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For anyone who is in the spotlight of public view and attention, nothing goes unnoticed. And not when you are a Hollywood star. Everything comes on the radar for every move – personal life details, vacations, possible facelifts, and so on. And reasonably so, Olivia Munn’s drastic change in facial features from before and after photos has come to the notice of everyone. 

When photos of her attendance at certain events drops on the internet, the media quickly draws before and after comparison photos.

Has she gotten one? What are the significant differences as seen in the before and after images? What does she have to say about cosmetic procedure on her face? Well, you’ll find out all about it here in this article.

Before and After Pictures

Olivia Munn before and after

Olivia Munn maintains a strict denial of any cosmetic surgery. 

Well, she’s not the only one denying it. 90% of celebrities who have undergone massive facial lift/reconstruction shy away from being honest.

One reason celebrities are so tight-lipped about seeing professional doctors could be to maintain the privacy of their personal choices. It can be tasking to have every move of yours discussed and judged in every other tabloid article, news and entertainment videos, and the likes of youtube videos.

However, no matter how much one denies it, there is no escaping from “somewhat evidential proof” from the archives of thousands of photos of celebrities each year. Then, there are article reviews that pop up along with comparison photos from before and after.

Close to 2015, the drastic difference in Olivia Munn’s facial features from when she joined the entertainment industry became a head-turner moment. 

There are two possible reasons for Olivia Munn’s decision for facial reconstruction – rectifying facial delusion and, well, there is no shortage of money.

Firstly, there is no denying that Hollywood calls for constant peer pressure to look at your best and keep up a beautiful and glamorous image. Hence, Hollywood stars come into the limelight with questions of if they have gone under the surgeon’s knife.

Did Olivia have a nose job?

Olivia Munn nose job

Side photos of her before and after clearly show that she may have had a subtle nose job.

Secondly,– not everyone can think or consider getting a facial reconstruction. The simplest touch-up, fillers on the face (eyes, lips, under-eye, and eyelids) can cost nothing less than $10000. 

Complete facial reconstructive procedures – eyelift, rectifying eye bags, ears, under-chin, and jawline can cost up to $30,000. Moreover, professional methods include restructuring the underarms and upper arms, which may amount to a whopping $60,000.

Olivia Munn is an American Television personality, model, and actress. She started with her career journey as a journalist way back in 2006, and she is also an author. 

After her journey started, she has established herself to be a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. Olivia Munn has also bagged the title of being among the hottest and sexiest women alive. 

While all of her professional achievements make it to the news, rumors and speculations have recently started appearing, linked to her name. 

That is the question of whether or not she has undergone professional cosmetic surgery. What are the facial features that everyone is talking about? Let’s find out in the following segment.

Many of these speculations surfaced when media houses, review tabloids, and fans started noticing the stark difference in her facial features from before and after images.

Did Olivia Munn Get fillers?

Olivia Munn fillers

When asked to respond to all the surging allegations and rumors, she blatantly and vehemently denied any form of cosmetic/reconstructive surgery. 

The only thing treatment she ever came out openly about was the Invisalign in the year 2009. After her Invisalign treatment, she now has a straighter teeth alignment, which enhances her smile.

Other than that, she maintains tight-lipped about any fillers, botox, or cosmetic surgery. She, however, is an active enthusiast about Proactiv Mark Correcting Pads for the skin.

Olivia Munn describes how using them has helped her remove and lighten the sunspots on her face. 

Did she get botox or eyelift?

  1. Olivia Munn’s Blepharoplasty

The first drastic change was the appearance of a slightly wider eye (in terms of inner eye circumference) – suggesting a possibility for cosmetic surgery called Blepharoplasty. In addition, there has also been a slight eyelift at the corners of her eye.

  • Oliva Munn’s Botox and filler treatments

During the initial years, her cheeks were fuller owing to more facial fats. But around 2017, her cheeks started looking more sculpted, suggesting a cheek implant and cheek lift. 

Another striking difference that we get to see is in her lips. Her upper lip line appeared much so much fuller than before. Her lower lip line also became more plumb. There is no denying in it that she may have had lip fillers treatment done on her lips.

  • Subtle facial reconstruction of Olivia Munn

The most recent change that is noticeable showed up around the Oscars in 2016, where her jawline suddenly became much narrower than before.

How about her cheekbone?

When you look and compare her before, and after photos, you can see some prominent features that seem to diminish or alter over the years. Significant and notable noticeable facial features started showing up during the last recent years. Moreover, it didn’t get away unnoticed by fans and media houses. 

She had this fresh, natural, charming, and fuller face when she started her television career. Given her multi-ethnic lineage, no doubt, she had a unique charm in her beauty. Having been born to a Chinese and a white parent, she naturally has hooded eyes.

Other striking and unique features of her face that are evident in her older photos (2006 onwards) includes –

  • One of the most striking features on her face was her hooded eyes.
  • Another prominent feature was her spluttering freckles, with greater density around the nose.
  • She had higher cheekbones, and her look was fuller.
  • Her natural lip line had more of a thinner upper lip with a slightly fuller lower lip. 

Years later, after joining Hollywood, especially from late 2015 onwards, she started toning a more chiseled face with a lot of Hollywood actress appeal. These slight changes started becoming more noticeable, and that’s when those speculations began. 

In 2021, she hardly looks 41 with her fresh, glowing skin. Her skin appears to be more toned and flawless. There are no hints or signs of aging and fine lines on her face, which readily suggest some Botox treatments.

To what does Olivia attribute her youthful image?

Olivia Munn has been vocal in her opinion that girls in their age 20s and 30s don’t need any external interventions – like botox and fillers to enhance their skin. She attributes the goodness of her skin to the natural and healthy ways that aid in reversing the aging clock.

Here is a list of the routines and natural processes that she suggests is the reason behind her flawless skin –

  1. Loss of body weight 

According to Olivia Munn, when she was training for X-Men, she shed about 12 pounds of body weight. She mentioned that the weight loss is what gave her lean cheeks and narrowed her jawline. 

  • Treating sunspots 

As mentioned earlier, Olivia Munn attributes her lightened freckles and pigmentation to the use of Proactiv mark-fading pads. She said that she has been using them for over 2/3 years now, resulting in the fading of darker sunspots.

  • Make-up

Olivia Munn describes that all her sculpted and toned facial features now are a result of make-up. She also mentioned that Invisalign treatment also helped her give better teeth alignment and a firmer jawline.

  • Brow shaping

Brow shaping is another factor that Olivia Munn describes enhances her overall fresher appearance. She said that by reshaping her brows, her face appears more youthful and brighter eyes on the suggestion of a facialist. 

  • Diet 

Olivia Munn is an over-enthusiastic advocate of Japanese potatoes, which have a high content of hyaluronic acid. She says the secret of her wrinkle-free skin results from her diet rich in Japanese potatoes. According to her, naturally incorporating a diet rich in the hyaluronic acid source helps her keep the wrinkles at bay.

Final Thoughts

Understandably, celebrities choose to remain silent on topics as sensitive as cosmetic surgery. In the past, Hollywood celebrities who openly shared their cosmetic procedure journey without any filter had to bear various judgments and were criticized horridly.

There have been cases of ridicule for those who witnessed a cosmetic procedure gone bad/gone wrong.

Olivia Munn has maintained silence about having undergone cosmetic surgery. The pictures tell a different story with drastic facial feature changes and enhanced looks. What are your opinions?

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