BTS Plastic Surgery Rumor: Jungkook, Jin, Jimin Before After

BTS Before and After Picture

Did BTS get cosmetic procedure? Considered as one of the greatest boy groups and artists in the world is BTS. This boy group of 7 members has enthralled hearts and gained so much popularity over the years. Member of BTS are Jin, RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. They have garnered so many accolades … Read more

Im Soo Hyang Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Im Soo Hyang Comparison Photos

Im Soo Hyang is blessed with beautiful skin and naturally full lips. Still, fans had started speculating some facial reconstructive procedures to be involved in the making of her already lovely face.  Like all celebrities, Im Soo Hyang is both loved and loathed, for lack of a better word. OhKKulture stated that many fans put … Read more

Noah Cyrus Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Noah Cyrus Comparison Photos

People speculated Noah to have undergone various non-surgical cosmetic procedures. One such procedure being lip fillers. She may have undergone one or two sessions to give herself fuller and plumper lips. In 2017, uploaded a before and after image of Noah to show the contrast. Looking at the photos, Dr Vartan Mardirossian, a certified … Read more

Taeyeon Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Taeyeon Comparison Photos

Besides winning awards, Taeyeon is also a skilled artisan at winning hearts. The count of her fan base stands at a million. Being in the forefront almost all her life, Taeyeon, like all other celebrities, is not free from people speculating about her personal life. One such speculation is of her cosmetic procedure rumours. Has … Read more

Rosanna Pansino Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Rosanna Pansino before and after picture

Being the big star that she is, Pansino is always under the spotlight. Her fame and success story are not the only reason fans want to keep up with the blonde beauty. Her major transformation over the years has got netizens speculating good genes, a fancy vegan lifestyle, or the last yet most important, cosmetic … Read more

Whitney Cummings Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Whitney Cummings comparison photo

Celebrities are constantly bombarded with criticisms and hate comments on their look, body, actions, etc. They are always subject to media scrutiny, and let us say, not everything people say is good. These negative comments effects the celebrities and most celebrities get insecurities about their body. That often pushes them to go under the knife … Read more

Portia de Rossi Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Portia young vs old photo Comparison

Like every celebrity, Portia is rumored to have undergone facial reconstructive procedures despite her natural good looks. Being in the public eye comes with a price. People can easily compare images and tell the story of cosmetic procedure. Here are Portia’s supposed cosmetic surgeries: Before and After Pictures Did Portia Get a nose job? After … Read more

Ellen Pompeo Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Ellen Pompeo comparison photo

Let us look into Ellen Pompeo’s engagement with cosmetic procedure. What has she done? What has she not done? Celebrities are constantly the target by scrutiny, especially if they have had a successful career onscreen. Some celebrities age gracefully without doing much to their body and face; some get some extra help from professionals to … Read more

Geena Davis Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Geena before and after picture

Geena Davis looks like she hasn’t aged a day. She looks better every time she appears in public. Usually, women her age begin their journey towards old age. There is no turning back here. The wrinkles, fine lines, and saggy skin start to appear at this stage. So could it be the secret behind her … Read more

Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Mariah Carey then and now

She remains ever so gorgeous to look at! Even after giving birth to twins, her hourglass figure is still intact. This is the reason many have begun to speculate the magic behind her eternal youthfulness. Has Mariah undergone facial reconstructive procedures? Here is all that you need to know: Before and After Pictures Mariah was … Read more