Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery: Comparison Photos

What cosmetic procedure did Marlo Thomas undergo? – Marlo Thomas has been under the radar for some time for her outrageous cosmetic repairs. We don’t have to take a good hard look to know whether this is true or false.

While looking at her pictures, it is pretty self-evident. Her Botox fills, facelifts, nose jobs, etc., aren’t fooling anyone.

Before and After Pictures

Marlo Thomas before and after picture

Marlo’s decision to undergo cosmetic surgery was because of her active role in the sitcom “That Girl.” She portrayed the character of Ann Marie from 1966 until 1971.

The first apparent cosmetic change was on her nose. And later, she has undergone several other surgical procedures on her face. Jump to a few years later, one might believe she is still using fillers and tweaks to keep her face looking youthful.

In all honesty, she isn’t the same charming and cheerful-looking woman we all knew and loved. We could say she went a little overboard with her cosmetic procedures. Her current appearance is a fine example of a cosmetic surgery gone wrong.

Nevertheless, it is evident here that Marlo Thomas did get her facial features reconstructed. Let us find out more about this.

Does Marlo Thomas have a history with Botox?

Marlo Thomas botox

The first signs of aging appear on our faces. Wrinkles, saggy skin and fine lines are significant indicators of old age. But we can minimize these effects with reconstructive facelifts or Botox injections.

Looking at images on the internet, we will notice that Marlo Thomas has little to no wrinkles at all. This is peculiar because people over the age of 80 should have droopy facial textures and multiple wrinkles. However, in Marlo’s case, this is absent. This is a startling sign that she has undergone a facelift and used Botox to glam herself up.

As we mentioned before, her face looks overdone. And this is precisely why we can confirm that she uses Botox. The Golden Globe Award winner has also admitted to using Botox to improve her public image.

Several celebrities use Botox, but the results aren’t as severe as Marlo Thomas. If we look at her face, before and after, the evidence presents itself. Her face looks way too stretched and artificial, which would be due to multiple fills and lifts. We could say luck was not in her favor. Plus, she looks as though someone applied a face filter to her photos due to her peculiar appearance.

Depending on the facial part, Botox treatments cost anywhere around $100 to $4000 in the US.

Did Marlo get a nose job?

Marlo Thomas nose job

Getting a nose job or Rhinoplasty is popular among many celebrities. And while some results are exceptional, the outcome is not as pleasant in some cases. Such is the case with Marlo Thomas’ nose job.

According to reports, the first structural change on Marlo’s face was done on her nose. She got her first nose job during the late sixties while she was beginning to gain fame for her performance in the sitcom, That Girl. We could speculate that she was overwhelmed by the fame and hence pressured to go under the knife.

If we look at her pictures before her nose job, we will see that she had wide nostrils and a broad nasal bridge. But after the surgery, her nose bridge became narrower, and her nostrils became smaller.

Some claim that she might have had more than one nose job throughout her life. Her nose looks “pinched” on many occasions. According to experts, this might have been caused by multiple botched surgeries over the years.

Does she undergo eyelids procedure?

Marlo Thomas eyelids

The surface around our eyes begins showing the first signs of aging as we get older. And when you’re 80 years, dark circles and baggy eyelids are a mainstay. But not in Marlo Thomas’ case.

Again, please take a good look at her past and present pictures. There is no difference at all. Her eye bags have vanished out of existence.

There has been speculation on whether the “Jenny” star has also undergone modifications around her eyes. If we focus on her eye area in photos, we will notice dramatic signs of eyelift surgeries.

Perhaps Marlo has also undergone Bleharoplasty to repair the surface of her eyelids. Such alterations could lead to unpleasant results if not done correctly.

Does she have breast implants?

Now let us focus on another feature that most female celebrities target. Yes, we are talking about breast implants. Boob jobs are very prominent among women. And Marlo Thomas did not spare her racks in her quest to look younger and sexier.

If we look at her recent clicks, her chest does appear to be bulkier. And it is reported that she got breast implants sometime around the late 70s and early 80s. However, there is no concrete information on this. And Marlo has never shared anything on the media regarding a boob job.

Did she get a facial reconstruction?

Marlo Thomas is speculated to have had a facial reconstruction to improve her facial frame. You could watch videos on YouTube and see them for yourself. She has traded her skinny jawline for a bulkier frame.

The area around her chin leading up to her ears has also increased in volume. This gives her neck and cheeks a wider appearance when viewed at a straight angle.

But is this evidence enough to prove that she has undergone facial reconstruction? It is also complicated for the viewer to determine whether this is true due to her apparent facelift.

On the other hand, the excess flesh on her lower cheeks could be due to multiple Botox treatments. Nevertheless, let us know what you think.

What you need to know about her

Marlo Julia Thomas, popularly known as Marlo Thomas, is an Emmy award-winning American actress. She was born on November 21, 1937, in Detroit, Michigan. Although she was born in Detroit, she had her upbringing in Beverly Hills, California.

Marlo Thomas is also known for her philanthropic ventures and is an avid social activist. She created the Thanks and Giving Campaign in 2004 in aid of her father’s St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Life as a busy bee like Marlo Thomas can be very challenging. She is constantly under the eye of the media and press. And every time she goes out, she must look her best. And looking her best is what she does so well. Thomas turns 84 this year, but she seems like she’s in her early 50s.

So what is going on here? The obvious answer is cosmetic surgery. Or is it? Let us find out below.

Final Thoughts

The fact that Marlo Thomas has undergone cosmetic surgery is pretty apparent and self-evident. We don’t need to zoom in on every photo or compare hundreds of pictures. And the professionals have quite a lot to say.

cosmetic surgery specialist Dr. Paul Nassif from Beverly Hills took to the internet to comment on this topic. He stated in an article that Marlo Thomas’ Botox treatments and eye touch-ups are visible from the first glance. Another surgeon from Miami, Dr. Michael Salzhauer, has also shared the same views as Dr. Nassif.

Marlo Thomas’ facial features, before and after, seem to have gone downhill. But if we compare her looks with other celebrities who have received similar treatments, it isn’t half bad. We can say that it is “normal” compared to other such cases. And whether she looks beautiful or unattractive is entirely subjective.

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