Portia de Rossi Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Like every celebrity, Portia is rumored to have undergone facial reconstructive procedures despite her natural good looks. Being in the public eye comes with a price. People can easily compare images and tell the story of cosmetic procedure. Here are Portia’s supposed cosmetic surgeries:

Before and After Pictures

Did Portia Get a nose job?

Portia de Rossi youtful image

After Portia’s role as Lindsay Bluth Funke in her sitcom ‘Arrested Development’, fans could not help but notice the change in her appearance, particularly around her nose and eye area.

People speculated that she must have undergone a subtle rhinoplasty to get her nasal tip pointed upwards. A-Boards Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Edward P. Miranda maintained that Portia’s natural nose was shorter with the tip spiraling downward.

Her recent images, however, show a more contoured nose with thin nostrils and perky tip. Another plastic surgeon and Otolaryngologists, Dr. Theodore Diktaban, backed up Dr. Edward’s opinion on Portia’s new nose, stating that the tip of her nose has been altered. Even the position of the nose seems to have changed after her rhinoplasty. 

Hollywood Life further took to YouTube to discuss Portia’s new look after the fourth season of the sitcom ‘Arrested Development.’ Both the anchors Bonny and Chloe, talked about how fans wondered if it was still Portia playing the role of Lindsay. A beauty editor mailed her before and after images to several plastic surgeons who reverted, stating that Portia has undergone rhinoplasty. 

Did Portia de Rossi Get eyelift?

Portia de Rossi Comparison Photos

Besides the speculated nose job, Portia was rumored to have undergone a slight eye-lift. Looking at her photos before her acting days, you will notice that she has always had a doe-eyed look.

The areas around her eyes were much narrower. Even the space between her eyebrows and eyelids was narrow. She has a beautiful forehead space and a handsome amount of eyebrows.

Here latest pictures of 2018, however, show an almost cat-eyed Portia. Her eyelids look lifted and pulled to give her that edgy look. The images can be manipulated by filters too.

Thus, it is essential to check out her public appearance videos. If you take a good look at Portia in her interview with Ellen in 2019, you will see that the corners of her eyelids look thinner and stretched.

Kudos to her make-up artist for trying their best to conceal this flaw by pulling a winged arched make-up look. 

Many people speculated that she may have done more than one blepharoplasty. Both Dr. Edward and Dr. Theodore opined that Portia may have done an eyelid procedure to give her eyes a broader look. 

Did she Get Brow lift?

Portia de Rossi young vs old

Portia was not only speculated to undergo rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty but also a brow lift. She seems to be entirely unrecognizable for many people who have seen her grow throughout her modeling into her acting career.

One fan tweeted saying it will take so many episodes of ‘Arrested Development’ to accept Portia’s new look. A brow lift can change a person’s entire look.

Looking at her images from early 2010, you will notice that Portia had a narrow distance between her eyebrows and eyelids. As time passed, her recent photos began to show signs of a lifted brow projecting a wider space.

Portia had never been vocal about her cosmetic procedure rumors. On the contrary, in one of her interviews, she mentioned that chasing after her 20-year-old self will be absolute madness, and she will not waste her energy doing so.

Many claimed that Portia had dermal fillers and Botox injected into her face too. If these speculations were true, Portia might have spent about:

  • Rhinoplasty- $7500-$15,000 
  • Blepharoplasty- $4600-$10,000
  • Botox/ Dermal Fillers- $500-$1200 per session

You want to know more details about her?

Portia Lee James Degeneres is an Australian businesswoman, philanthropist, model and actress born in 1973. Her birth name is Amanda Lee Rogers. She is married to the legendary talk show host Ellen Degeneres.

Portia is most popularly known for her role as Lindsay Bluth Funke on ‘Arrested Development,’ an American TV drama. She starred in the drama series ‘Alley McBeal’ and won Screen Actors Guild Award for playing Nelle Porter. Portia further made special appearances in the 2014-2017 American thriller series called Scandal. 

The 48-year-old actress/businesswoman is known for her work mechanism and her exquisite looks and charm. Portia was recognized as Maxim’s 100 sexiest woman in 2004.

Blender Magazine named her the hottest TV woman in 2006, and Stuff Magazine ranked her in the 69th position of 100 Sexiest Women in 2003. Years later, she was also listed by People Special Edition on 100 Most Beautiful. 

Final Thoughts

While Dr. Edward P. Miranda and Dr. Theodore Diktaban maintained that Portia may have carried out some procedures on her face to look younger, New York City Dr. Andrew Miller opined that one should keep such assumptions to oneself.

He went on to say that Portia may have some skilled professional artists who are committed to working on her face, so she looks more sculpted and younger than her age.

Coming to her defense, he even maintained that Portia had changed her hair color to blonde over the years and even got bangs. According to him, a change in hairstyle can also transform your entire look. 

Every celebrity is under the scrutiny of looking perfect from head to toe, making sure there are no eyebags, no signs of aging, weight gain, droopy eyes, ears, etc. The public eye quickly notes a small mistake on their part.

The bashing and body-shaming is the reason behind this need to look perfect. Portia was once upon a time a celebrity with very low self-esteem.

In her best-selling book, ‘Unbearable Lightness,’ Portia wrote about her anorexic days and how she starved herself so that she could fit in. She had an issue with the way she looked and the size of her body.

Fortunately, Portia fought the demons and got out of her trap. People took this story as a cue to speculate plastic surgeries since she did look much different than she used to.

What are your thoughts on Portia’s supposed plastic surgeries? Do you think it is her vegan lifestyle and the enthusiastic make-up artist behind her unique looks? Or is it something else altogether?

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