Park Bom Plastic Surgery Before and After

Park Bom is no different in this department. Over the recent course of time, questions about her involvement in reconstructive surgery have only increased. If you happen to follow the K-pop persona, you will definitely be aware of the reports flying around the internet.

Before and After Pictures

Park Bom before after

Here in Korea, getting professional reconstructive surgery is as normal as visiting your doctor when you’re sick.

With the industry seeing massive growth over the years, doctors working in the field of reconstructive surgery must be making a fortune! But enough about the doctors, let’s focus on Park Bom.

Did she get cosmetic procedure or not? Well, many of her fans seem to think so. A comparison of particular before and after pictures, along with Park Bom’s recent appearances, has had fans discussing the topic like wildfire.

South Koreans are very familiar with cosmetic procedure, so when they started seeing differences in her face, they couldn’t help but wonder. Park Bom’s face keeps going through noticeable changes, and despite her management saying it is a result of stress, her fans don’t seem to think so.

If you look at the before and after pics, Park Bom’s eyes, lips, and jawline seem to be at a constant change. In the before photographs, her eyes look smaller; her jawline is broader, and her lips look more natural.

But looking at her today, it’s almost like we can’t recognize her at all. Park Bom looks very plastic compared to her older videos on youtube. We understand that celebrities opt for reconstructive surgery to maintain their image as they grow older. Still, we cannot help but wonder if Park Bom seems to be relying on it to an unhealthy extent. Just look at her face; it’s like glancing at an artificial doll. Instagram could even develop a robot filter using her face.

Did Park Bom get an eyelift?

Park Bom eyelift

When it comes to face reconstructive surgery, most people opt for one or two procedures at the max. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case with Park Bom. Rumors speculate that the 35-year-old K-pop star has had not only one but at least seven surgeries related to facere constructive procedures.

That is definitely a lot, even by South Korean standards. It’s surprising that none of these operations have gonebad or caused any harm to her well-being.

Although judging by the results, we cannot confidently say that it’s a case of cosmetic surgery gone right either. Although Park Bom has rarely had any fails in her music career, the same cannot be said about her endeavors under the knife.

It is rumored that the singer has had treatments done on her eyes, jawline, face, lips, and nose. At this point, we sincerely hope she doesn’t get surgery for her ears as well. Unlike some examples of natural-looking cosmetic procedure, like Kim Kardashian or Scarlett Johansson, Park Bom looks far from genuine. This has got some of her fans begging her to stop.

Did Park get a nose job?

Park Bom nose job

Let’s make a detailed assessment of the most noticeable changes in Park Bom’s looks over the years.

  • Park Bom’s eyes have been a subject of discussion amongst many of her fans. Thousands claim that her eyes look very different from before. During her early career, her eyes looked natural and consistent with her face. However, over recent years, her eyelids have become more shapely. Now, her eyes look much bigger and rounder as compared to her natural self. This could be the result of an eyelift procedure. It is very noticeable that the pop star has taken steps to reduce aging in her eyebags as well.
  • Most people wish for a sharp and long nose as it can make the entire face look edgy and slender. This thought process seems to apply to Park Bom as well. Fans have pointed out that her nose has changed over the years. Park Bom’s nose looked flat and broad before, but recently, it has taken a striking turn. The bridge of her nose has become rather sharp, shaping the middle of her face into a slimmer structure. Experts say that it could be the result of a nose job.
  • After comparing Park Bom’s older pictures with the more recent ones, we spot a big distinction between the two. Take a look at her lips. Notice anything different? Of course, you do. Its no question that her lips have grown bigger and more plump compared to before. Natural lips are slim and thin; however, they can become more significant and full after a lip filler treatment or implants.
  • If we look at Park Bom’s older videos, we notice that her face was rounder. However, she now appears to have a smaller chin, giving her face a slimmer look. Results of a facelift and chin implants? We think yes.

Cost of Park Bom’s cosmetic procedure

Plastic surgery can be extremely costly, and given that Park Bom has more than one under her belt, we can imagine that it was an expensive affair. Let’s start by with her eyes. An eyelid correction procedure can cost a minimum of 3500$. A rhinoplasty, or a nose job, would cost someone an average of 5,500$. Chin implants, add another 3000$, a facelift surgery would cost another 8000$. Lip fillers would cost around 800$, while implants would cost around 4000$. If we add all that, the total comes up to a whopping 16,800$.

But wait, there’s one thing we haven’t mentioned yet. We’ve talked about all the changes in Park Bom’s face, but we haven’t discussed her body. Evidence shows that Park Bom has gotten some surgery done on her chest area as well. That’s right, folks, as if all that wasn’t enough, experts speculate that Park Bom has gotten breast augmentation. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at some of her beforeandafter pictures, and you’ll have no more doubts.

Breast augmentation doesn’t come cheap, costing up to 10,000$ on average. Adding that information to the list, that boosts up the total cost to 26,800$. But of course, this calculation is done using only the average prices. Park Bom is one of the top celebrities in the industry; she would only opt for the best and most expensive doctors in the market. This leaves us wondering just how much the pop star might have spent on her looks. Who knows, perhaps it could be in the hundreds of thousands. The real answer just might prove to be too shocking for us all!

What you need to know about her

The Korean singer and performer Park Bom is an enigmatic personality loved by all. The former member of the popular K-pop girl group, 2NE1, has won the hearts of many through her lovable character and earnest backstory. Born in Seoul, South Korea, on March 24, 1984, Park Bom spent her early life studying in the United States, where she developed an interest in music.

Despite her parents being against her dream, her aunt was always supportive of her choice.

Realizing that her parents were not coming around anytime soon, she had to put her fate in her own hands.

Park Bom soon enrolled herself in Berklee college of music, where she acquired the professional skills needed for the music industry. After that, she came back to South Korea and auditioned for the sought-after YG entertainment. Park Bom worked hard and dedicated three years of her life to auditions until the label finally picked her up. Soon, she was featured in two music videos by the popular group ‘BIGBANG.’

The videos were a hit, and she finally got the recognition she was aiming for her entire life; a star was born.

After years of struggling, Park Bom finally achieved her dreams and joined the ranks of the K-pop world.

Fifteen yearslater, the world still showers her with love and appreciation as the name ‘Park Bom’ has become one of the most recognized and celebrated idols today.

Final Thoughts

Since there has never been a response to these rumors from Park Bom herself, we cannot confirm that the speculations are true. The statement from her management blames the change in her appearance on ‘stress.’ So, in conclusion, till now, these assumptions are only based on rumors and public opinion.

However, it is difficult to deny the drastic changes in Park Bom’s overall image. Many fans choose to believe that it is the result of undergoing heavy surgery. Some have even accepted the change, showing strong support for the transformations. So was it surgery or heavy stress? Do tell us what you think!

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