Rosanna Pansino Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Being the big star that she is, Pansino is always under the spotlight. Her fame and success story are not the only reason fans want to keep up with the blonde beauty.

Her major transformation over the years has got netizens speculating good genes, a fancy vegan lifestyle, or the last yet most important, cosmetic procedure. Here is breaking down Rosanna’s supposed facial reconstructive procedures. 

Before and After Pictures

Did Rosanna Pansino get lip fillers?

Rosanna Pansino lip fillers got in touch with a few of Rosanna’s fans, who was confident that the 36-year-old may have given herself some lip fillers or lip shots to enhance the size of her lips.

It was speculated that Rosanna may have undergone a few sessions of lip filler during the previous 12 months. She further added that it could not be the work of make-up artists or filters. Another subscriber maintained that her lips looked plumper than last year.

Based on her photos before and after 2019, both her lower and upper lip looked bigger with a subtle lift in the corners of her lips. Speculators observed how her lips moved when she spoke and how her upper lips looked numb at times.

Despite these assumptions, one can tell that Rosanna’s surgeon is doing an excellent job in keeping the treatment as subtle and minimal as possible so that she can still maintain about 50% of her natural lip appearance. 

Did Rosanna get Botox?

Rosanna Pansino Botox

Many Reddit users are convinced that Rosanna may have gotten Botox, particularly around her mouth and cheek areas. They opined that lately, her skin seems to glow in a plastic sort of way, which looked far from healthy.

They further added that her cheeks looked very botched at times that it was almost too cringy to watch her make her facial expressions. Many fans spoke of her beautiful natural face back in the years between 2011-2015.

One user stated that those years were her most natural years. Rosanna must have done her first Botox about a decade ago since it takes that many years to start showing signs of a possible filler on the face. 

Did she get an eyebrow lift?

Rosanna Pansino eyebrow lift

Many Reddit users further assumed that Rosanna may have undergone one or two sessions of eyebrow lift.

Although she has always had a broad forehead with thick gorgeous eyebrows, over the last one to two years, the corners of her eyebrows seem to look more arched, with her eyelids looking like they are being pulled.

The 36-year-old blonde beauty may have tried a few lifts here and there to reduce her worry lines, crow’s feet and nasolabial smile lines. This speculation is further supported by the fact that Rosanna is also gradually stepping into her early 40s. Thus, she may have felt the need to get some works done before it is too late to reverse signs of ageing. 

With an eyebrow lift, many people like to consider looking into neck lift and facelift as well. Rosanna is rumoured to have undergone early neck and facelift treatments.

Has Pansino get boob job?

Rosanna Pansino boob job

Rosanna is very vocal about her breast augmentation experience. In one of her YouTube videos, she boldly spoke of her 13 years journey with breast augmentation and how it is time she allowed nature to take its course.

Rosanna decided to remove her implants about seven months ago and posted pictures of herself on her Instagram account, telling her fans that she does not regret getting an implant, nor will she regret removing them.

However, her breast augmentation looked very natural that most of her fans never speculated anything until she made a video on the subject. Many comments were about how natural the shape and size of her bust was. 

What You Need To Know About her

Rosanna Pansino is an American author, actress/YouTuber and singer. She was born in the year 1985 in Seattle, Washington. Rosanna is the highest-paid YouTube star with 12.9 million YouTube subscribers holding a record of 3.5 billion views in total.

She began vlogging in 2011 under the name of her channel Nerdy Nummies for which she was given the Shorty Award in 2013. This multi-talented star published two cookbooks in 2013 and went on to bag acting roles for web series, YouTube series and years later, landed an HBO series in 2021. 

Final Thoughts

Rosanna claims that she had never done anything on her face, amidst speculations of multiple cosmetic procedures by her fans and Reddit users, with few of them even referring to her as a silicone doll.

These assumptions, however, are all based on the netizen’s approach towards her appearance in her photos lately, wherein photos can be edited or filtered.

The article further recorded fans assuming Rosanna to have undergone chin implants. Another Redditor even stated that she looked like an eye bag all over her face with her cheeks, chin, and lips horribly swelling up while her ears are left out.


The following costs of Rosanna’s supposed cosmetic surgeries are:  

  • Lip augmentation- $2000-$4000 
  • Eye-Brow lift- $3600-$4500 
  • Botox/ Dermal fillers- $300-$400 (per session) 
  • Cheek/chin implants- $4000-$10,000
  • Breast augmentation- $5500-$6500

Botox or not, Rosanna is beautiful, talented and a very out-going businesswoman who knows how to get things done. The very fact that she has so many followers on her channel tells how her fans adore her.

Just like any celebrity, Rosanna may also be pressured to look good and feel confident under the spotlight. Furthermore, many celebrities do not like to come clean with their cosmetic procedures; thus, they either remain silent or brush it under the table.

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