Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Before and After – The Truth

So the question is, has Megan Fox also gone under the knife? In her interviews, Megan Fox has talked about her issues several times. She revealed she was always insecure and had low esteem. Could this be an indicator that she had professional procedures to fix her insecurities? It is not uncommon for celebrities to have reconstructive surgeries; Megan Fox could easily do it.

Before and After Pictures

Megan Fox comparison photo

She has the money to change parts of herself that she does not like. Over the years, she has also looked different a number of times giving birth to several speculations. If it’s anyone, then Megan Fox can relate to having rumors about her having cosmetic procedure. So let us dive deeper and compare examples of her before and after photos to get to the truth.

Megan Fox has not been open about her possible cosmetic surgeries, but she has talked about the idea several times. She remarked that she was not against cosmetic procedure, but one must be careful about why one would get the surgery. When asked questions about herself and if she had surgeries in different places, she always dismisses them. Maybe she does not like being asked questions about the possible surgeries she might have had. 

That being said, she does appear different from before. Over the years, the media has made speculations many times because she started to look different as the years went by.

At first glance, we can notice the changes mostly on her face: her nose, cheekbones and skin. But that raises more questions. What other surgeries did she have? An eyelift? Botox for the skin? Let us take a deeper look and see if her doctors made some fails or if everything turned out fine.

Did Megan Fox get a nose job?

Megan Fox nose job

The more technical term for a nose job is rhinoplasty. These operations change the shape and structure of the nose either for cosmetic or medical purposes. For Megan Fox, her nose is the most significant noticeable change in her appearance.

If you look at photos from when she first started as an actress, you will notice that she had a more prominent nose. Her nose bridge was a little thicker, and the lower part was more pronounced. Now take another look at an image from her more recent years. You will see that the bridge of her nose has slimmed down, and the tip is sharper. It is pretty evident that she has had a nose job, even though she might not admit it. So yes, Megan Fox did get a nose job.

Is Megan using botox?

Megan Fox botox

People inject botox into their skin to stop the appearance of wrinkles and to try to look younger. It is a risky routine because there are many instances of celebrities overdoing their botox and having gone bad. Luckily, it appears as though Megan Fox is doing fine on that front.

Megan fox is in her mid-30s now, and needless to say, age can deteriorate one’s skin. It would not be hard to believe if Megan Fox admitted to using botox so she could keep her skin looking young. Look at a photo of her during her early years; her skin was natural and barely had any kind of wrinkles. Her recent images are not much different either, except for the smoother skin. 

During her interviews, you will notice that she smiles a full smile, and her face does not appear stiff at all. It is hard to say, considering her face does look puffy. But experts still believe that she did take botox and did facial laser work to remove acne scars and freckles.

Did she get lip fillers?

Megan Fox lip fiillers

This is an interesting one. Megan Fox had an interview with the Allure, and she was asked questions about whether she had lip fillers. She somewhat denied that she ever had one saying, “my lips are my lips.” Her response was vague, and it left one to wonder if the actress was playing coy. The actress has always dodged questions about her operations.

Taking a look at her earlier photos, we can see that she had smaller lips. In the coming years, her lips appeared to look fuller. The changes are very subtle, and they can be hard to miss. But even experts like Dr. Joel Beck of Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery believe that her fuller lips are the result of fillers, cementing the fact that this was a procedure gone right. So yes, Megan Fox did get lip fillers, and she is all the more beautiful for it.

Did Megan get a boob job?

Many women get breasts implants to get rid of their insecurity and to feel confident about themselves. As she was also struggling with self-esteem, Megan Fox would not be far-fetched to say she also had her breasts done.

But that statement would not hold if there was no evidence. And the proof was in the photos. Megan Fox was always a slim curvy woman from her early years. Her breasts never changed size as she remained in the spotlight. But if you compare photos from before and now, you will see the very obvious change. You should note that she never really had a weight gain problem. And to see that her breast size grew considerably without her gaining weight makes it easy to deduce that she has had breast implants.

How about cheekbone fillers?

There was a time when the media used to call Megan Fox the next Angelina Jolie. And there was good reason for it. She had the looks, a way with words and the most striking resemblance of the cheekbones. But there’s a catch. She never had those striking cheekbones when she first started.

Looking at images of Megan Fox during her teen years, one can deduce that her cheekbones were not as prominent as they are now. Cheekbones develop heavily during puberty, and if her cheekbones were natural, she would have had them since she was a teenager. A cosmetic surgeon who is double-board certified, Dr. Tim Sayed also believes that Megan Fox has had fillers on her cheeks. Her jawline also became more striking after the cheekbone lift. 

This change was not subtle, and even fans could tell that she had cheekbone fillers. But cheekbone fillers or not, Megan Fox always had a striking look to her.

Did she get a eyelift?

A blepharoplasty is a technical term for an eye lift procedure. It is usually done to raise the eyelids to give the eyes a hallowed look.

Dr. Tim Sayed also remarked that Megan Fox might have had a Blepharophasty after looking at some of her images. This might be true because, in her older photos, you can see that her eyes were plain around the edges. But now, she has a deep look to her eyes and no eye bags at all!

What you need to know about her

Megan Denise Fox, known to most as Megan Fox, is an American actress born in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA, in 1986. She is also a prolific model appearing in several famous magazines. She made her acting debut in 2001, but her breakthrough came from her role in the 2007 blockbuster film “Transformers.” She has won multiple awards for her work, including Teen Choice Awards and Scream Awards. She has appeared in many television shows as well.

Ever since Megan Fox hit the screen, she has been one of the most followed celebrities recently. Fans adore her because she is not only talented but also because of the beauty that she radiates. Her modeling career is also one that can rival other model celebrities.

Final Thoughts

Many experts came forward to comment on the changes Megan Fox has gone through over the years. Dr. Time Sayed, a board-certified surgeon, commented that she might have had multiple light surgeries on her face, including the use of botox.

A New York cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Adam Schaffner, also supported these claims and emphasized the fact that she had skin work done. The disappearance of her pigmentation, acne scars and wrinkles are all testimony to the fact that she had indeed fixed her skin.

For someone like Megan Fox, who has had problems with self-esteem, it is not hard to believe that she would go under the knife. Especially if she looks different now and then, the average fan can even look at YouTube videos of her interviews from back then and now to make comparisons to decide for themselves if her features are any different.

While Megan Fox looks like she had quite a lot of work done, she has not altered everything. Her ears look the same, and her jawline seems natural even today. Celebrities like her can afford to get these surgeries, especially at the prices they come, so why shouldn’t they? Megan Fox is also very active on social media and loves her fans.

Now and then, we can see photos of her to keep up with her- albeit with a filter. But we can always see if there are more changes years later. So what do you think? Do you think Megan Fox has had any more surgeries other than the ones above? Do you think the cost of the surgeries is worth it? Share your thoughts!

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