monroe Surgery After

If you take a good look at Marilyn’s photos from her early modeling days to when she became prominent in Hollywood, you will find that Marilyn’s full cheeks had gradually transitioned to narrower, more defined cheeks.

Her brow-lift may have altered the way her cheeks used to look. However, there may be a cheek-lift procedure involved as well.

In her later pictures, she seems to have a higher cheekbone with little to no fats around her cheeks. It is possible that she may have lost her cheek fat over the years, but it is not possible to get a fat re-distribution.

It was an easy conclusion because, unlike the modern-day, a photographer may use effects, but image filters were not a common science in the early 1940s and 50s.

Did Marilyn do something to her chin?

Marilyn had a small chin which added a kind of innocence to her aura. However, her chin did not fit in with her strong personality as an adult woman over the years.

Reports stated that one of the men from her production team even referred to her as ‘the chinless wonder.’ This may have triggered a need to do something about her chin. 

Sometime later, Marilyn underwent a chin implant. It is unsure whether she got cartilage or a sponge graft. However, she was never vocal about her surgery. During her screen test, she told others that she fell on her chin.

Hairline electrolysis is the method of removing fine hairs that grow along the hairline. Marilyn had a natural widow’s peak. But if you compare her images between the 1940s to the 1950s, you will notice a much deeper widow’s peak and a higher, broader-looking forehead. 

Did Marilyn undergo boob job?

As much as Marilyn was worshipped for her gorgeous face, she was wildly sought after for her voluptuous hourglass figure. She had a curvy bustline with small hips.

Many people speculated that Marilyn may have undergone breast augmentation. Rumors had it that she underwent breast enlargement after one of her breasts got infected. However, she may have injected silicone fluids instead of getting breast implants. 

It was not possible to get all the actual prices from the 1950s; however, according to Lorry Hill, a session of hairline electrolysis can cost $600, $6000 for chin implants, $15,000 for brow-lift, $6000 for blepharoplasty, and $15000 for rhinoplasty.

What you need to know about her

Marilyn Monroe’s birth name was Norma Jeane Mortenson. She was born in the year 1926 in Los Angeles. 

At sixteen, Marilyn was already married and blossoming into a gorgeous young woman. She had a complicated childhood and switched between foster homes.

During the second world war, she acquainted herself with a renowned photographer who gradually introduced her into the modeling world. This marked the very beginning in the making of the iconic Marilyn Monroe the whole world celebrates today. 

Marilyn soon took to acting and singing. Her contract with 20th Century Fox took her fame to new heights. By the 1950s, she became a sensational figure loved yet envied by millions across the globe.

She was the ultimate ‘it’ girl, with her ocean-blue eyes, gorgeous auburn hair, skin as smooth as silk and an hourglass figure. Thus, she became the prime ‘sex symbol’ of the era.

Final Thoughts

Marilyn’s cosmetic surgeon Michael Gurdin confirmed that she underwent a chin implant in one of his notes of 1950. 

Norman Leaf, another celebrity surgeon, maintained that Gurdin had performed a subtle rhinoplasty on Marilyn. This was told to him under strict confidentiality by Gurdin himself. 

Whether natural or not, Marilyn Monroe is a matchless beauty. Even after fifty decades of her untimely passing, she is still idolized and celebrated.

The curiosity revolving around her is the very reason why she is immortalized time and again. There are documentaries and films based on her life and thousands around the globe who live their lives emulating this goddess. 

So, what is your take on Marilyn’s procedures? Do you think there will be another Marilyn Monroe in the coming age? 

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