Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Rósa Arianna McGowan, or Rose McGowan, is an American actress who was born on September 5th,1973, in the Italian city of Florence, Tuscany. People know her for her performances in the horror movie “Scream” and ” Charmed ” television series.

Recently, she became an activist speaking out against sexual assault in Hollywood with her own stories to tell in her book “Brave.” She is one of the leading activists for the MeToo Movement, and you can find videos of her talking about such topics on YouTube.

It is not uncommon for celebrities like herself to undergo professional procedures to make themselves look better. That being said, it is normal for celebrities to get rumors flying around, and Rose McGowan is no stranger to rumors about whether she had some work done.

Before and After Pictures


Rose McGowan may be known for her excellent roles in films and television, but she makes no compromise regarding looking good. However, in recent years, her appearance has changed considerably.

One can make the argument that it is simply the work of time as she grew in age, but the before and after photos of her early years and the present make it hard to believe that she did not go under the knife.

Following the 2000s, when most of her appearance changed, let’s take a closer look at Rose McGowan and if she had some fails in the coming years.

During her prime years, Rose McGowan went through a significant change in her appearance. People were confused, and her fans speculated that she had work done.

But the change was too big to ignore for fans, and Rose McGowan had to finally break the silence. She never openly admitted to the rumors about her and had chosen to keep mum.


At the time, Rose McGowan told the press that she had doctors do reconstructive surgery on her face because of a car accident. People chose to believe it because it is a good enough reason for anyone to have surgery after a physically altering accident.

However, in 2018, when she released her book “Brave,” where she talks about her life experiences as a woman in Hollywood, she revealed she lied about why she got surgery.

In the book, she explained she initially had an operation to fix her sinus issues. Unfortunately, the surgeon had accidentally perforated the skin below her right eye. That led her to the reconstruction surgery on both of her eyes.

Rose McGowan only spoke out about the changes in their facial appearance and chose to keep quiet about the other changes in her body that fans noticed. That begs the question, what other surgeries did she have? An eye lift?Breast implant? Botox and implants? Even the ears? Let us see if we can answer these questions.

Did Rose McGowan get a nose job?

Rhinoplasty is the technical term for a nose job, where the nose’s shape and appearance are altered. For Rose McGowan, her nose is probably one of the biggest changes in her appearance.


When Rose McGowan spoke about the change in her appearance, everyone believed her. Comparing her before and after images, we can see that there are indeed some changes. Before she had her nose job, we could see that her nose bridge was thicker, and after the nose job, the bridge looked thinner.

Apart from that, the general appearance of her nose does not appear to have changed. If we take a closer look, her left nostril is higher up than her right. This remains consistent in her photos from when she was younger and now. This would mean that the nose job she had was not for cosmetic reasons. If it was, then her nostrils would have changed to be symmetrical.

She revealed that she had work done there to fix a sinus problem she had for a long time. So yes, the rumors were true, Rose McGowan did have a nose job.

Did she get a eyelid surgery?

A blepharoplasty, commonly known as eyelid surgery, is done to fix droopy eyelids. It normally involves cutting off excess fat, skin and muscle. But Rose McGowan never had droopy eyelids. So did she get this surgery?


When Rose McGowan made up the story about being in a car accident, she informed the New York Post that her sunglasses cut her face. She further added that shards of glass had also cut her below her eyes. So she explained that she had surgery to fix the damage to her eyes.

If we look at her photos from back then and now, we can see that the skin used to be smooth under her eyes. Years later, there is some sort of eye bags now. It is clear something happened, and given what she said, everyone believed it.

That is until she revealed again that she had cosmetic surgery on the area around the eyes because of another reason. She had an operation to fix her sinus issue, during which the surgeon accidentally perforated the skin below her right eye.

She ended having to get work done on both her eyes to make them symmetrical. Weird, right? Imagine trying to fix a sinus problem, and it cost you another surgery.

Is Rose using botox?

The rumors surrounding Rose McGowan using botox to keep her skin looking young have been plenty. The speculations started after she started looking a bit, well, dead in the face. She started to look stiff, and her face got a lot puffier from when she was in her early years.


Make-up can do wonders, from helping you to look younger to looking like a complete person. But if we take a close look at photos and videos of her from before compared to now, it’s obvious she had some work done.

Look at the photos from before; her skin on the forehead and eyes looked natural. But if we take a look at her more recent photos, we can see that she still lacks wrinkles on her eyes and forehead, but her face got a lot puffier.

She likely had some sort of dermabrasion and facial peels to make her skin look younger. However, keeping wrinkles from forming can take a lot more work—even more than just a photo filter.

She uses botox to keep her wrinkles from forming. She is in her late 40s, and no one can blame her for wanting to look good.

Did she get a boob job?

When Rose McGowan attended the MTV Video Music Awards in 1998, she caused a media storm. The actress had worn nothing but a dress that left her breasts exposed and a thong below. She later explained in her book that she wore the dress as a protest against the sexual assault she experienced in Hollywood.

In the image of her taken by the paparazzi on the red carpet, we can see she was confident enough to show off her breasts. The breasts looked natural and had a healthy shape instead of surgically augmented breasts that looked stiff.

If we look at photos of her years later, we can see that her breasts look a bit smaller. She had lost some weight over the years since she attended the 1998 VMAs, but her breasts were always proportional to the weight loss. 

It is normal for anyone to lose and gain over the years: taking a look at several photos of Rose McGowan over several years when she changed weight, her breasts always looked natural. Even in her most recent years, her breast size increased as she gained weight.

All of this means that she had no surgical procedure of any kind done on her breasts. But even if she did, she would still look good as ever!

Did Rose get a chin job?

A chin job is also called a genioplasty. It is a surgical procedure done to change the shape of the chin, either by reducing or installing implants.


Rose McGowan had a lot of obvious surgery done on her face, so it makes one wonder if she also had her chin done as well. Fans speculated the actress had a genioplasty to make her chin look better, so let us take a look and see if the speculations are true.

In her earlier photos, we can see that she has a natural dent on her chin. Her later years had no changes to the shape of her chin and jawline. We can conclude that Rose McGowan did not have a chin job, and it is natural like any other.

Final Thoughts

Rose McGowan seems to have gone under the knife several times based on her photos. But what do the experts have to say about the speculations?

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a New York-based cosmetic surgeon who had something to say about the surgeries Rose McGowan could have had. She believes she had multiple works done on her face, particularly her eyelids. Looking at the differences over the years, she notes the change in her lower eyelids.

Rose McGowan had a long career, filled with great performances and even some controversies. But for a celebrity, going through cosmetic surgeries seems to be the norm, particularly because the prices for these procedures are high. And Rose McGowan did not shy away from it. 

Apart from the one time she spoke to the press about why she looked different in the 2000s, she never really talked about her possible surgeries. Only after she released her book “Brave,” she reveals the true reason behind her changes. So what do you think? Were her surgeries a “gone right” or a “gone wrong”? Tell us what you think.

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