Noah Cyrus Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

People speculated Noah to have undergone various non-surgical cosmetic procedures. One such procedure being lip fillers. She may have undergone one or two sessions to give herself fuller and plumper lips.

In 2017, uploaded a before and after image of Noah to show the contrast. Looking at the photos, Dr Vartan Mardirossian, a certified cosmetic surgeon, maintained that Noah may have undergone upper and lower lip fillers. 

Two years later, this speculation was further backed by another board-certified surgeon name Andrew Miller who additionally opined that Noah’s surgeon may have employed both implants and fillers in their treatment. Until 2014, Noah’s lips looked natural. She had a thin lining on her upper lip, while her lower lip is much smaller in comparison. 

Before and After Pictures

Did Noah Cyrus get an eyebrow lift?

Noah Cyrus eyebrow lift

Dr Vartan maintained that Noah may have given herself an eyebrow lift. Her face volume seemed to have increased over the years. There seems to be so much gap between her eyebrow and eyelids, giving her the ‘surprised eyelift’ look.

Talking to In Touch Weekly, he further stated that she may have undergone a few fat grafting sessions to achieve the full face, plump appearance. He further added that the eyebrow lift was not a good job. It made her look far from natural.

Does Noah have a history of fillers and Botox?

Noah Cyrus Botox

Noah may or may not have gone under the knife to enhance her features. But it can be said for sure that she definitely has a history with Botox and dermal fillers.

As mentioned earlier, the years after 2014 saw a new Noah Cyrus, with plumped-up cheeks, lips and chin. Dr Andrew Miller stated that she may even have undergone chin implants. further noted that the young actress and singer is not going through her natural physical changes. 

Many fans opined that Noah had damaged her face. Botox is for sagging skin and for a person as young as her to experiment with fillers, and Botox had caused her cheeks to look more oddly elevated, destroying her actual face proportion. Another fan maintained that she is beginning to look lumpier and more bloated with each passing year.

Did Noah undergo chin implants?

Noah Cyrus chin implants

In 2017, posted pictures of Noah to compare her recent chin to her original chin.

The website maintained that Noah’s natural chin was smaller in size, while her recent photos show a much rounder chin with a very subtle tip to give her full face an attractive definition. This can be the outcome of a very well-done chin implant. 

Did she get a nose job?

Many people opined that Noah might have given herself a nose job. It looked like she had always had a rather prominent nose with a long nostril. This may be the reason why she ended up plumping her face to balance out her nose with the rest of her face.

Experts have not commented on her nose; thus, one cannot really tell if she had undergone a rhinoplasty procedure. Noah’s Instagram photos, however, show a very different nose altogether.

Her nose is more contoured with a thin nostril and a somewhat pointy tip. The images, however, can be manipulated by various filter apps; thus, it is important to watch her videos instead to make the verdict. 

What You Need To Know About Noah Cyrus

Noah Cyrus is a singer and songwriter born in Nashville, Tennessee, in the year 2000 to her famous parents Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Cyrus. Before she started writing songs, Noah was already making guest appearances in her sister Miley Cyrus’ Disney drama, Hannah Montana. From a very tender age, she had been in the public eye.

‘Make Me Cry’ (2016) featuring Labyrinth was Noah’s debut single which allowed the world to hear her sing for the first time under an independent platform.

From this song, she was no longer known to others as just ‘Miley’s younger sister.’ At just 16 years old, Noah was able to mark her own identity in the music industry. In 2017, she was recognised as Time’s 30 Most Influential Teens and further nominated the Best Debut by the 63rd Grammy’s. 

Final Thoughts

Both Dr Vartan Mardirossian and Dr Andrew Miller confirmed that Noah had undergone Botox and Dermal fillers on her eyebrows, cheeks and chin. They even stated that grafting and implants are also involved in making the botched Noah Cyrus that we see today. 


Here are latest price range for cosmetic surgery according to the Beverly hills:

  • Lip augmentation- $2000-$4000
  • Eye-Brow lift- $3600-$4500
  • Botox- $300-$400 (per session)
  • Rhinoplasty- $7500-$15,000 
  • Cheek/chin implants- $4000-$10,000

Celebrities are under the constant pressure of looking perfect. As for Noah, it is no doubt that Miley might have unintentionally set the bar so high for her to reach.

She has often spoken out in interviews and YouTube channels that she feels overshadowed by her big sister, and one cannot blame her for feeling that way. Despite speculations, Noah continued to remain silent.

She literally grew up in the public eye. Thus, it is not easy to go unnoticed. Regardless of the procedures she may or may not have undergone, Noah is beautiful in an eccentric sort of way.

She has a mysterious yet gentle spirit in her which she beautifully transfers through her songs. Hopefully, she grows to accept herself and understand that even eye bags and droopy ears are a part of life. Botox cannot fix everything. 

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