Seo Ye Ji Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Seo Ye Ji is a famous actress from South Korea. She was born in 1990 and began her acting career in 2013 under Made in Chan Entertainment. Her current agent is King Entertainment. 

In 2017, she was given her first lead role in the movie ‘Another Way.’ Seo’s latest drama, ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay,’ gave her popularity more leverage. 

Although Seo did not intend to pursue acting as a career, after her discovery by her then-agent, she began to go full-time into acting. Seo is not just another girl with a beautiful face. She has incredible acting skills and an excellent taste for fashion.

She is, thus, a recipient of many accolades, with her latest awards being Excellence Award and Popular Star Award (2021) for her drama, ‘Its okay to Not Be okay’ by the APAN Star Awards. She also bagged the Best Artist Award and Most Popular Actress Award in 2020 and 2021, respectively, by the Asia Artist Awards and the Baeksang Arts Awards.

Before and After Pictures

Seo Ye Ji Before and After

Like many celebrities, Seo is speculated to have undergone facial reconstructing procedures to enhance her already beautiful and petite features. Here are some explanations of her surgery based on the narratives.

It is somewhat preposterous to believe that a middle school kid underwent cosmetic procedures. Then again, the subject is on a popular South Korean actress, and it is no brainer that in South Korea, cosmetic surgery is as simple as giving away a birthday gift. 

Seo Ye Ji Transformation

Five months ago, Seo and her entire production company underwent media frenzy when a few of her ex-classmates came forward to reveal to the whole world that Seo had given herself a double eyelid surgery to make her eyes look bigger and more almond-shaped.

This was carried out when Seo was in middle school. The so-called ex-classmates even went on to say that she told them about the procedure herself. Seo’s dedicated fans stood in denial and compared her before and after photos to bring evidence. One such image is of her photo taken during her high school days. Many people, however, opined that the picture looked nothing like the Seo of today.

Seo Ye Ji Face Surgery Rumor

There is still an ongoing controversy, and the topic is a sensitive case so far. It is possible that Seo may have lost her baby fats as she began to lose weight. More so, the gaps between her eyes seem to be narrower in all her recent pictures. for more information on her supposed eyelid surgery, it is crucial to understand what the experts have to say.

Did Seo Ye Ji get a nose job?

According to the Kpop Analysis channel, one cosmetic surgeon compared Seo’s zoomed-in photos and stated that Seo’s nose job was not well done. He opined that since her original nose was so wide, the implant was slightly off-centered.

Seo Ye Ji Eyelid and Nose Job Rumors

Additionally, to get a really narrow tip on frontal view, her surgeon had to over-project the tip making her lip length longer than her nose-tip length. However, he maintained that since her eyelid and chin surgery were very well done, her whole face was brought into a perfect proportion, and the slight bump in her rhinoplasty is gracefully concealed.

Did Seo get an eyes enlarged?

Another YouTube channel known as Kpop Live came forward with content concerning Seo, stating that Seo got her eyes enlarged by getting an epicanthoplasty in high school. This statement was given by some of the actress’ high school mates. 

Seo Ye Ji Botox Injection Speculation

It is, however, essential to keep in mind that an epicanthoplasty is a sporadic form of eye surgery that can be tricky as the epicanthal folds have to be modified to get the desired result. This procedure can also leave scars, and in most cases, the patient is likely to undergo another corrective surgery.

Thus, considering Seo’s age back in high school, any cosmetic surgeon may not take the risk of performing such a challenging procedure on a very young, fresh face. If anything, Seo may have undergone simple double eyelid surgery.

The online community put two Korean surgeons in a very tough spot when they stated that Seo’s recent graduation picture was not a picture of her and looked nothing like her.

They further went on to say that any surgeon can easily identify the differences in the hairline, eyebrows, eyelids, neck, chin and the facial proportion of Seo and the girl in the photo. 

They specifically focused on the chin in the photo and maintained that the girl’s chin in the image is natural and cannot be the work of surgery, as against Seo’s chin. Are they subconsciously trying to tell netizens that Seo may have done some works on her chin too?

Unfortunately, the two surgeons mentioned above took the video down from YouTube after they received backlashes. Thus, the information is limited.

How about her chin?

Seo was rumored to have undergone a very subtle chin surgery. Photos from her childhood show a wider, almost divided chin compared to her images after she started acting. Seo’s chin is narrower, giving her face a very defined triangular shape.

Looking at her before and after photos, her face seems to be getting smaller too. stated that no human could be CGI-level perfect. They commented that her look could only be the work of computer-generated imagery, filters, or well-done cosmetic surgery. It is far from natural.

In South Korea, the cost of a nose job or rhinoplasty can range between $4500-6000, $3500-4000 for blepharoplasty or double eyelid surgery, $10000-$15000 for jawline and chin surgery and $750-1100 for epicanthoplasty. 

Final Thoughts

As a celebrity, there is pressure to look perfect. The media tend to comment on everything from a tiny acne mark to traces of eye bags or a small visible wrinkle, sagging ears and so on.

Despite rumors and speculations, Seo had continued to remain silent. She is more focused on her goals and aspirations. Thus, her fans adore her all the same for her drive and energy.

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