Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Did Nicole Kidman get cosmetic surgery? – Like many other celebrities, Nicole Kidman must have undergone certain procedures although Nicole Kidman admits she has not done anything on her face except that she went through ‘a Botox phase’ which she eventually gave up.

Here are some procedures Nicole Kidman may have undergone to enhance her already very defined features:

Before and After Pictures

Has Nicole Kidman get a nose job?

Nicole Kidman Transformation

Rhinoplasty or nose job is a surgical procedure for nose reconstruction to give the nose a smaller and more contoured look. One of the top surgeons at MYA hinted that Kidman may have undergone rhinoplasty to make the bridge of her nose look thinner and nostrils smaller.

According to the surgeon, the tip of her nose also looks slightly more lifted compared to her images taken before the late eighties. 

Nicole never confirmed this speculation. Nicole Kidman was born with a beautiful nose. The movie Bush Christmas of 1983 was her first debut on the big screen. Looking at her before and after images from back then, you can see that she has always had a very defined pointy nose.

Since Nicole Kidman had never commented on speculations about her rhinoplasty, it is unsure whether she did undergo the procedure. This is said keeping in mind that make-up can play a significant role in contouring.

However, if the rumor were true, Nicole might have spent about $6000 to $10000 for her nose job. 

Did Nicole undergo a non-surgical lip augmentation?

There is not much speculation about Nicole’s lip surgery. Her pictures from the 1980s to 2000 do not show any drastic changes on her lips. Nicole Kidman may or may not have carried out any procedures on them.

Nicole Kidman Eyelid and Nose Job

But if she had, then her surgeon has done an excellent job of keeping it very minimal yet defined. There is no denying that her face is, all in all, picture perfect!

Did she get a cheek fillers?

Since aging can cause the skin to lose its collagen or elasticity, derma or dermal fillers give more volume to the cheeks and re-define the structure of the cheekbones. This will give the cheeks a healthy, plump, lifted look and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Nicole Kidman Botox and Facelift

The MYA cosmetic surgery further hinted that Nicole may have given herself derma fillers, popularly known as cheek fillers. Another renowned researcher under the name of Rachel Varga did a YouTube video on Nicole stating that Nicole had definitely undergone derma fillers since there times when she seemed to look really puffy, particularly in her latest show, ‘Big Little Lies.

In the second season of the show, however, Nicole seems to have toned down, and it looked like she did some work around her marionette lines to give her cheekbones an edge. 

According to Lorry Hill, a famous YouTuber who makes videos on celebrity cosmetic surgeries, the cost of Nicole’s derma fillers may range between $300 to $1000.

Did Nicole undergo face-lift and neck-lift?

Two renowned board-certified surgeons also deliberated Nicole’s facial reconstruction in NYC, Dr. Matthew Schulman and Dr. Manish Shah. They were both of the opinion that Nicole may have undergone a mini-facelift procedure since the muscles around the outline of her neck look very tight, carefully perfecting her jawline. 

A full-face neck life, on average, can cost about $12500. However, for an A-list celebrity like Nicole, she will be splurging to get the best treatment. 

This is true since, in the early 1980s, Nicole Kidman seemed to have a fuller, rounded face that transitioned gradually to a slimmer oval-like shape. She has always maintained a standard weight, so her weight will not do so much to give that transition.

What about Nicole Kidman’s brows?

While Dr. Manish Shah applauded Nicole’s genetics for her silk baby-like skin and her perfect facial proportions, he maintained that she must have undergone a temporal browlift between the years 2000-2010, since he observed that the tail ends of her eyebrows are more lifted with her upper eyelids appearing to be hollower. 

Finally, Nicole was believed to have dental veneers since she used to have small teeth. This, however, does not, in the true sense of the word, fall under the category of cosmetic surgery. It is simply a procedure she must have carried out to give her a more confident smile. 

Years later, Nicole finally admitted to Lifestyle magazine that Nicole Kidman is completely natural and has not gone under the knife. However, she added that she has several non-surgical procedures such as fillers and Botox but has given up on that practice. She humorously hinted that she could finally move her face again.

What you need to know about her

Nicole Mary Kidman is an American-Australian actress, singer and producer born on 20th June 1967 to Antony and Janelle Anne Kidman. 

Nicole Kidman is an ethereal beauty with a matchless talent for acting. Nicole Kidman is a recipient of many awards for her outstanding performances.

Such accolades include an Academy Award, British Academy Film Award, and a two-time winner of Primetime Emmy Awards bagged by five Golden Globe Awards. 

Final Thoughts

Beauty is attainable. Every individual has the right to feel confident. Celebrities are always under the pressure of looking perfect, making sure their eyes do not have eye bags, nose is not too long or too short, ears are proportionate with straight teeth, eyelids not droopy and so on.

Thus, they resort to numerous reconstructive procedures to maintain the desired beauty standard. Additionally, there is a constant need to look younger and youthful. You Tube is flooded with all kinds of assumptions about possible cosmetic surgery of every celebrity. Some images however, can be a good work of filters too.

In the year 2004, Time magazine named her one of the 100 most influential people in the world. Nicole Kidman is one of the highest-paid actresses, and The New York Times of 2020 listed Nicole in the category of the greatest actors of the 21st century. 

Nicole Kidman is married to country singer, songwriter and producer Keith Urban. Nicole Kidman has four children, of which two of them are from her former marriage. Despite being a mother to four children, she still radiates youth and beauty.

Even in her early fifties, it seems to the world that she had stopped aging decades ago. Her evergreen nature, however, has given rise to many speculations about her undergoing various cosmetic procedures. These may be surgical or non-surgical.

However, Botox or no Botox, you have to agree with Dr. Manish Shah’s appreciation for her strong genes. Nicole is a living goddess and a magnanimous contribution to Hollywood.

She should thus, be celebrated for both of these reasons. So, what is your take on Nicole’s supposed surgical procedures? Do you think she really went under the knife? Or are they just speculations?

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